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    All Silver Rounds from the Amy Brown Collection at JM Bullion

    Throughout the final months of 2017 and the vast majority of the 2018 calendar year, the Anonymous Mint released an exclusive series of Amy Brown Silver Rounds with JM Bullion. This collection of silver rounds was aimed at enthusiasts of fairy art and those followers of Amy Brown who coveted unique collectible pieces of her work. The silver rounds in this exclusive JM Bullion release focused on just six of the many works of art from Amy Brown, with a special Halloween-themed design issued in October 2018 adding to the collection. Learn more about this broad program as you scroll the paragraphs below.

    The Designs

    In total, the Amy Brown Collection of silver rounds featured a six-round release with the added Halloween design coming out on the same schedule as the previous six releases. Each design was chosen by Julie Lindquist, the lead coin designer at the Anonymous Mint from the vast collection of fairy-themed works created by Amy Brown. The silver rounds were released one new design at a time with a staggered schedule that saw designs debut in November 2017, January 2018, February 2018, April 2018, June 2018, August 2018, and finally October 2018. The designs chosen were as follows (in order):

    • Red Queen: the first release was that of the Red Queen, the leading fairy of the forest who walks with a staff in one hand and a small pony at her side. She rules over the fairy realm with absolute power.
    • Lady of the Forest: a more demure, elegant figure features in the second release as the Lady of the Forest is depicted in her natural environment. With a dress that resembles the very leaves and bushes of nature, she stands amidst a wooded setting.
    • Second Cousins: a playful and heartfelt design, the Second Cousins release shows that fairies come in all shapes and sizes. While a small fairy with wings stands on a rock blowing bubbles, her cousin, a mermaid, is featured sitting on that same rock.
    • Discovery: intrigued by the world around her, the Discovery fair is shown in the fourth design release of the series. In this design, she stands nose-to-nose with a small dragon with her own large wings overpowering those of the small dragon.
    • Wall Flower: quiet and shy, the fairy known as Wall Flower leaves many questions to the imagination. Her origins are unknown, but she cuts a mysterious figure with flowing hair and wings reminiscent of the flowers that surround her.
    • Dragon Secrets: the final release from the original collection, Dragon Secrets shows a fairy with a massive dragon at her back. In keeping with the name, the dragon appears to be imparting wisdom to the fairy or sharing a dangerous secret as it rests its chin on her shoulder as if to whisper directly into her ear.

    All of the silver rounds in the Amy Brown Collection share the same reverse design element. On this side of the silver rounds, you will find the image of Dusk. She watches out over the fairy realm as daytime recedes to night and the stars come out in the sky. The Dusk figure sits at the edge of a rock cliff with twinkling stars in the sky behind her and a set of powerful, bird-like wings ready to whisk her into the air if she senses a threat to the realm in the darkness. Whether issued on the proof, antique, or colorized versions of the rounds, Dusk appears in the same design.

    The Halloween Issue

    Just in time for Halloween and the change from summer to autumn, the Anonymous Mint issued one final design for the Amy Brown Collection of silver rounds. The final release was known as the Haunted Pumpkin Patch. On the obverse of this design was the image of a fairy standing, without fear, in the midst of a pumpkin patch that is clearly haunted. With pumpkins at the bottom and ghosts floating in the air all around here, the design was the perfect nod to the Halloween festival season. The reverse of the rounds shared the same Dusk design found in the six primary designs issued.

    Amy Brown Silver Round Versions and Weights

    Throughout the release of Amy Brown Silver Rounds with JM Bullion, the Anonymous Mint stuck to a strict set of mintage figures, versions, and weights. For all seven designs, the Anonymous Mint produced the rounds in 1 oz silver and 5 oz silver options. With each of the seven designs, the Anonymous Mint further provided three versions in each weight: proof, antique, and proof colorized.

    For example, this meant that the Anonymous Mint produced the Red Queen Silver Round as a 1 oz proof, 1 oz antique, 1 oz colorized proof, 5 oz proof, 5 oz antique, and 5 oz colorized proof option for collectors. The proof silver rounds offered traditional frosted designs with mirrored fields. The antique rounds had a distinctive polish that delivered an overall matte appearance and old-world charm. Colorized proofs had a thin layer of colorized lacquer on the obverse only that envisioned each of Amy Brown’s designs as she originally created them.

    Release Details for the Amy Brown Collection

    Each and every Amy Brown Silver Round sold through JM Bullion came with a protective plastic capsule from the Anonymous Mint and had a unique serial number etched on the outer rim of the round itself. Finally, there were different mintage caps based on the weight and type of round issued:

    • 1 oz proof – 3,000 rounds
    • 1 oz antique and colorized proof – 2,000 rounds
    • All 5 oz options – 500 rounds

    Collect the Series from JM Bullion

    With each design release in the Amy Brown Collection, the designs were exclusive to JM Bullion and you’ll find the best remaining selection of these rounds in our online catalog. If you have any questions about these silver rounds, please contact JM Bullion customer service at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or send us an email.