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    Silver Rounds Available from Intaglio Mint at JM Bullion

    When looking for silver to buy, investors and collectors alike will find that silver rounds offer some of the most robust and interesting options available. Sovereign mints have their own share of beautiful, varying programs, but private mints take bolder steps in delivering unique designs inspired by the personal interests of employees, demands from collectors, and even the designs of other circulation and bullion coin programs. The Intaglio Mint has some of the most distinctive silver rounds you’ll find today, many of which are highlighted below!

    Molon Labe Silver Rounds

    Although it is not the newest series from Intaglio Mint, the Molon Labe Series has quickly become one of its most prominent and diverse. The collection offers a common reverse design element that features the Intaglio Mint’s logo, a column-inspired capital “I.” The logo is surrounded by a radial sunburst design element and features an outer border design region that has a stippled, or hammered, background element. The outer border includes inscriptions of the individual round’s weight along the top rocker and “.999 Fine Silver” along the bottom rocker.

    The Molon Labe Series features a new obverse design element with each “type” release and currently includes four different options:

    • Type I: This design field captures the right-profile portrait of a Spartan warrior wearing his helmet and cape, with a long spear in his right hand only visible through part of the design. The background field includes a design strip that offers the image of a battle scene from the Battle of Thermopylae during the second Persian invasion of Greece.
    • Type II: In the series’ next design release, the defiance of the Spartan warriors is on full display. Their phalanx wall is featured in the background, a strategy that involves each man holding his shield shoulder-to-shoulder with the others to protect as the wall absorbs on-rushing troops and the Spartans thrust their spears through to cut down the enemy. A lone Spartan warrior emerges from that wall with his short sword in hand and a battle cry emanating from his mouth.
    • Type III: The third release from the Molon Labe Series captures one of the iconic moments of the Battle of Thermopylae. When the massive Persian Army threatened to block the sun with its volleys of arrows, the defiant Spartans quipped “won’t it be nice, then, that we will have shade in which to fight.” This design features a field of dead Persian soldiers as arrows rain down. The lone Spartan takes a knee to raise his shield overhead and protect himself.
    • Type IV: For the fourth design, the Molon Labe Series shows off more of the grit and determination of the Spartans in the face of almost impossible odds. The Battle of Thermopylae was a strategic success for the Greeks because the narrow Hot Gates pass was successfully blocked for three days by King Leonidas, his 300 Spartan warriors, and 7,000 other Greeks. Even when the Persian Army threw its massive war elephants into the fray, the Spartans stood strong and stood tall thrusting their spears upward at the huge beasts.

    The Molon Labe Series is one of many ancient-themed collections from Intaglio. It capitalizes on the heroic determination, and undoubted stubborn nature, of Spartan warriors. Their leader, King Leonidas, refused to back down even before the battle ensued. Asked to lay down his weapons and surrender, he responded with “molon labe.” Though its technical translation is “having come, take,” it has been translated into modern English and “come and take them.” This response from Leonidas was delivered with the confidence that in trying to take his warriors’ weapons, the Persians would suffer immense losses.

    Each Molon Labe Series silver round is available in 1 oz silver or 2 oz silver with .999 pure content. The rounds are also available in Brilliant Uncirculated or antique versions. All 1 oz BU rounds are available in protective flips or tubes of 20, with 2 oz rounds in plastic flips or tubes of 10 rounds.

    Gargoyles of the World Silver Rounds

    Another of the new collections from Intaglio Mint is the Gargoyles of the World. Like other popular silver round collections, this series offers a common reverse design element with changing obverse designs that feature a different gargoyle for each release. Unlike previous collections though, the Gargoyles of the World Series has its own distinctive reverse design element that does not focus on the Intaglio Mint logo.

    On the reverse side of each of the rounds in this series is a background pattern inspired by gothic-era stained-glass windows. With this element framing the overall design, you’ll notice a large gothic-print engraving of “Gargoyles of the World” in the center and a small gargoyle perched on the top of the “O” in the word “Gargoyles.” The obverse of each type release is different and includes the following options:

    • Type 1: In the first two design types in the series, the many varying gargoyles found on the exterior of Notre Dame de Paris are depicted. Gargoyles have different uses and interpretations in general, and that is particularly true of gargoyles on churches and temples. This particular gargoyle focuses on the use of the beasts as depictions of the evil outside a church and the good within. This figure reflects certain depictions of Satan, namely those which envision a ghastly creature with horns and the goat of a beard. It looks out from the top of Notre Dame toward the Eiffel Tower.
    • Type 2: The second design type offered in the collection stays in Paris and features another of the prominent gargoyles depicted on the structure of Notre Dame. This character appears almost bored in nature with his head resting in his hands and his tongue slightly sticking out. However, this creature was referenced by the Roman poet Ovid who stated that it enjoyed eating human flesh. In the 1850s, artist Charles Meyron made sketches of the so-called Styrga and wrote that the monster was a “personification of Lust.”
    • Type 3: With the release of the Type III design in the Gargoyles of the World Collection, the Intaglio Mint departed for the first time from ancient depictions of gargoyles to something out of the imagination of modern humans. The gargoyle shown here are hoisted onto the façade of the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia during the Halloween season when the building plays host to a public festival known as Terror Behind the Walls. The gargoyles might seem frightful and ancient, but with names like Frank and Carson, it is hard to feel shaken to the core at the sight of this particular gargoyle.
    • Type 4: One of the few real animals to feature in the form of a gargoyle in this series, the Type IV design is that of a “flying pig.” This pig is featured on the exterior of the Sacre Coeur in Paris, a building better known as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. It is a Roman Catholic church located in the city of Paris and is a minor basilica within the faith. This pig is one of the many gargoyles that can be found on the outer façade of the building.
    • Type 6: The most recent version in the collection available at JM Bullion is the Type VI design of a dragon famously located on a bridge known, fittingly, as Dragon Bridge. This dragon, like so many other gargoyle figures in this series, is an actual statuesque figure you can find on the Ljubljanic River bridge connecting the two halves of the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The bridge, now known as the Dragon Bridge, was built during the final years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s reign in the early 20th century.

    The Gargoyles of the World Series includes only 2 oz silver rounds to date. Each one is available with .999 pure silver and arrive inside of either a protective plastic flip for individual rounds or a mint tube of 10 for bulk orders.

    Silver Rounds with Texas Attitude

    Texas is known for its larger than life attitude and bravado, and you’ll find that “Don’t Mess with Texas” attitude at the heart of several different round designs from Intaglio Mint. From the Gonzales cannon to the badges of the Texas Rangers, here are some varying silver round designs that fit this theme:

    • The 1 oz Texas Come and Take It Silver Round features the Lone Star of Texas and the Gonzales cannon from the Texas Revolution on the reverse. The Gonzales cannon had been given to Texans to defend themselves against indigenous attacks, but when the Mexican Army asked for it back a small detachment of Texans defied the army and set the cannon was behind their lines, “come and take it.” The obverse includes a modified version of the Texas State Seal.
    • The Texas Ranger Wagon Wheel Badge Silver Rounds are available in 2 oz and 5 oz silver with an antique polish. Both rounds have the image of the first Texas Rangers badges engraved on the obverse. The five-pointed star in the center has “Co. A” for Company A of the Rangers, with “Texas Rangers” inscribed around the rocker. The reverse of both depicts the images from the circulation Mexican 5 Peso silver coin of the late-19th Early Texas Rangers badges were struck on former 5 Peso silver coins, giving these rounds historical accuracy in their design.

    Silver Rounds Inspired by Historic Coinage

    In addition to a variety of distinctive collections, Intaglio Mint also offers silver for sale that delivers the famed beauty of historic coinage from the United States on silver rounds. These products recreate some of the most popular coin designs from the colonial era through to the 20th century. Examples of some of these include:

    • 2 oz Virginia Shilling: With a bust of Britain’s King George III on the obverse and the Crowned Arms of Virginia on the reverse, this 2 oz silver round recreates the Silver Shilling introduced in the Virginia colony in 1774.
    • 2 oz Continental Dollar: Although Continental Currency during the Revolutionary War period was largely worthless to the rest of the world, it offered another form of defiance from the Americans toward British rule. The obverse design of the Continental Dollar silver round includes the sun and a sundial with the phrase “Mind Your Business,” common rally cry during the war. The reverse has a design with chain links holding together the united 13 colonies.
    • 2 oz Saint-Gaudens: This image of Lady Liberty marching forth from Washington DC has gone down as arguably America’s best coin design of all time. Created in 1907 by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, it featured on the $20 Gold Double Eagle until 1933 and is now the face of the American Gold Eagle bullion coin.
    • 2 oz Indian Head: The Indian Head featured here was also created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907, but featured on the $10 Gold Eagle circulation coin until 1933. It captured an image of Lady Liberty wearing an indigenous headdress.
    • 2 oz Buffalo Nickel: The Buffalo Nickel was created in 1913 by James Earle Fraser and featured on the circulation nickel until 1938. Its obverse depicts a right-profile portrait of a native leader, while the reverse features an American bison. It now features on the American Gold Buffalo bullion coins.
    • 2 oz Winged Liberty: Officially known as Winged Liberty, this circulation US dime design from 1916 was more commonly known as the Mercury Dime because Liberty wore a winged Phrygian cap on the obverse similar to that of the Roman messenger god Mercury. Winged Liberty was on the dime until 1945 and now features on the American Palladium Eagle bullion coin.

    Purchasing Silver Rounds from Intaglio Mint Courtesy of JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about the silver rounds for sale from Intaglio Mint, please feel free to contact us. You can call us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly.