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All Silver Rounds at JM Bullion

Silver rounds are a popular means of investing, and building a collector’s portfolio, for many numismatists. There are many reasons for the popularity of silver rounds. Viewed as a snapshot of the current economic climate, silver rounds are surging in popularity for the exact same reason as bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and Chinese Silver Panda: silver prices. While gold and platinum have shot to record highs at various points in recent years, silver prices are shrinking.

Lower silver prices push more investors into the marketplace. These individuals look to invest their hard-earned cash in silver now while prices are low, allowing them to purchase greater quantities of silver and hold onto those with the long-term goal of seeing silver prices rise. The greatest benefit that silver rounds have compared to popular bullion coins such as those mentioned above is the producer. Yes, coins from the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and Perth Mint (among others) are in high demand, and they are among the highest quality coins available today. However, there are two hurdles preventing average investors and new investors from getting into the market.

First, many of the sovereign coins released by these mints are restricted in production on one level or another. For example, Perth Mint coins such as the Australian Silver Kookaburra and Australian Silver Koala have limited mintages (usually maxed at 1 million) that restrict the amount available on an annual basis. In the case of the American Silver Eagle, the United States Mint strikes the coins to meet demand. However, the Mint has been forced to institute an allocation program restricting the volume at times to meet the immense demand for silver coins.

More importantly, the coins struck by these mints have higher premiums over the spot price of silver. The demand for these coins and the limited mintage of each leads to higher prices, making it difficult for collectors to regularly purchase the designs they covet and tougher for new investors to break into the market. If you’ve been considering the purchase of silver rounds as part of your investment portfolio or collection, browse the complete variety of JM Bullion silver rounds below.

Fractional Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

Fractional-weight silver rounds are a relatively new development in the precious metals industry. As more investors and collectors flood the market, private mints have been diversifying their offerings to keep up with demand from investors and collectors of all wealth levels. There are a variety of offerings, which are broken down by mint examples below.

Without question, the products from Suns of Liberty Mint are the most unique silver rounds you’ll find on the market today. The term “round” is used in the industry to distinguish silver precious metal products that have the size and shape of sovereign mint products, but lack the government-backed purity and legal tender status of a coin. Suns of Liberty Mint decided to further twist the selection with the use of octagonal “rounds.”

Each SOLM Fractional Silver Round available from JM Bullion has 45-degree cutoff corners, giving them the appearance of a square at first, but with the added dimension of an eight-sided appearance. To date, there are two designs available from JM Bullion in the SOLM Fractional Silver Round collection:

  • 1/10 oz Standard Finish Suns of Liberty Silver Square: On the obverse of each 1/10 oz Standard Finish Suns of Liberty Silver Square you’ll find the markings of the square’s purity, metal content, and weight. The words “Troy Oz.” are engraved below as an indication of the weight measurement, while the numerical value of the weight is engraved in larger letters in the center. The reverse of all Suns of Liberty Silver Squares includes a repeating pattern set at a 45-degree angle. You’ll find the shorthand for the mint’s name, SOLM (Suns of Liberty Mint), the sun logo for the mint, and the square’s weight, purity, and metal content engraved on this side.
  • ¼ oz Suns of Liberty Silver Square: The reverse side of these silver squares features the repeating image of the Suns of Liberty Mint’s logo, a small sun. Additional engravings include “Suns of Liberty Mint” and “.25 Troy Oz” across the round at a 45-degree angle. On the obverse of the ¼ oz. Standard Finish Suns of Liberty Mint Silver Squares you’ll find the engraving of “.25” prominently stamped in the center of the design. Above it is the purity and metal content of the square, while the weight indicator “Troy Oz.” is featured below.

For the first time, a private mint has refined a series of fractional silver rounds that are purposely struck with slight variations from one product to the next to ensure true uniqueness in each individual silver round.

Monarch Precious Metals purposely hand-stamped the designs on each round off center. This gives the coins a sense of old world charm and appearance, given the lack of precise coining presses prior to the modern era. To further enhance the appeal of these ½ oz rounds, Monarch applied an antiquing patina and anti-polish to give the coin’s a faded, centuries-old look.

The reverse side of the rounds features a scarab beetle in the center of the design, with an Eye of Horus found above it. Modern touches include the use of the Monarch Precious Metals logo, a crown formed by the letters “MPM,” and the engravings identifying the round’s weight, purity, and metal content.

On the obverse of each ½ oz Monarch Egyptian Silver Round is the image of an Egyptian mummy, captured in left-profile relief and surrounded by engravings and artwork commonly found in Egyptian tombs and artistry.

One of the most visible precious metal brands in the American landscape is Sunshine Mint. This company is the only private American mint to feature an overseas presence, with locations in China that expand its reach globally with greater ease. Sunshine is known for producing silver rounds that replicate the designs of famous American coinage, but its fractional lineup focuses more on the brand of the mint itself.

Each ½ oz Sunshine Mint Silver Round has been crafted by the Sunshine Mint who is well known throughout the industry for their design expertise and superior quality products. Like their 1 oz counterparts, the 1/2 oz rounds also carry competitive premiums over spot making them a favorable option to physical silver investors.

The 1/2 oz Sunshine Silver Round bears the same iconic design and unique security features as many of the mints other products. On the obverse side of the round is the image of an eagle soaring in front of the sun. Stamped around the image are the words “Sunshine Minting.” The reverse side of each round contains stamps denoting its silver purity (.999) and weight of 1/2 troy ounce. Also located on the reverse of the round is Sunshine’s unique security feature which can be validated by using a Sunshine decoder lens.

Finally, Highland Mint follows in the footsteps of many other private American mints with the release of silver rounds bearing iconic American coin designs from the early 20th century. What sets Highland Mint apart from the vast majority of the competition is the availability of these designs on fractional silver rounds. There are a total of three different historic US coin designs found on three different fractional silver round offerings from the Highland Mint, including classic designs such as the Buffalo Nickel, Walking Liberty Half Dollar, and Morgan Silver Dollar.

1 oz Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

The collection of 1 oz silver rounds available on JM Bullion can easily be broken down into one of two categories: those with beautiful, unique designs and those which are mint-branded. If you’re interested purely in the silver content of the rounds you’re looking, then mint-branded silver rounds are an excellent option because supplies are often plentiful and the purity is guaranteed at .999 minimum fineness.

Among the most popular from are the following:

  • A-Mark Precious Metals 1 oz Silver Round: Minted at the private A-Mark Precious Metals facility in the US, these rounds feature all-American images that are simple. On the obverse face you’ll find the Liberty Bell from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA. “Life, Liberty, Happiness” is engraved above, and the mint name is featured below along with the purity and metal content of the round. The reverse features the original, iconic heraldic eagle of the United States, along with the engraving of “Liberty Silver.”
  • Sunshine Mint 1 oz Silver Round: The mint-brand round of Sunshine Mint in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, these rounds feature an eagle flying in front of the rising sun on the obverse, along with the name “Sunshine Minting” engraved. The reverse includes a sun in the center of the design, with the round’s weight, metal content, and purity engraved around the outer rim.
  • Republic Metals Corporation 1 oz Silver Round: One of the newest silver rounds available, this round from Florida-based Republic Metals Corporation features the RMC logo in the center of the obverse face, with the company name engraved above and the weight, metal content, and purity below. ON the reverse, the company logo is engraved in a repeating patter across the round’s face.

Conversely, for the numismatist that has a hard time finding their favorite coin designs from popular bullion coin series, there is a 1 oz Silver Round available to meet your needs. Many of the most popular coin designs from the United States Mint, as well as innovative designs from some of the most highly regarded private mints in the country.

For example, the three most popular coin designs in American history were the Saint-Gaudens Liberty, Walking Liberty, and the Morgan Silver Dollar. Each of these coin designs are available on low-premium 1 oz silver rounds. The following is a complete list of available 1 oz. Silver Rounds with stunning designs:

  • Morgan Silver Round: Struck by numerous mints, the Morgan Silver Round precisely replicates the Morgan Silver Dollar, which was first released by the United States Mint in 1878. When it was released, it featured a brilliant Liberty design from Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan on the obverse, as well as a heraldic eagle depiction on the reverse. The Morgan Silver Dollar was in circulation from 1878 to 1904, and is widely considered the best dollar-coin design of all time.
  • Saint-Gaudens 1 oz Silver Round: Augustus Saint-Gaudens was hand-picked by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 to help lead a decade-long shift in American gold coin design. His depiction of Lady Liberty was a departure from the norm, giving her a modern, American look compared to previous traditional designs. Saint-Gaudens’ original design appeared on the $20 Gold Double Eagle from 1907 to 1933, and currently features on the American Gold Eagle bullion coin.
  • Buffalo Silver Rounds: Also available from numerous private mints, the Buffalo Nickel (or Indian Head Nickel) design from James Earle Fraser graced America’s five-cent piece from 1913 to 1938. The design featured a left-profile portrait of a tribal leader on the obverse, and a depiction of Black Diamond on the reverse. Black Diamond was a bison housed at the Central Park Zoo in New York City during the early 20th This popular design is currently on the American Gold Buffalo bullion coin from the US Mint.
  • Walking Liberty Silver Rounds: Available from several mints, the Walking Liberty Silver round brings Adolph A. Weinman’s iconic depiction of Liberty to life on an affordable silver round. Originally used on the Walking Liberty Half Dollar from 1916 to 1947, Weinman’s vision of Liberty shows her walking toward the setting sun draped in the American flag, and is representative of the nation’s constant march toward a brighter tomorrow.

A Special Product: JM Bullion Silver Round

We would be remiss if we didn’t highlight one of the finest silver rounds in our collection, the specially minted 1 oz. JM Bullion Silver Round. Products like the 1 oz JM Bullion Silver Round combine the benefit of unique designs found in silver rounds, and the unlimited mintages that keep availability high and prices low.

On the obverse of the 1 oz JM Bullion Silver Round you’ll find the JM Bullion logo, which includes larger “JM” letters with the word “Bullion” under the letter “M.” Above it you’ll find the engraving of “999 Fine Silver,” while below you’ll see “One Troy Ounce.”

The reverse side of the 1 oz JM Bullion Silver Round you’ll find the image of a majestic American bald Eagle. The official emblem of the United States of America, the bald eagle was chosen as the nation’s symbol in 1792. The JM Bullion logo is also on this side of the round.

At JM Bullion, we are one of the largest authorized dealers in the United States of America. Located in Dallas, Texax, we are an authorized dealer of coins such as the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and gold and silver bars. This is the first-ever JM Bullion-branded product for the market.

Sunshine Mint of Couer d’Alene, Idaho is the production partner of JM Bullion. One of the most prominent private mints in the United States, Sunshine Mint has a rich history of striking silver rounds and bars.

2 oz Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

Among the most popular weights for silver rounds are 2 oz Silver Rounds, which offer a pricing point very close to the affordable 1 oz products, but often come with larger surface areas that allow mints to get creative with the use of high-relief strikings with stunning proof and antique finishes. Below are a few of the popular examples of 2 oz silver rounds in our catalog at JM Bullion.

The first major series of silver rounds from Elemetal Mint was the Privateer Series of pirate-themed rounds. The 2 oz Privateer High Relief Silver Proofs are all struck in ultra-high-relief versions, and made available in individual plastic slips for shipping, or in tubes with a total of 10 rounds per tube. To this point, there are a total of five designs now available in the collection that include the following (in order):

  • 2 oz Privateer High Relief Silver Proof: On the obverse face is the image of a privateer’s ship sailing on the choppy waters of the ocean.
  • 2 oz Siren High Relief Silver Proof: On the obverse of this round, the same privateer’s ship can be seen again sailing on choppy seas with ominous clouds crowding the background of the image.
  • 2 oz The Captain High Relief Silver Proof: The obverse face of the round depicts the rugged pirate known as The Captain standing on a deserted island, with cutlass and treasure in hand.
  • 2 oz The Kraken High Relief Silver Proof: On the obverse of the 2 oz. Elemetal Privateer The Kraken Ultra High Relief Silver Round you’ll find the image of a kraken’s massive tentacles emerging from the water to ensnare a passing galleon.
  • 2 oz The Plank High Relief Silver Proof: The obverse of each of these silver rounds features the image of a poor soul who’s been sentenced to death by walking the plank.

Following the release of the Privateer Series, the Elemetal Mint debuted yet another ultra-high-relief proof series of silver rounds in late July 2015. This second series of rounds is known as the American Landmark Series. This particular series of high-relief proofs is expected to contain a total of 20 different round designs, each one capturing the beauty of a different natural wonder from across the North American continent.

For the available designs right now, you’ll find the following releases (in order):

  • 2 oz Grand Canyon High Relief: The first round in the series depicts Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon. The lone outcrop of land is found at a U-shaped bend in the Colorado River as it cuts through the Grand Canyon.
  • 2 oz Liberty Island High Relief: On the obverse of these Liberty Island rounds you’ll find the image of the Statue of Liberty as seen from below, gazing up at her as she holds her torch aloft.
  • 2 oz Pearl Harbor High Relief: On the obverse face of the round is the image of the USS Arizona memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii. The calm waters of the harbor rest below the memorial building, with an American flag flying proudly above the site.
  • 2 oz Mount Rushmore High Relief: On the obverse of the Mount Rushmore round you’ll find the iconic sculptures on the cliff face that attract more than 2 million visitors on an annual basis to the area.

The latest 2 oz Silver Round series released from the Elemetal Mint retains the high-relief striking, with an antique finish that has become a hallmark of the mint’s silver round programs. Each of the releases in this series features a high-relief striking. Mints will strike silver blanks under immense pressure, multiple times, to create high-relief products that help bring designs to life with 3D imagery that appears to leap off the surface of the round.

Other options for 2 oz silver rounds from JM Bullion include:

  • The 2 oz Scottsdale Stacker Silver Round. The Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver Round features the same design concept on both the obverse and reverse side. The mint’s official logo is that of a male lion’s head, which boasts a crown at the very top. This image is engraved in contrasting convex and concave fields on the obverse and reverse, respectively.
  • The Stardust Silver release of Terminator Rounds. Designed by artist Michael S. Berman, the images used on the new Terminator Silver Round Series were brought to life on silver rounds by sculptor Heidi Wastweet. On the reverse face of the coin you’ll find the full-length figure of the skeletal system of the T-800 Terminator killing machine. In the middle is a bar that features the engraving of “The Terminator,” while the coin’s weight is engraved to the left, and its purity and metal content to the right. Above the “Terminator” engraving, there is an inscription of the tagline used in the movie to describe the setting of the movies.

5 oz Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

Like the selection of 2 oz silver rounds, 5 oz silver rounds are available in an increasingly impressive array of designs and finishes. It is impossible to completely catalog all of them in full detail, but in the following paragraphs you’ll learn more about some of the most popular collections available at the moment.

Each of the silver rounds in this Norse God Silver Series features one of the five main gods or goddesses of Norse mythology. The rounds count 10 in total, but there are actually five releases in the 1 oz weight and five releases in the 5 oz weight, meaning each god’s image is featured twice on a Norse Silver Round. All of the rounds have a distinct antique finish that adds subtle depth to the design and enhances the overall appearance with a warm visual appeal. The designs included in this series include the following:

  • Odin: On the obverse side of each Antique Norse God Series Odin Silver Round you’ll find the image of Odin as he sits upon his throne flanked by many of his common animal companions from Norse mythology.
  • Thor: On the obverse of the Antique Norse Gods Series Thor Silver Round is the imposing image of the God of Thunder. Thor presides over the wind, rain, fair weather, thunder, lightning, and agricultural crops, and he is the son of Odin and the giantess Fjorgyn.
  • Hel: On the obverse of the Antique Norse God Series Hel Silver Round is the image of Hel, hauntingly surrounded by the dead of the underworld. She is depicted on the round sitting upon her thrown with a sullen, hollow look on her face.
  • Freya: On the obverse is the image of Freya created by renowned artist Howard David Johnson. His depiction of the Goddess of Love shows Freya riding in her chariot pulled by two cats.
  • Loki: On the obverse of these rounds you’ll find the image of Loki, the shape-shifting Norse god.

The reverse of each of the Antique Norse God Silver Rounds you’ll find the same image, that of a Valkyrie. The Valkyrie were warrior maidens hand-chosen by Odin, Father of the Gods, and were tasked with riding their steeds in the skies above the battlefields of mankind. The Valkyrie would choose who lived and died. All of the silver rounds in this series ship in a display box that includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

A well-known science fiction and fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta’s estate released some of his most popular designs for use in the Legacy Collection from Osborne Precious Metals. His two most famous designs appear across a lineup that includes six rounds in total. The Silver Warrior was Frank’s first, and most popular, major design. It was used as the cover art for the paperback release of the “Conan the Barbarian” adventure tale. His design not only catapulted his career to new heights, it also changed the face of the sword and sorcery genre.

The second release in the series celebrated another of Frazetta’s iconic designs. This particular design has experienced widespread use over the years. The Death Dealer design was created in 1973. It originally appeared on the album cover of Molly Hatchet’s first record release, and has since appeared on various posters, art works, and even the logo of the US Army’s III Corps.

For the third and most recent design, the Barbarian design he created makes its debut in the series and is considered the quintessential illustration of Conan the Barbarian. On the reverse of the 5 oz Proof Frank Frazetta Legacy Collection The Barbarian Silver Round you’ll find his iconic barbarian design. The muscular figure of the barbarian stands tall and proud in the center of the design field, with a sullen look on his face and his looking downward. In his hands he holds two different swords.

Yet another 5 oz silver round series available from Osborne Precious Metals is the Hobo Nickel. There are three different versions available across the 5 oz and two 1 oz weights, with the 5 oz Silver Rounds featuring an antique finish and maximum mintage of just 1,000 silver rounds. All five rounds in the Hobo Nickel Silver Round series are now available to purchase from JM Bullion, and as mentioned above there are three different versions available for each of the designs that are explained in detail below:

  • Fisherman Hobo Nickel: On the obverse face of the round you’ll find the image of a Hobo fisherman, captured in a similar right-profile relief as Fraser’s original Native American. The reverse features an equally unique take on Fraser’s design, with the back humps of a buffalo forming a distant mountain range on the opposite shore of a lake.
  • Train Hobo Nickel: The reverse face of these popular new silver rounds features the image of a lone hobo walking along with his knapsack in tow. On the obverse of these 1 oz Proof Train Hobo Nickel Silver Rounds you’ll find the image of a powerful steam locomotive as it rumbles down the tracks, its smoke stack bellowing out steam and smoke.
  • Skulls and Scrolls Hobo Nickel: The obverse face of the coin is the right-profile of a skeletal figure, which imitates the Indian Head design from James Earle Fraser’s popular Buffalo Nickel. On the reverse side of the 1 oz Proof Skull and Scrolls Hobo Nickel Silver Round is the image of Mr. The’s walking hobo from the second design in the series. In this case however, the hobo has skeletal features only on his visible facial area and his hand gripping the walking stick.
  • Green Fairy and Fishbones: On the reverse of the 1 oz Proof Green Fairy and Fishbones Hobo Nickel Silver Round you’ll find the image of a fish swimming under the sea, missing of course is its skin. The obverse of the Proof Green Fairy and Fishbones features the naked Green Fairy, knelt down and holding an intoxicating beverage which includes steam emanating from the glass in the design.
  • Jefferson Skull: On the obverse of this final release in the series is Mr. The’s take on the 2005 Westward Journey design for commemorative Jefferson nickels in the US. In place of President Jefferson’s right-profile portrait you’ll find only the right-profile portrait of a skull. The reverse continues with themes reminiscent of the Buffalo Nickel from James Earle Fraser. The design includes the Mini-Man and Train combination created in 2014, with a puff of smoke from the steam train in the background mimicking the appearance of the buffalo’s back hump from the Buffalo Nickels.

Anonymous Mint also offers 5 oz silver rounds with impressive designs. First up is the Medusa Silver Round from Anonymous Mint Silver Round. For the Medusa Silver Rounds, Anonymous Mint developed four different versions of the round. The 1 oz version of the Medusa Silver Round was available in a Proof-Like finish with a maximum mintage of 2,000 rounds, along with a separate 1 oz Antique finish round. Both feature edge lettering, individual serial numbers, and Certificates of Authenticity. Details include:

  • On the reverse side of the round you’ll find the Anonymous Mint logo. The mint’s logo is a clever play on the heraldic eagle of the United States, which includes an owl with its wings spread wide and its talons clutching arrows and wearing a crown above its head with the “AM” initials of Anonymous Mint.
  • The obverse of the Medusa Silver Round you’ll find the image of Medusa. Look, if you dare, at the beauty of her front-facing portrait that includes her full head of snakes in place of hair and a unique Greek-inspired border design.

Next up from the Anonymous Mint is the Blackbeard collection of 5 oz Silver Rounds. Remembered through the ages as Blackbeard, the world’s most famous pirate was born in Bristol, England in 1680 as Edward Teach. He arrived in Jamaica as a member of the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Windsor and was known as Edward Thatch Jr. The Blackbeard Silver Rounds from Anonymous Mint and Coin Creator Julie Lindquist are available in 1 oz and 5 oz options, with an antique finish. Details include:

  • On the obverse of the Blackbeard Silver Round is the memorable image of Blackbeard with canon fuses weaved into his long, thick black beard. He would light the fuses in the course of battle to frighten his enemies, and was believed to have captured 40 ships between 1717 and 1718.
  • The reverse of each Blackbeard Silver Round depicts the flag from the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Blackbeard’s flag featured the image of a skeleton toasting a drink to the devil. Also included was a spear piercing a heart. It has been said that the mere sight of Blackbeard’s flag above the Queen Anne’s Revenge was enough to convince some ships to surrender.

The Silverbug collection of silver rounds also features 5 oz weights in some of the popular Silver Fairy Round options. As the first release in the Silverbug Fairy Silver Round, the 1 oz. Silverbug Ariana Fairy Silver Round debuted in 2014 with great interest in the silver market. All of the rounds featured an obverse design of the silver fairy known as Ariana. The reverse of each round featured the scarab bug design that includes the atomic number and symbol of silver in the center. Ariana did not appear on a 5 oz round though until 2016 when Osborne Precious Metals went back in the collection and introduced a 5 oz weight. All subsequent releases debuted with 1 oz and 5 oz options.

The second release in the Silverbug Fairy Round series came a year later in 2015 with the unveiling of the 1 oz Silverbug Archer Fairy Silver Round. On the reverse face of these rounds, the North American Mint continued the use of the scarab bug design featured on the first release.

However, the obverse of the silver round featured a new fairy design. An archer fairy was featured above the globe with a quiver full of arrows and a bow in which she was drawing back a single arrow to fire.

The most recent release in the Silverbug Fairy Silver Round series features an all-new design and even a new take on the scarab bug, not to mention a new minting partner for the Silverbugs. Released in 2016, the 1 oz Silverbug Alyx the Fairy Silver Round features the mischievous depiction of Alxy the Fairy, who is only temporarily held down by chains. It is reflective of the manipulators holding the silver market in check.

Purchasing Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

There’s a lot of options for investors and collectors interested in silver rounds available from JM Bullion. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the silver rounds mentioned in the paragraphs above from JM Bullion, you’ll have a variety of options for payment methods when browsing and purchasing from our online catalog. JM Bullion proudly accepts all major credit/debit cards, with the exception of American Express. Paper checks, bank wire transfers, and PayPal fund transfers are also accepted on JM Bullion.

Credit/debit cards take up to one business day to process, while bank wire and PayPal transfers often clear immediately. Paper checks take up to six business days to process. Once your payment has cleared, your products are sent to our fulfilment center for packaging and shipping.

JM Bullion offers free standard shipping and insurance on all products. Your products are packaged and shipped in discreet boxes, protecting the identity of the precious metals within. If you’d like expedited shipping, it is available at an additional cost. All packages ship via the US Postal Service or UPS. If your shipment is lost or stolen, we’ll work to provide you with a replacement product, recover your original shipment, or secure a refund of your original purchase price.

If you have any further questions about these products, please contact JM Bullion. Our associates are available at 800-276-6508, online using our live web chat, or via email.