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    Solomon Islands Silver Coins

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    2018 2 oz Reverse Proof Solomon Islands Silver Legends and Myths Minotaur Coin (Box + CoA)

    For the perfect addition to your silver collection, the Reverse Proof Solomon Islands Silver Legends and Myths coins are available again in a second series of designs for 2018. Building on the massive popularity of the 2016/17 release, there are five new designs available in the 2018 range. The 2018 2 oz Reverse Proof Solomon Islands... Read More

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    2020 1 oz Reverse Proof Solomon Islands Silver Giants of the Galapagos Islands Seahorse Shaped Coin

    A new collection of silver bullion coins from MTB and PAMP Suisse offers up images of aquatic creatures from the Pacific Ocean around the beautiful Galapagos Islands. The Giants of the Galapagos Series features 1 oz colorized proof coins with distinctive visuals that capture images of the most prominent and beloved animal species fro... Read More

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    2019 1 oz Solomon Islands Silver Bald Eagle Shaped Coin (BU)

    PAMP Suisse has produced a new series of silver coins for MTB that takes the shape of the animals depicted. Issued for the Solomon Islands, this breathtaking collection offers .9999 pure silver coins for sale with reverse proof visuals. The first in the series represents the bald eagle. Right now, 2019 1 oz Solomon Islands Silver Bald Eagle Shaped Coins are available to pu... Read More

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    2020 1 oz Solomon Islands Silver Great Horned Owl Shaped Coin (BU)

    The final issue in the Solomon Islands Hunters of the Sky Series is available for collectors now with the impressive, stealthy shape of the Great Horned Owl. The third design in the 1 oz silver collection, this coin features .9999 pure silver and has the same mintage figure and reverse proof visuals of the previous two issues. Right now, the 2020 1 oz Solomon Islands Silve... Read More

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    2020 1 oz Solomon Islands Silver Tiger Shark Shaped Coin (BU)

    PAMP Suisse developed two distinctive series of shaped silver coins for the Solomon Islands in 2020. The Hunters of the Sky and Hunters of the Deep Series are both three-coin collections with reverse proof visuals and stunning shapes capturing some of the most fearsome predators flying overhead and lurking down below. Today, the 2020 1 oz Solomon Islands Silver Tiger Shark... Read More

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    2020 1 oz Solomon Islands Silver Red-Tailed Hawk Shaped Coin (BU)

    The second issue in the Hunters of the Sky collection of silver coins for sale from PAMP Suisse features the Red-Tailed Hawk, one of the famed aerial predators of the North American continent and West Indies. Known colloquially in the United States as a “chicken hawk,” the red-tailed hawk is actually not known to target standard chickens and other similarly sized game ... Read More

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    Soloman Island Silver Bullion Coins

    The Solomon Islands is a sovereign nation consisting of a cluster of small islands in the Oceania region of the world. Despite its far-flung locale and population of just 599,419 people in total, the nation is the backer of a major collectible silver coin series. The most notable coins issued on behalf of the South Pacific nation are those in the Legends and Myths collection. The collection has two different series consisting of five designs each and has been available since late 2016. However, it is not the only coin available for a nation with a growing presence in the precious metals industry.

    Hunters of the Deep

    One of two exciting new collections for the Solomon Islands is the Hunters of the Deep. This series of 1 oz silver coins offers shaped coins reflecting some of the most dangerous predators lurking beneath the waves of the world’s oceans. The three-coin collection offers limited mintages, presentation packaging, and reverse-proof visuals for each coin design. The coins in this series have 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver content and reverse-proof visuals that consist of mirrored designs above frosted background fields. The coins are packaged in capsules and shipped with a presentation box. All coins are limited to 2,500 per design and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The obverse of each coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II in the popular effigy from Ian Rank-Broadley, and includes a serial number on this field of the coin. On the reverse, each coin has visuals that fill out the details of the shaped coin to accurately depict one of the deadliest hunters from the deep. Designs include:

    • Great White Shark
    • Great Hammerhead Shark
    • Tiger Shark

    Hunters of the Sky

    From the depths of the ocean to heights humans can only dream of, the Hunters of the Sky Series is a partner release to the Hunters of the Deep that follows the same concept. Each coin released in the Hunters of the Sky Series takes the shape of a different, fearsome aerial predator found on planet Earth. The series maintains the same details as the Hunters of the Deep. Each coin has 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver in Brilliant Uncirculated condition with reverse proof visuals consisting of mirrored design elements and frosted fields. The coins have an individual serial number out of 2,500 marked on the obverse, ship inside of a protective box, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Queen Elizabeth II features on the obverse in the 1998 right-profile bust from Ian Rank-Broadley. This side of the coin includes the serial number and the weight, metal content, and purity. As for the reverse, the markings on this side are artistic details that enhance the shape of the coin to showcase the real-life aspects of each aerial predator. The available designs in this series include:

    • Bald Eagle
    • Red-Tailed Hawk
    • Great Horned Owl

    Legends and Myths 1st Series

    Each new release in the Solomon Islands Legends and Myths collection brings a different design depicting a mythical or legendary beast. The coins in this collection are available as reverse proof, double-high-relief coins with unique packaging, a series mint mark, and many other stunning features that make them a must-have coin for any collector. Released beginning in late 2016 and running through 2017, the first series of Legends and Myths coins included five designs focused on a set of legendary and mythical figures. In the first series, two coins were released in 2016 followed by three more in 2017. The designs of the first Legends and Myths collection included:

    • 2016 Mermaid
    • 2016 Griffin
    • 2017 Wizard
    • 2017 Phoenix
    • 2017 Sea Monster

    Many of the mythical and legendary figures included in the original series were generic in nature and did not correlate to a specific individual or beast. For example, the sea monster was reflective of the many creatures of the deep that mariners, sailors, and other seafaring people feared or misunderstood in waters around the world during the ancient era. For the second series, the Legends and Myths collection would become much more focused on specific creatures and beasts known in antiquity.

    Legends and Myths 2nd Series

    In 2018, the Solomon Islands Legends and Myths series introduced five new beasts, creatures, and other legendary figures. This time, all five coins in the release schedule debuted within the 2018 calendar year. The designs of this second series included:

    • 2018 Elf
    • 2018 Centaur
    • 2018 Medusa
    • 2018 Minotaur
    • 2018 Dragon

    Details of the Solomon Islands Legends and Myths Collection

    All of the silver coins for sale in the Legends and Myths collection are available as 2 oz silver coins. The selection of a 2 oz silver blank is the first of many unique facets of this collection. Each coin in the collection has a reverse proof finish. A reverse proof coin has strong, frosted matte elements in the background field that visually contrast with the deeply-mirrored, clear design elements on both the obverse and reverse side.

    The coins are also double-high-relief strikes, which results in a concave surface to both sides of the coin. This enables the design elements to stand out in greater 3D detail when you view the coin’s design features. Other important details for each release in the Solomon Islands Legends and Myths series include:

    • Limited mintage of 1,500 coins per design!
    • Contains 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
    • Bears a face value of $5 (SBD) backed by the government of Solomon Islands

    Each coin in the series is available for individual purchase inside of a stunning display capsule. The display case has a clear cover and houses the coin inside of a protective slot inside the box. The coins are encapsulated within the box and come with a Certificate of Authenticity to validate your purchase from this series. Additionally, the reverse side of every coin in the series has a Legends and Myths mint mark that reads “LM.”

    The obverse of all coins in the Legends and Myths series features the same design. Queen Elizabeth II features on this side of the coins in the fourth-generation effigy created by Ian Rank-Broadley for the Royal Mint. This right-profile portrait has been in use on British and Commonwealth coins since 1998. Engravings on this face include “Elizabeth II,” “Solomon Islands,” “5 Dollars,” “2 oz,” the year of issue, and “Ag 9999.”

    About the Solomon Islands

    Located in the South Pacific Ocean to the east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands is a sovereign country with a constitutional monarch. Queen Elizabeth II holds the title of Queen of the Solomon Islands and the nation of 599,419 people has a governor-general and prime minister in charge of local governance. The Solomon Islands were originally settled in 30,000 BC by Papuan-speaking settlers, with Austronesian speakers arriving around 4,000 BC. Spanish navigator Alvaro de Mendana was the first European to visit the islands in 1568 and named them after the biblical King Solomon.

    Today, Solomon Islands covers a land area of 11,000 square miles spread across 900 small islands and six major islands. The vast majority of the population lives on the six main islands, with 84,000 inhabitants living in the capital city of Honiara on the island of Guadalcanal. The island itself is famous in modern history as the site of the Solomon Islands Campaign (1942-1945) during World War II, as well as the massive Battle of Guadalcanal between the United States Navy and Marine Corps and the forces of the Empire of Japan.

    Buying Solomon Islands Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    If you have any questions when buying silver in this beautiful collection, please don’t hesitate to reach out to JM Bullion. Our customer service team is available to you at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat service, and via our email address.