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    Proof Graded Mexican Silver Libertads

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    Proof Graded Mexican Silver Libertad Coins

    The Mexican Silver Libertad is one of the most valuable silver bullion programs in the world today. Although it is easily overshadowed by the sovereign coins from its neighboring North American sovereign mints, the Mexican Mint’s primary product is gaining popularity in the modern era for its diversity.

    Silver Libertads have a number of differences from their competing brethren in North America. For starters, while fewer than 10,000 Proof Mexican Silver Libertads were struck and sold across all seven weights in 2015, the United States Mint sold in excess of 750,000 Proof American Silver Eagle coins in 2015, and those are only available in the 1 oz weight.

    Additionally, Proof Mexican Silver Libertads are available in a wider array of weights than its neighboring competitors. As mentioned, the Proof American Silver Eagle is available only in 1 oz, while the Royal Canadian Mint’s Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is also available in just a 1 oz variety, but does feature a number of privy mark designs that add uniqueness to the lineup.

    Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coins are available in a total of seven different weights, with a 1 oz coin serving as the standard bearer. You’ll also find the coin available in 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz, 2 oz, and 5 oz weights. All of the Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coins have .999 pure silver content and no face value marked on the coins.

    About Proof Mexican Silver Libertad Coins

    The Mexican Silver Libertad has enjoyed great continuity in production. It was originally introduced in 1982 as a 1 oz. bullion coin. This 1 oz coin has been struck every year since then, with mintage determined by demand. In 1991, the Mexican Mint added a 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, and ½ oz coin to the series. That addition was followed by 2 oz and 5 oz coins in 1996.

    Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coins were introduced in 1986. The four fractional weights were added in 1992, followed by the 2 oz and 5 oz coins in 1996. The Proof Mexican Silver Libertad has been struck with mintage caps every year since it entered production in 1986. The largest production years for the Proof Libertad came between 2009 and 2011 when the Great Recession was wreaking havoc in stock markets around the globe.

    Today, Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coining has withdrawn a bit and shifted in popularity. Originally, the 1 oz Proof Mexican Silver Libertad was the unquestioned favorite in the lineup. Recently though, the 1/20 oz and 1/10 oz coins have gained more popularity for their smaller size and more affordable pricing. The Mexican Mint does also strike a proof-like Mexican Silver Libertad, which has been in production since 2002 and is available only in a 1 kilogram weight.

    Design Inspiration of the Proof Mexican Silver Libertad

    In 1921, the Mexican Mint unveiled a gold Centenario coin to commemorate the nation’s centennial celebration of its independence from Spain. The nation launched a number of celebratory events to commemorate the anniversary, including the construction of a statue in Mexico City to honor the Winged Victory, otherwise known as the angel of independence.

    This original depiction of the angel of independence was an accurate reproduction of her original image. The wreath in her right hand and the broken chains of colonialism represent the push for freedom by Mexican people. In the background, the twin volcanic peaks of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl rise to meet the horizon, and are named for a pair of ancient Aztec lovers.

    Centenario gold coins had a face value of 50 Pesos, but was not considered legal tender by the Mexican government or Banco de Mexico. The obverse side of that coin featured a replica of Winged Victory. On the reverse side of the original Mexican Gold Libertad is the coat of arms for Mexico. The golden eagle is the national symbol of Mexico, and is featured in the coat of arms locked in battle with a rattlesnake. The phrase “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” is engraved above the seal.

    Proof Graded Mexican Silver Libertad Coins

    There are a variety of Proof Mexican Silver Libertad coins available from JM Bullion with certification from either the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or the Professional Coin Grading Association. Viewed as the two strongest grading companies, certification from the NGC or PCGS instills instant added value for any proof coin. Certification from these companies assures any collector that the condition of the coin and its design features are of the highest quality. You’ll find Proof Graded Mexican Silver Libertads in our catalog with the following terminology:

    • PF/PR70: This is a label assigned to Proof Mexican Silver Libertads with a perfect grade in the eyes of the NGC or PCGS. Coins in this condition exhibit full, original mint luster and lack any detracting flaws.
    • PF/PR69: With this label, collectors are assured that the coin they are purchasing has its full, original mint luster, but also features a maximum of two minor detracting flaws. Those flaws are limited to the outer areas of the coin, not the primary focal areas, and tend to include miniscule contact marks or other blemishes.
    • UCAM/DCAM: Known respectively as Ultra-cameo and Deep-cameo, this term is reserved for proof coins with a stark contrast between the finish of the design field and the background. UCAM/DCAM coins have a strong, frosted finish on the design and a deeply-mirrored, clear background field. These contrasting styles give the design the impression of floating above the background field.

    About the Mexican Mint

    The modern Mexican Mint is located in Mexico City, the national capital of Mexico. In 1535, Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza arrived in what was then called New Spain to assume control of the territory of New Spain from the capital of Mexico City. The colony of New Spain not only included all of Mexico and most of Central America, but also Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad, the Bay Islands, and the Philippine Island.

    Originally, the Mexican Mint produced coinage that was used throughout the territories of New Spain, and its products were not only used in other regions of North and South America, but even served as the basis of future monetary programs such as the U.S. dollar, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan. Since 1925, Banco de Mexico (the nation’s central bank) has controlled the minting of coins and printing of banknotes handled by the Mexican Mint.

    Today, the Mexican Mint is controlled by the federal government and overseen by the Banco de Mexico, the nation’s central bank. It oversees the production of Mexican Silver Libertad coins, Mexican Gold Libertad coins, and circulation currency and banknotes.

    Purchasing Proof Graded Mexican Silver Libertads from JM Bullion

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