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    Proof Mexican Silver Libertads

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    Proof Mexican Silver Libertad Coins

    Mexican Silver Libertad coins are the official silver bullion coins for the nation of Mexico, but they are available in a various versions aside from the brilliant uncirculated coins of the bullion version. There are also proof and proof-like coins produced annually by the Mexican Mint. While the bullion coin has higher mintage levels and are geared towards investors, the proof Mexican Silver Libertad is a different offering.

    Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coins are struck annually in much lower mintages and feature a finer finish than that found on the brilliant uncirculated bullion coins. Additionally, there is added value inherent in any proof version of the coin with a certification from either the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or the Professional Coin Grading Service. Learn more about the proof version of this exciting coin below.

    Proof Mexican Silver Libertad Mintage History

    While the official bullion coin in the series was introduced in 1982 and struck steadily over the course of the next three decades, the proof version of the Mexican Silver Libertad has a choppier mintage history. The proof version of the coin was not introduced until 1983, and like the brilliant uncirculated bullion coins it was only available in a 1 oz weight at first.

    However, while the 1 oz coin had high mintage levels consistently, the proof coin debuted with just 998 coins struck. In 1984 and 1985, there was no Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coin struck by the Mexican Mint. The program resumed in 1986 with extremely limited mintages. Proofs returned with a mintage of 30,006, but in five of the next six years there were just 10,000 coins struck annually, with the lone exception being 1987 when 12,000 proofs were produced.

    In 1992 the Proof Mexican Silver Libertad program expanded for the first time with the release of 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, and ½ oz coins. These coins had much lower mintages set at 5,000 each for the first three years. After 1992, the 1 oz proof saw its mintage cut to just 5,000 as well.

    Throughout the 1990s, demand for silver was low amid prosperous global markets. Mintage continued to decline throughout the 90s. In the midst of this decline, the Mexican Mint released the 2 oz and 5 oz Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coins in 1996, with mintage set for the first year at 1,200 coins in each weight.

    Mintage of the Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coins bottomed out in 1998 with just 500 coins struck for the 1 oz coin. Despite rising demand for silver, 2012 was an odd year for the program as only the 1 oz Proof Mexican Silver Libertad was produced with a mintage of 4,200 coins. This was likely the result of a global rush on silver and prioritization by the Mexican Mint, as more than 3 million 1 oz brilliant uncirculated coins alone were struck in the three years leading up to 2012.

    In recent years, the Proof Mexican Silver Libertad has seen its mintage levels rise. As of 2015, the mintage of each weight had climbed into the four-figure range. The 1 oz continues to be the most popular, with 6,400 struck in 2015. The 2 oz and 5 oz coins had a mintage of 1,300 and 1,600 respectively, while the fractional weights ranged from a low of 2,400 for the ¼ oz coin and a high of 5,500 for the 1/20 oz coin.

    Design Inspiration for Proof Mexican Silver Libertads

    Although the Proof Mexican Silver Libertad was first struck in 1982, its history is rooted in the centennial celebration of Mexico’s independence that took place 60 years earlier. In 1921, the nation of Mexico embarked on a nationwide celebration of its independence from Spain, an effort that started with the War of Independence in 1821.

    Among the themes of the celebration was the revival of symbols of the independence movement and the embracing of historic Aztec symbols. In the center of Mexico City, a statue of the angel of independence was erected as part of the celebration. Known as Winged Victory, her statue was adopted as the official symbol of Mexico City and featured as the obverse design on a gold Centenario coin.

    An additional image of the twin volcanic peaks of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl were used on the coin as well. The peaks are named after a pair of ancient Aztec lovers who met a tragic end. The reverse side of the original gold Centenario coin featured the coat of arms for the nation of Mexico. A gold eagle is the official emblem of Mexico, and is featured in the coat of arms locked in battle with a rattlesnake. The phrase “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” is engraved above, with a wreath encircling the seal below.

    That gold Centenario coin was struck with a face value of 50 pesos, but was not considered legal tender as a purely commemorative coin. It was produced by the Mexican Mint on an annual basis from 1921 to 1947. Today, those images live on as the design inspiration for all coins in the Mexican Libertad series, including the Proof Mexican Silver Libertad.

    Certified Proof Mexican Silver Libertad Coins

    JM Bullion has a variety of Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coins available with certifications from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and Professional Coin Grading Service. Each of the coins with an official grade is considered of the highest quality, adding value in the eyes of collectors. Common terms used by the certification services include:

    • PF70 or PR70: Proof 70 refers to perfect proof coins, with full, original luster and no detracting flaws on the surfaces of the coin.
    • PF69 or PR69: Proof 69 refers to near-perfect coins, with full, original luster, and a maximum of two minor detracting flaws. These flaws are often limited to miniscule contact marks or hairlines visible only under magnification, but located outside the primary focal areas of the coin.
    • UCAM or DCAM: These terms are used by the NGC and PCGS to identify proof coins with a unique finish. Known as Ultra-cameo or Deep-cameo, this designation identifies a proof coin with a strong, frosted finish on the design sets and a deeply-mirrored, clear background field. The combination of attributes makes it appear as though the design set is floating above the background field.

    About the Mexican Mint

    When Spain completed its conquest of the Aztec Empire in 1521, the Spanish crown set about the task of establishing a colonial empire in the Western Hemisphere. One of the first orders of business, establishing the first mint in the Americas to process the gold and silver found throughout the region. Originally, the Mexican Mint produced coinage that was used throughout the territories of New Spain, and its products were not only used in other regions of North and South America, but even served as the basis of future monetary programs such as the U.S. dollar, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan.

    The modern Mexican Mint is located in Mexico City, the national capital of Mexico. Since 1925, Banco de Mexico (the nation’s central bank) has controlled the minting of coins and printing of banknotes handled by the Mexican Mint.

    Purchasing Proof Mexican Silver Libertads from JM Bullion

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