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    Amy Brown’s Red Queen Silver Round

    The Amy Brown Collection of silver rounds is the creation of Anonymous Mint and its lead coin designer, Julie Lindquist. This impressive series of silver rounds includes a total of six different designs for collectors to choose from, each one selected by Lindquist from a catalog of Brown’s works that includes more than 2,000 works. All of Brown’s artworks focus on the fairy realm, and the designs in this collection represent some of her most prized designs.

    Meet the Red Queen

    It’s only fitting to launch a series with royalty leading the way, and the first design in the Amy Brown Collection is that of the Red Queen. The primary design in each series is captured on the obverse side of the rounds, and as you view the obverse of the Red Queen Silver Rounds, you’ll find the image of a majestic figure. The Red Queen is depicted on the rounds in this first release walking through the fairy realm over which she rules with a mystical unicorn as her companion.

    The Red Queen wears a unique crown that features a pair of antlers which symbolize her wisdom as a ruler. The scepter she holds in her right hand as she walks symbolizes her ultimate authority over the realm. Throughout her journey, she is accompanied not only by the small, mystical unicorn but also by a bird. In keeping with her name, the Red Queen wears a long, flowing red dress and has large, wondrous wings on her back. The full beauty of the Red Queen design is on display in the two colorized options in this release.

    Red Queen Silver Round Options

    All of the silver rounds in the Amy Brown Collection feature six different options for collectors to choose from when buying silver. Each design, including the Red Queen, comes in 1 oz proof, antique, and colorized options, as well as 5 oz proof, antique, and colorized options. All of the rounds feature .999 pure silver content and have a unique serial number engraved onto the outer rim of the round.

    Bringing the Art Together

    Amy Brown’s artistic career launched in the early 1990s when she was working at a small art gallery. Her very first fairy work sold as a result of the gallery having an open space on the wall. The manager tasked Brown with filling that empty frame with some artwork, and she painted a fairy that was placed in the frame. It sold almost immediately and represented the first step in a long, successful career.

    Brown’s artwork in this series comes together on each round in a collaborative effort between Julie Lindquist of the Anonymous Mint and Italian master sculptor Luigi Badia. Lindquist is the lead coin designer at Anonymous responsible for the series and Badia hand sculpted each die to bring Brown’s designs to life during coining.

    Exclusive to JM Bullion

    The Red Queen is the first of the six designs in the Amy Brown Collection, and there’s only one place you’ll find these stunning silver rounds: JM Bullion. We are proud to be the exclusive release partner of these rounds and look forward to sharing each of Brown’s lovingly crafted designs with our customers.

    Buying Red Queen Silver Rounds

    If you have any questions as you shop the Amy Brown Collection and Red Queen design choices, please feel free to ask. Our customer service team is ready to help and available to you at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.