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    Discovery Fairy

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    Find the Discovery Fairy in the Amy Brown Collection

    With the release of the Discovery Fairy in the Amy Brown Collection, this beautiful series from the Anonymous Mint moved beyond the halfway point in its six-design issue. The Discovery Fairy is the fourth in the collection and one of two designs to feature a dragon accompanying the fairy. Find out more about this release in the collection now!

    Make A Discovery with the Discovery Fairy

    The Discovery Fairy is the fourth design in the series and is also one of Brown’s newest works of art to appear in the collection. Discovery was first drawn by Brown in 2017 and she is painted in soft, subtle shades of green and purple. Discovery is depicted in right-profile relief with a purple moon in the background behind her frame. The moon fades from purple at its edges to a pale yellow in the center. Discovery is depicted with long, flowing silver hair and a spray of flowers in her hair. Floating in front of Discovery’s face is a small dragon with delicate wings similar to those of the fairy. The pair looks each other in the eyes with a touch of curiosity.

    Discover the Variety of Amy Brown Rounds

    Each of the round designs issued in the Amy Brown Collection comes with six options as you look at buying silver. There are 1 oz silver rounds in proof, antique, and colorized, and there are also 5 oz rounds in those same three finishes. The proof rounds deliver contrasting frosted designs and mirrored backgrounds, while the antique rounds have an old-world charm and collectible appeal. The colorized rounds bring Brown’s original watercolor artworks to life by highlighting the fairies in the originally intended colors. All of the Amy Brown Collection rounds have capsules, a Certificate of Authenticity, and unique serial numbers etched on the outer rim of the round.

    More About Amy Brown and the Anonymous Mint Collection

    Amy Brown was recently rated one of the Top 10 Fairy Artists in the World in 2017. Her works number more than 2,000 in total and are available in galleries and online. She creates most of her original works using watercolors but also works with pencils, ink, and other mediums to create her breathtaking fairy designs. The Anonymous Mint’s lead coin designer, Julie Lindquist, hand-picked the six designs in this collection from Brown’s extensive catalog, and the mint worked with trusted Italian master sculptor Luigi Badia to complete 3D dies of Brown’s design for use in striking the rounds.

    Discover these Rounds Exclusively at JM Bullion

    JM Bullion works with the Anonymous Mint as the exclusive release partner of the Amy Brown Collection rounds. Each round style has a very limited mintage, so when each of these new designs arrives in our catalog there’s no guarantee it will be there for long! When the new designs arrive, you know you’ll be able to find them with JM Bullion. If you need any assistance purchasing silver rounds in this collection, don’t hesitate to reach out to JM Bullion. Our customer service team is available to you at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.