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    Egyptian Gods Series Silver Rounds

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    The Egyptian Gods Series of Silver Rounds

    Every culture has its own mythology, religions, and beliefs that were pervasive at some point in time. In the ancient world, one of the most powerful cultures was that of the Egyptians. Ruling over the Nile River Delta where the African continent meets the Middle East, the Egyptians had a rich society and a complex system of deities. For those who love buying unique silver products, the silver bullion rounds of the Egyptian Gods Series from Elemetal should be near the top of the list!

    Features of the Egyptian Gods Series

    Each of the Egyptian Gods Series Silver Rounds features designs struck onto a rimless, 2 oz silver blank. The products in this selection come with a high-relief strike, the result of the silver blanks being struck under intense pressure in a slow coining process. Often, the presses will strike the blank several times to bring out a greater 3D visual for the design.

    There is no announced mintage cap for any of the designs in the collection. Each one is available to purchase individually in protective plastic, or in bulk orders. The bulk options include tubes of 10 rounds our boxes with 250 rounds packaged inside of 25 individual tubes of 10 rounds. Most importantly, the rounds in this collection have their own unique obverse and reverse designs reflecting the Egyptian God as it was known to the people, and in the forms it was believed to take.

    Gods in the Egyptian Gods Series

    There are countless major and minor deities within the beliefs of Ancient Egyptian mythology. For the Egyptian Gods Series from Elemetal, only the biggest names known even to modern-day Egyptians were chosen to represent the mythology of Egypt in the series. Included are designs of the following gods and goddesses:

    • Cleopatra: The first release in the series is arguably the most unique. Cleopatra was very much a real person, ruling Egypt as part of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. She was a diplomat, naval commander, and even a medical author. Her figure is depicted on the obverse, with symbols associated with her featured on the reverse.
    • Anubis: The god Anubis is one of the more well-known deities of Ancient Egypt. His figure is associated with mummification and the afterlife, and he was often depicted as a man with a canine head as found on the round’s obverse. The reverse side includes the image of a canine, the creature that Anubis is most closely associated with in cultural depictions.
    • Sobek: One of the oldest gods of Egyptian mythology is Sobek. First recording during the time of the Old Kingdom as early as 2686 BC, Sobek is a symbol of power, fertility, and military prowess. Sobek is depicted on the obverse as a man with the head of a crocodile and the waves and riches of the Nile River in the background. The reverse includes the full body of a Nile crocodile.
    • Khnum: The god Khnum is believed to be associated with the creation of human life and human figures. He is often depicted with a male frame and the head of a goat, as the obverse side depicts a goat-headed man crafting the figure of a human. The reverse includes the image of a goat on an altar in front of a pyramid.

    Gods and the Ancient Egyptians

    The ancient Egyptians lacked the ability to perceive that which occurred around them in the world. The actions and roles of the Egyptian gods were a means of understanding the world, and these myths expressed an important part of the ancient Egyptian religion.

    Purchasing the Egyptian Gods Series Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    If you have any questions as you look to buy silver, JM Bullion customer service is happy to help. Our customer service team is available to help answer your questions at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat service, and via our email address.