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    Lady Of The Forest

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    The Lady of the Forest in the Amy Brown Collection

    The Anonymous Mint is behind the creation of the Amy Brown Collection. These beautiful silver rounds total six different designs in all, each one hand-selected by lead coin designer Julie Lindquist and crafted onto dies by Luigi Badia. With each new release in the series, collectors who buy silver have a lot of options. The first release in the collection featured the image of the Red Queen, and for the second issue, there’s a more demure figure to be found in the collection. It’s time to meet the Lady of the Forest.

    Find the Lady in the Forest

    The second design of Brown’s chosen for the Amy Brown Collection is that of the Lady of the Forest. While it’s hard to categorize any one particular work of art from Brown as her most popular, it is possible to say that the Lady of the Forest has proven immensely popular among Brown’s followers after its creation in 2011. In fact, the Lady of the Forest was the featured fair on the cover of Brown’s 2011 book, Visions of Faery.

    Following the power of the Red Queen in the first release, the second design in the collection focuses on a fairy at peace with the realm around her and respectful of the natural habitat in which she lives. The Lady of the Forest has a beautiful, open set of green wings that blend into her surroundings and match the leaves of the forest. Her long, flowing auburn hair provides a burst of color to a scene in which she otherwise melds perfectly into her surroundings. The Lady of the Forest wears a crown of leaves upon her head, has a delicate leaf necklace around her neck, and wears a long, flowing green dress that is tiered with various shades of green.

    Options When Shopping the Lady of the Forest Release

    All of the silver rounds for sale in the Amy Brown Collection offer six options to choose from when buying. You can find the Lady of the Forest in stunning silver finishes on 1 oz proof, 1 oz antique, 5 oz proof, and 5 oz antique rounds. If you want to see the Lady of the Forest as Brown originally created her, the 1 oz colorized and 5 oz colorized rounds are your best bet. The rounds each have an individual Certificate of Authenticity and a serial number that is etched onto the outer rim of the rounds.

    Get to Know the Artist and Designers

    The Lady of the Forest and all the other designs of the Amy Brown Collection are inspired by actual artwork from Brown. Since the 1990s, Amy Brown has completed more than 2,000 works of fairy art sold at galleries, local art festivals, street fairs, and online. In 2017, Brown was nominated one of the Top 10 Fairy Artists in the world. Julie Lindquist at the Anonymous Mint chose six of Brown’s works for this series, and each one was carefully hand-crafted onto dies for the mint by Italian master sculptor Luigi Badia.

    Shop the Exclusive Home of the Amy Brown Collection

    The Lady of the Forest and her fellow fairies are all available to you upon release exclusively with JM Bullion. We’ve worked with Anonymous Mint to bring these beautiful designs directly to our loyal customers so they’re available to purchase upon completion at the mint. If you have any questions about the collection and the silver rounds, please don’t hesitate to ask. JM Bullion’s customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, or via our email address.