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    Choosing a 5 oz Silver Round from JM Bullion

    Among the largest silver bullion products you’ll find outside of silver bars are 5 oz silver rounds. There are few silver bullion coin programs that offer weights above 1 oz, as it is the most common, but 5 oz silver rounds are more popular and widely available than you might realize. If you browse the catalog of JM Bullion 5 oz silver rounds, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from when buying silver online.

    Unique 5 oz Silver Rounds

    Already unique in their own right due to their weight, 5 oz silver rounds are available in a variety of styles and options similar to silver bullion coins. You’ll find 5 oz silver rounds available as individual releases, as part of silver round collections with limited mintage figures, and even as investment-quality silver rounds ideal for buying silver in bulk. Among these options, 5 oz silver rounds produced and sold as standalone products are popular for their individuality of design and great availability.

    Examples of unique 5 oz silver rounds include, but are not limited to, the following options from JM Bullion:

    • Antique Texas Ranger Wagon Wheel: From the Intaglio Mint, the Texas Ranger Wagon Wheel Badge Silver Round reflects the design elements of the first-ever badges issued to members of the Texas Rangers law enforcement division. The rounds feature a five-pointed star on one side with “Texas Rangers” engraved around and “Co. A” on the star for Company A. The reverse reflects 5 Peso Mexican silver coin’s reverse from the late 1800s as many early Texas Ranger badges were struck on circulation Mexican coins.
    • 5 oz Monarch Grim Reaper: A special edition design from Monarch Precious Metals, the Grim Reaper design is on a high-relief round with a rimless blank. The design includes the looming image of death over a collection of headstones in a graveyard.
    • Skull and Swords Silver Round: The term unique might not be specific enough to describe the 5 oz MK Barz Hand-Poured Skull and Swords Silver Round. This is one of the only hand-poured silver rounds you’ll find available for sale, and it includes a stunning 3D design on the obverse of a human skull crossed by two swords.
    • Germania Allegories: Issued by the Germania Mint, the Allegories Series features images of various female personifications for nations around the globe. The release collection always includes Germania, the personification of Germanic peoples, but she is captured in a new relief on each design as she is partnered with another Allegory. The other allegories include Britannia, the long-standing personification of Britons. The second release was that of Columbia, the historic personification of the United States that has recently been replaced by Liberty in American culture as a national symbol. The third release is that of Italia, the personification of Italy that dates back to the height of the Roman Empire.

    Investment 5 oz Silver Rounds

    Similar to silver bullion coins, there are 5 oz silver rounds sold with the goal of attracting investors to silver bullion rounds. Silver coins such as the American Silver Eagle bullion option are purchased in bulk by investors around the world as a means of storing wealth. Likewise, there are 5 oz silver rounds available that boast .999 pure silver content and are ideal for bulk purchases to protect wealth. The following are just two examples:

    • SilverTowne Prospector: The Prospector is the official symbol of SilverTowne, a private mint in the US state of Indiana. The Prospector leads his donkey toward what he hopes will be the next mine rich with silver and has featured on countless silver bullion items from the mint. The 5 oz Prospector Stackable Round has no mintage cap and can be purchased in large bulk orders to secure even more wealth in one singular transaction.
    • Scottsdale Stacker: The Scottsdale Mint’s lion-head logo appears on a brilliant concave-convex design on the 5 oz Scottsdale Stacker Silver Round. The lion head on the obverse is convex and rises from the field, while the lion head on the reverse is concave and perfect fits together with an opposing obverse for secure stacking. These rounds also have no mintage limit and are widely available for bulk purchases.

    Popular 5 oz Silver Round Collections

    One of the most popular uses of 5 oz silver rounds is in limited-issue collections. 5 oz silver rounds in a collectible series offer the largest visual format for the design elements and often come with the lowest mintage figures. One of the first programs to adopt 5 oz silver rounds as a popular size was the Hobo Nickel issues, and countless other programs have followed that lead with the production of beautiful proof, antique proof, and colorized proof 5 oz silver rounds. Examples include:

    • Mucha Collection: From the Anonymous Mint, the Alphonse Mucha Collection included a total of six different designs from artist Alphonse Mucha. Considered the founding father of the Art Nouveau period, Mucha was active from 1890 to the 1920s. His career consisted largely of works that were eventually used in promotional posters and other advertisements. Later in life, he would work with the new nation of Czechoslovakia on national currency designs. Each of the six so-called “Mucha Women” in this series is used by Anonymous Mint with the authorization of The Mucha Foundation.
    • Amy Brown Collection: One of the more recent collections from Anonymous Mint, the Amy Brown Collection catalogs six of the more than 2,000 works of fairy art from Brown. Her career started in the 1990s when she was an associate at a local art gallery. After selling one of her own works through the gallery, demand for her artwork swiftly took off. Today, she has more than 1 million Facebook followers and was named a 2017 Top Ten Fairy Artist in the World. The Amy Brown Collection has 5 oz silver proof, antique, and colorized options for buyers with low mintage figures no higher than 200 for the proof and 100 each for the colorized and antique.
    • American Western Skull Collection: Available from the Osborne Mint, America’s oldest private mint facility, the American Western Skulls Collection features images of some of the greatest figures from the Wild West Era of American history. From tribal chieftains to US Marshals and US Army Cavalry figures, the American Western Skulls Collection looks at the death and destruction the Wild West brought upon the landscape of the American West. 5 oz rounds are available in this series in proof, antique, and colorized choices.
    • Lisa Parker Collection: The Lisa Parker Collection comes from the Anonymous Mint and is its latest foray into silver rounds featuring classic designs from some of the greatest artists in the world today. Lisa Parker is a well-known wildlife and nature artist who blends elements of the mystical realm into all of her works using shading and contrast to create imagery that pulls the viewer in. The series features six designs in total on 1 oz silver and 5 oz silver rounds. All three versions of the 5 oz silver rounds, per design release, have a limited mintage of just 250 rounds in total.

    Purchasing 5 oz Silver Rounds through JM Bullion

    When you’ve found the right 5 oz silver for sale with JM Bullion, our customer service team can help answer any questions you might have about the products or purchasing process. We encourage you to reach out to our team at 800-276-6508. You can also connect with us online through our live chat service and email address with your questions.