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    Old Sheriff

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    Bring Law and Order with the Old Sheriff – American Western Skulls Collection

    The American Western Skulls Collection of silver rounds is the perfect addition to the silver collection of any numismatist with a love for the Old West. This six-round collection of silver for sale debuted with the Old Sheriff. Tasked with keeping law and order in a wild and lawless region of America, the Old Sheriff is the perfect design for the second release in this collection.

    Stay on the Old Sheriff’s Good Side

    The Old Sheriff design in the American Western Skulls Collection features the skull of a figure whose job once included keeping law and order and hunting down outlaws using the vast stretches of the Wild West to hide from justice. This Old Sheriff design depicts the skull of a figure in a cowboy hat with a sheriff’s badge on the front. If you look close enough, you’ll notice this sheriff had a particular territory to cover. His badge reads “Tombstone, Arizona Territory” and includes a five-pointed star that reads “Sheriff” in the center.

    Engravings on the obverse face of the round that accompany the sheriff include “Liberty” and the year of issue “2018.” A common theme in the obverse designs is that of a pair of weapons typically wielded by the character in question. In this case, it’s the weapon that helped tame the west: a Henry repeating rifle. The Henry repeater was one of the first multi-shot rifles sold in the United States.

    The Role of the Sheriff

    American history is full of tales of lawmen, both good and bad, who helped police the Wild West. The individual depicted in this American Western Skulls Collection design is a sheriff, and though it is used interchangeably with the term marshal, sheriffs had a distinct role. Federal US Marshals in the Wild West enforced federal laws and sought criminals wanted by the federal government. Town marshals and their deputies handled daily policing duties in towns. It was the job of the county sheriff to police the entire county. A county sheriff was typically the highest elected official in their county.

    Options in the Old Sheriff Release

    Each of the silver rounds in the American Western Skulls Collection comes with five different options. There are 1 oz rounds and 5 oz rounds in the collection available in proof, antique, and colorized versions. The colorized versions bring vivid colors to the character on the obverse. In the case of the Old Sheriff, the colorized rounds depict the sheriff with a blue cowboy hat, red eyes, and wooden buttstocks on the Henry rifles. Each of the round options come with protective plastic capsules, a Certificate of Authenticity, and unique serial numbers engraved on the outer rim.

    American Western Skulls & Osborne Mint

    All of the rounds in the American Western Skulls Collection come from the Osborne Mint. Tracing its origins back to the mid-1830s, the Osborne Mint of Cincinnati is the oldest private mint in the United States.

    Contact JM Bullion with Questions

    If you have questions while you shop the American Western Skulls and the Old Sheriff design, don’t hesitate to ask. JM Bullion customer service is available to you at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.