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    Armed Forces Silver Rounds

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    Celebrate America’s Military with Armed Forces Silver Rounds

    Americans have an immense respect for the men and women serving in uniform within the United States Military. In total, the United States Armed Forces consists of five active branches and two reserve branches of service. A beautiful series of domed silver rounds, the Armed Forces Silver Rounds are an exclusive release with JM Bullion and mark the successful collaboration of the Osborne Mint and Anonymous Mint. This low-mintage series was met with a great response from collectors, and you can learn all about the silver for sale in this collection now.

    Highlights of the Armed Forces Silver Rounds

    All of the Armed Forces Silver Rounds available through JM Bullion contain 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver, ship inside of protective plastic capsules, and come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The total mintage for each of the five rounds issued in the series is 1,000 per design. All of this is great, but what makes the Armed Forces Silver Rounds highly coveted is the distinct design. Each of the silver rounds for sale in this collection has a domed obverse side. The design of each of the five silver rounds is meant to reflect the buttons on the service dress of members of that particular branch of the military, and the domed surface brings 3D visuals to the imagery.

    US Army Silver Round

    Formed on June 14, 1775, the United States Army originated as the Continental Army and was formed as the land warfare unit of the fledgling army of the American Colonies. Today, the United States Army is directly descended from the Continental Army and has fought in every war the United States of America has ever engaged in over 245 years of history. The domed round in this release has a button reflecting the appearance of the emblem of the US Department of the Army.

    US Navy Silver Round

    Shortly after the Revolutionary War began, the American Colonies realized a navy would be required to try and counter the might of the British Royal Navy of the 18th century. The Continental Navy was formed on October 13, 1775, to provide the fledgling nation with naval warfare capabilities. Today, the United States Navy is the largest and most capable navy in the world, with the highest combined battle fleet tonnage and the largest number of aircraft carriers (11) of any other fleet in the world. In fact, the US Navy’s 3,700 operational aircraft make it the second largest air force in the world behind only the United States Air Force. The design on the obverse of the US Navy Silver Domed Round reflects the imagery found on the official emblem of the United States Navy.

    US Marine Corps Silver Round

    Housed within the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corps is one of the most formidable and diverse uniformed services in the world. US Marines are responsible for amphibious operations with the US Navy. US Marines serve on naval vessels, conduct ground operations alongside US Army units, and also conduct air assault and support missions. The US Marine Corps Domed Silver Round depicts the famed eagle, globe, and anchor design of the Emblem of the United States Marine Corps.

    US Coast Guard Silver Round

    Given the brief inactive period of the United States Navy between the end of the Revolutionary War and the founding of the Republic and signing of the Constitution, the United States Coast Guard is actually the oldest, continuously active seagoing service of the United States. The branch was formed on August 4, 1790, as the Revenue Marine. The US Coast Guard was formed in its present organization during World War I in January 1915. The smallest of the service branches in the US Armed Forces, the number of ships, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft within the US Coast Guard make it the 12th largest navy in the world if it was on its own. This US Coast Guard Domed Silver Round design features the design from the service dress of members of the Coast Guard.

    US Air Force Silver Round

    The youngest branch of the United States Armed Forces is the US Air Force. Formed in 1947 following the conclusion of World War II, the US Air Force is responsible for aerial and space warfare as its primary roles. In addition, the US Air Force handles much of the nation’s cyber warfare as well. With 5,369 military aircraft at its disposal, the United States Air Force is the largest and most technically advanced in the world. The US Air Force Silver Round’s obverse design reflects the appearance of the USAF Hap Arnold Symbol, an American star with wings.

    Collaboration of Osborne Mint and Anonymous Mint

    All Armed Forces Domed Silver Rounds are available exclusively through JM Bullion in partnership with Anonymous Mint. Julie Lindquist, the lead coin designer at Anonymous Mint, helped develop the designs for the series. Anonymous Mint is a small, private minting operation that focuses on the production of low-mintage collectible silver products. Osborne Mint, the nation’s oldest operating private mint, is the coining partner responsible for the physical production of the rounds in this collection. Osborne Mint is located in Cincinnati, Ohio today, and traces its historical roots back to the 1830s when the nation boasted new federal debt and didn’t even use a singular currency as the officially accepted currency in commercial transactions

    Buy these Silver Rounds Exclusively from JM Bullion

    If you’re interested in buying silver from this exclusive collection, JM Bullion customer service associates can help answer your questions or guide you through the process. Our customer service team is available to assist you on the phone at 800-276-6508, on the web using our live chat service, and via our email address.