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    Wall Flower Silver Round Series

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    Wall Flower Rounds from the Amy Brown Collection

    In the penultimate release of the Amy Brown Collection from the Anonymous Mint, Wall Flower makes a quiet debut in the collection. Each of the fairies depicted in this series is unique in its own right, and Wall Flower is no exception as she is one of the few designs of a fairy that doesn’t appear happy and carefree. Wall Flower is shy, almost pouting, in her appearance. Regardless of her vision, she is a perfect addition to the six-round collection of Amy Brown silver rounds.

    Get to Know the Shy Wall Flower

    Wall Flower, as mentioned, is beautiful, but brings a shy and pouting appearance to the fairies of the Amy Brown Collection. One might relate her appearance in this design to shy kids afraid to cut loose on a dance floor at a junior high or high school dance. Wall Flower is depicted standing amongst the flowers of the background attempting to blend her figure into them. Her arms have tattoos in a floral motif that matches the background flowers growing around her. She keeps her hands clutched behind her figure and wears a cropped bodice with a separate, long skirt.

    Brown’s original artwork for Wall Flower uses dominant hues reminiscent of autumn, with shades of red, orange, and even hints of brown in the flowers and dress in the design. Brown’s design of Wall Flower originated in 2012 as a feature fairy in a collection of works entitled Visions of Faery II.

    Capture Wall Flower in Various Options

    The Wall Flower silver rounds are available from the Anonymous Mint in three different versions and two different weights. You’ll find Wall Flower as Brown originally created her on the 1 oz colorized and 5 oz colorized silver rounds, while both weights also feature proof and antique options that are ideal for collecting as well. Each individual round is housed in a capsule and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The rounds also have individual serial numbers engraved on the outer rim.

    Amy Brown and Anonymous Mint

    Lead coin designer at the Anonymous Mint, Julie Lindquist, selected each of the six rounds in this collection from a catalog of Brown’s work that includes more than 2,000 individual pieces. Brown’s career has humble roots as an employee in a local art gallery. She was asked to fill an empty frame on the wall and the fairy piece she created for that frame sold almost immediately. Each of the designs chosen for this series by Lindquist was hand-sculpted by Italian master sculptor Luigi Badia on dies to be used for striking the rounds.

    Exclusive Partnership between JM Bullion and Anonymous Mint

    With each new release in the Amy Brown Collection, you’ll only find them available to purchase online from JM Bullion. As the exclusive release partner, JM Bullion is the place to capture these brilliant, limited-mintage designs each time a new one arrives. Please feel free to direct your questions to our customer service team at 800-276-6508. You can also connect with us online through our live chat and email address.