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    Elemetal Privateer Series Silver Rounds

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    Walk the Plank in the Privateer Series of Silver Rounds

    One of the more popular formats for silver round collections is the 2 oz silver blank. Numerous mints and refineries offer silver rounds in this popular weight with a high-relief strike, providing both a bigger surface area for intricate designs and greater 3D visuals through high-relief striking processes. The Elemetal Privateer Series of silver Rounds is one such example and is cataloged in the paragraphs below.

    Inspiration for the Privateer Series

    The Privateer Series from Elemetal is inspired by life on the high seas. Each of the individual designs reflects a different aspect of the lives of both privateers and pirates on the waters of the world’s oceans. The designs depict both the hopeful and doomed aspects of this life, and each one is brought to life with a high-relief strike.

    Commonalities in the Privateer Series

    All of the Privateer Series silver rounds feature 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. The rounds have a proof finish with frosted design elements and mirrored background fields. More impressively, the silver rounds in this collection are ultra-high-relief strikings. During production, the 2 oz silver blanks are struck in a slow process under intense pressure. The strike is often done multiple times to generate the ultra-high-relief finish to the design. A high-relief strike of any kind results in greater 3D visuals for the design elements.

    There is no mintage cap set on the seven designs in the Privateer Series. All of the rounds are available inside of protective slips when purchased individually or within tubes of 10 silver rounds.

    Designs in the Privateer Series

    The Privateer Series was one of the first to emerge in recent years with pirate-themed designs. Though privateers and pirates are, by definition, different in nature, the individuals pursuing a life on the high seas often blurred the lines between the two. Below is a rundown of the seven designs featured in the collection (in order):

    • Privateer: The first release is known as the Privateer and features the image of a privateer’s ship sailing on the choppy waters of the ocean. The ominous clouds in the background part just enough for the moon to peek through and provide light in the darkness of night.
    • Siren: Once again, you’ll find the privateer’s ship sailing on the choppy seas as ominous clouds fill the background. In the foreground is the image of a beautiful siren, scourge of the ancient seas, singing her song to lure the men of the ship to their ultimate deaths.
    • The Captain: Every crew of pirates and privateers needs a rugged, bold individual to stand at the helm and provide guidance for the ship. This design focuses on The Captain standing on a deserted island, with cutlass and treasure in hand. The open chest at his feet will be the resting place of his treasure, to be recovered later by himself, if he’s lucky.
    • Kraken: One of the most feared creatures from the mythology is the Kraken. The mythical beast is said to overtake ships with ease as it emerges from the deepest trenches of the ocean. In this design, the image of a Kraken’s massive tentacles emerging from the water to ensnare a passing galleon.
    • The Plank: Among the many tactics captains used to keep order was the punishment known as walking the plank. This design depicts a poor soul who’s been sentenced to death by walking the plank. As the pirate captain stands behind him with a gun and sword out to push him along, the mutineer approaches the edge of the plank with his eye’s covered and hands bound behind his back.
    • The White Whale: In the penultimate design, the White Whale features in the Privateer Series. Similar to Moby Dick, this artwork depicts a vengeful whale as it strikes back at a whaling ship for the torture and death it attempted to inflict on the beast. It bursts out of the sea to crash into the ship and send it to the depths.
    • Davy Jones Locker: The final release of the Privateer Series is fitting in nature as it depicts Davy Jones Locker. For any pirate or privateer who died on the high seas, life almost always came to an end with a watery grave. The design includes a skeletal figure mixed into the sediment on the ocean’s bottom as a wrecked ship is visible in the background.

    Mintages in the Privateer Series

    Each of the designs released in the 2 oz Privateer Series came with its own mintage levels. There was no set mintage cap established for the designs, so each one has a final mintage that was dependent upon demand. These mintages include:

    • The Storm – 70,344
    • The Siren – 61,640
    • The Captain – 66,839

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