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    Dragon Secrets

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    Learn the Secrets of Amy Brown’s Dragon Secrets Design from JM Bullion

    The Amy Brown Collection of silver for sale continues in Summer 2018 with the release of the sixth design: Dragon Secrets. The collection of silver rounds was the work of the Anonymous Mint and its lead coin designer, Julie Lindquist. Ms. Lindquist sifted through a catalog of Brown’s works that includes more than 2,000 fairy designs alone and chose six to appear in this collection. This unique and highly-coveted collection of silver is available to you exclusively from JM Bullion, and we’re the first place you’ll find the new Dragon Secrets design.

    Whispering Secrets

    The sixth design in the Amy Brown Collection, the Dragon Secrets design is one of two in the collection to feature a fairy and a dragon in tandem with one another in the design. While the previously issued Discovery design combines a Fairy and Dragon, the duo have a relationship that seems more aptly defined as master and pet. The Dragon Secrets design, on the other hand, is a bit more ambiguous.

    On the obverse side of all Amy Brown Collection Dragon Secrets Silver Rounds, you’ll find the image of a fairy with a large dragon at her shoulder. The pair don’t look each other in the eyes as in the Discovery design, and in fact, this dragon is much larger than the fairy. The two could be allies, they could be enemies sharing a secret. What you will notice is that the fairy and the dragon lean their heads slightly toward one another to whisper a secret no other can hear. The dragon’s large, green wings engulf the fairy from both sides while its tail slithers around her feet.

    Variety of Dragon Secrets Rounds

    As with the other designs in the Amy Brown Collection, the Dragon Secrets release features proof, antique, and colorized proof options in both the 1 oz silver option and the 5 oz silver option. The proof round delivers matte design elements overlaying mirrored background fields. The Anonymous Mint’s proprietary antique polish is applied to the antique option to highlight the intricate design elements.

    Of course, Brown’s works are featured in their original glory in the proof colorized version of the Amy Brown Collection Dragon Secrets Rounds. The dragon’s body and wings have varying shades of green, while the fairy wears a green skirt to her dress and a green bodice, with a lace cover over her skirt that has a cream color to it.

    Anonymous Mint prefers to produce silver round collections with very low mintage figures. Each design had the following options and mintage figures for that type:

    • 1 oz Proof – 3,000 rounds
    • 1 oz Antique – 2,000 rounds
    • 1 oz Proof Colorized – 2,000 rounds
    • 5 oz Proof – 500 rounds
    • 5 oz Antique – 500 rounds
    • 5 oz Proof Colorized – 500 rounds

    About the Artist

    Amy Brown is a highly respected fairy and fantasy artist. She was recently named one of the Top 10 Fairy Artists in the World in 2017 and her Facebook following of more than one million fans speaks to the widespread popularity of her works. Many of the fairies featured in this collection are more recent works of Brown’s which have appeared individually and in various published works containing numerous works of art in one catalog. Brown typically creates her fairy designs using watercolors, but has been known to work with other mediums such as colored pencils as well. She draws her inspiration from her childhood and has long had a fascination with fairies and the realm of fantasy.

    The Mint

    Anonymous Mint worked with JM Bullion as the exclusive distribution partner for each of the designs in this collection. With each new release, JM Bullion was the place to go to purchase these silver rounds. As mentioned above, the Anonymous Mint’s lead coin designer Julie Lindquist selected the rounds and the blank dies were sculpted by Italian master sculptor Luigi Badia to provide a format for coining each of the round designs in the series.

    Get Dragon Secrets Silver Rounds at JM Bullion

    You’ll find the Amy Brown Collection silver rounds available only at JM Bullion. Our customer service team can help you complete your purchase of Dragon Secrets rounds or any other Amy Brown designs remaining in stock. Feel free to call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.