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Elemetal US Landmarks Series Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

America is a wonderfully diverse place, both in the makeup of its people and the dizzying array of natural wonder. From the beautiful, white-sand beaches of the Gulf Coast and the vast forests of the Northeast and Northwest, to the arid deserts of the American Southwest and the wide open spaces on the Midwestern Plains, America has a little bit of everything in terms of environmental beauty on one continent.

Elemetal Mint has quickly become one of the leading precious metal refiners in the world, and is currently the largest private minting facility in the United States. Following the successful release of its first silver round collection, Elemetal now has the US Landmarks Series of silver rounds available for purchase by investors and collectors. Browse the collection of US Landmarks Series silver rounds available online right now in the JM Bullion catalog to learn more about this exciting, robust release from Elemetal Mint.

Introduction to Elemetal US Landmarks Series Silver Rounds

In addition to the Privateer Series, the Elemetal Mint released in late July 2015 a second ultra-high-relief proof round. This second series of rounds is known as the American Landmark Series. This particular series of high-relief proofs is expected to contain a total of 20 different round designs, each one capturing the beauty of a different natural wonder from across the North American continent.

Like the previously released Privateer Series, the US Landmarks silver rounds are available with an ultra-high-relief striking. Any high-relief round is produced by striking the original blank in a numismatic press under immense pressure. The resulting design is one with added depth and visual brilliance, almost bringing the design to life in front of your eyes as you look at the US Landmarks Silver Round.

Designs on the Elemetal US Landmarks Series Silver Rounds

There will be a new design released with each of the silver rounds in this series that highlights some of the American Landmarks that dot the landscape of North America. Each 2 oz. Silver Round in this collection shares a common design on the reverse. It features an outcrop of the North American continent, along with the engravings “American Landmarks” along the top and “2 oz. .999 Fine Silver” along the bottom.

For the available designs right now, you’ll find the following releases (in order):

  • 2 oz Grand Canyon High Relief: The first round in the series depicts Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon. The lone outcrop of land is found at a U-shaped bend in the Colorado River as it cuts through the Grand Canyon. Horseshoe Bend was formed over the course of millions of years as the waters of the Colorado ground away at the surrounding rock cliffs.
  • 2 oz Liberty Island High Relief: On the obverse of these Liberty Island rounds you’ll find the image of the Statue of Liberty as seen from below, gazing up at her as she holds her torch aloft. The American flag is featured in the background of the design, with “Liberty Island” engraved along the right-hand side of the round.
  • 2 oz Pearl Harbor High Relief: On the obverse face of the round is the image of the USS Arizona memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii. The calm waters of the harbor rest below the memorial building, with an American flag flying proudly above the site. The solemn words “Pearl Harbor” offer the only engraving on this face.
  • 2 oz Mount Rushmore High Relief: On the obverse of the Mount Rushmore round you’ll find the iconic sculptures on the cliff face that attract more than 2 million visitors on an annual basis to the area. Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, just west of Rapid City, Mount Rushmore National Memorial features the busts of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

History of Elemetal Mint

Elemetal Mint only recently formed as a formal minting facility in July 2015, even though products with its brand name started appearing on the precious metals marketplace earlier in the year. In reality, Elemetal Mint is the conclusion of a years-long evolution that saw three major players in the precious metals industry collaborate to create the largest private mint operation in the United States.

At the heart of Elemetal Mint are three companies: Ohio Precious Metals, Provident Metals, and NTR Metals. First and foremost, let’s focus on Ohio Precious Metals. OPM, as it was once known, was formed in the southeastern corner of Ohio in the late 1970s. It quickly became one of the preeminent private mints in the United States, and made a name for itself producing gold and silver bullion products using not only environmentally friend production processes, but also recycled precious metals.

Provident Metals is a subsidiary of Provident Precious Metals LLC and was founded by request of customers looking for an online dealer offering an outlet for the purchase of precious metal coins and bars. Provident is a domestic and international bullion, currency, and numismatic dealer located in the Dallas area of Texas in the United States.

NTR Metals considers itself one of the largest global participants in the precious metals industry, operating in 75 global locations and serving more than 30,000 other companies. Its operations range from commercial refining to industrial recycling, refining, and precious metal production. The three companies combined to form Elemetal Mint, with Ohio Precious Metals taking on the Elemetal brand as its new name in July 2015.

Today, Elemetal Mint is the largest American-owned precious metals company in the world, providing both good deliver gold and silver bars, as well as low-premium silver rounds that open up the precious metals marketplace to a wide array of investors and collectors.

Purchase Elemetal US Landmarks Series Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

If the Elemetal US Landmarks Series Silver Rounds look like the perfect products for your investment portfolio or personal collection, JM Bullion offers a variety of payment methods for you to complete your purchase today. We accept credit/debit cards, paper checks, Pay Pal transfers, and bank wire transfers.

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Should you have further questions regarding US Landmarks Series Silver Rounds or JM Bullion policies, please don’t hesitate to ask us directly. You can reach a JM Bullion associate on the phone at 800-276-6508, connect with us online using our live web chat, or email us directly with your inquiries.