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    Second Cousins

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    The Amy Brown Collection Second Cousins Silver Rounds

    In the Amy Brown Collection from Anonymous Mint, silver collectors have the choice to buy one of six different fairy designs. The Anonymous Mint’s Julie Lindquist had the difficult task of selecting just six of the more than 2,000 works of art from Brown that span the fairy realm. From dominant queens to demure nature lovers, this selection of silver rounds offers a design option and various finishes suitable to any silver lovers collection. The third release in the series is unique in that it’s the only design to feature two fairies on the obverse.

    Connect with the Second Cousins

    For the first and only time in the Amy Brown Collection, there are two fairies in the same design on the obverse face of a silver round. The Second Cousins design also features the youngest fairies you’ll find in the series, with youthful looks and a playful nature in comparison to the other designs of the collection. The Second Cousins debuted in 2011 in the book Visions of Faery, the same book which featured The Lady of the Forest (2nd design in the series) on the cover.

    The Second Cousins design includes two young, female fairies on a small boulder in the middle of a pond. Many of the colors around them in the original work are muted, with light shades of green and simple grays for the rocks. Even the water itself has a brackish, green color. However, one glimpse at the Second Cousins and you’re eyes come alive with color. Both fairies have shades of blue, purple, and a touch of green in their dress, with auburn hair that fades to blue at the tips.

    Standing on the boulder in the design is one of the two Second Cousins, a fairy with small wings, a short dress, and a bubble wand in her hand which she uses to harmlessly blow bubbles into the pond. The second fairy is actually a mermaid seated on the boulder watching her cousin blow the bubbles.

    New Design, Same Variety

    The Second Cousins release may bring a new design as the third issue in the collection, but it comes with the same amazing variety of silver rounds for silver buyers. The Second Cousins design is available on 1 oz silver and 5 oz silver rounds, with proof, antique, and colorized versions in each weight. The rounds all have limited mintage figures, ship in protective capsules, and includes edge-lettered serial numbers on the rim.

    About the Artist & Mint

    Amy Brown has more than one million followers on Facebook, a following of faithful fans of her artwork that has built up over the course of three decades. Her career started in the 1990s when she worked in an art gallery, and from there, her fairy works featured in street fairs, local art festivals, and in the 21st century are available for purchase online as well. Brown has more than 2,000 works to her name, a collection which the Anonymous Mint’s Julie Lindquist went through to select the six works for this series. Anonymous Mint worked with Italian master sculptor Luigi Badia hand-sculpting the dies used to strike the silver rounds.

    Get Your Second Cousins Rounds Only from JM Bullion

    We’re proud to be the exclusive launch partner of the silver round designs in the Amy Brown Collection, including the third release of the Second Cousins. When these rounds are available, you’ll find them immediately in our online catalog. We encourage our customers to reach out to us with questions at 800-276-6508. You can also connect with JM Bullion customer service online using our live chat and email address.