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    Niue and Tuvalu Silver Coins

    Niue and Tuvalu Silver Coins at JM Bullion

    Though small in stature and reach, the Pacific islands of Niue and Tuvalu have a large presence in the precious metals industry. Both nations back the issuance of a variety of silver coins from across a range of design programs. In both cases, these nations work with a variety of private mints around the world to produce numismatic and investment-grade bullion coins for buyers.

    Niue Silver Coins

    Niue has a well-established history in the silver coin market courtesy of the Hawksbill Turtle Series. Produced by the New Zealand Mint, a private entity, this series launched in 2010 as the Fiji Taku. In 2014, it was rebranded as the Niue Hawksbill. Like many other major, annual bullion coin releases, the Niue Hawksbill features the same static designs on the obverse and reverse. Primarily, the reverse design remains unchanged each year with its depiction of the hawksbill turtle. Beyond this program, examples of other Niue Silver Coins include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Norse God Series
    • Niue Czech Lion Series
    • Niue Biblical Series
    • Niue Slovakia Eagle Series
    • Niue Lunar Coins
    • Athena Owl Stackable Coins
    • Niue Terra Silver Series
    • Niue Chronos Silver Series
    • Niue Icon Series
    • Classic Superhero Series
    • Colorized, shaped, and other proof collections

    Tuvalu Silver Coins

    Like its neighbor to the southeast, the nation of Tuvalu has a growing number of modern bullion coin collections suitable for both investors and numismatists. The majority of Tuvalu silver coin collections are produced by the Perth Mint of Western Australia, but this is not an exclusive partnership by any means. There are coins produced on behalf of Tuvalu from other smaller private mints. The nation of Tuvalu has few annual-release collections of the same design, but it does offer a range of different collections that include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • James Bond Coins
    • Gods of Olympus Coins
    • Antique Lunar Coins
    • Marvel Superhero Coins
    • Simpsons-themed Coins

    Buy Niue and Tuvalu Silver at JM Bullion

    Keep an eye on the growth of Niue and Tuvalu silver coins, because the variety offered from both of these nations will continue to expand. If you have any questions, JM Bullion is happy to help. Please call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us online, or email us directly. Our Payment Methods page is available to provide you with easy answers to common payment-related questions.