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    All Mexican Silver Libertad Coins Available from JM Bullion

    The North American continent is home to some of the most popular sovereign mints in the world. While the American Silver Eagle of the United States Mint and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf of the Royal Canadian Mint are some of the best-selling bullion coins in the world, the Mexican Mint’s silver coins have equal popularity with much lower mintage figures that make the coins a must-have bullion specimen for many. Now is your chance to learn all about the various Mexican Silver Libertads available from JM Bullion.

    BU Mexican Silver Libertads

    Though the Mexican Silver Libertad is not sold in the same numbers as some of its major counterparts, it is the world’s oldest silver bullion coin program. Introduced in 1982, the BU Mexican Silver Libertads debuted four years before the American Silver Eagle, six years before the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, seven years before the Chinese Silver Panda, and eight years before the Australian Silver Kookaburra.

    From 1982 to 1990, the Mexican Mint produced the Silver Libertad coins only in 1 oz silver. Starting in 1991, the series began to expand through three separate introductions of new options. The first was the release of fractional-ounce coins in the series in 1991. This included 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz silver. In 1996, the series expanded again to include a 2 oz and 5 oz silver option. At this point, the Mexican Silver Libertad was well ahead of its counterparts in terms of offering various options to investors. In 2008, the BU Mexican Silver Libertad coins expanded one last time to include a 1 Kilogram coin.

    Proof Mexican Silver Libertads

    One year after the BU Mexican Silver Libertads were introduced, the Mexican Mint debuted the collectible version of the coins with the release of the Proof Mexican Silver Libertad. The roll-out of the Proof Mexican Silver Libertads followed a similar pattern to that of the BU Mexican Silver Libertads. The 1 oz coin debuted first in 1983 and was available as the only choice in the collection until 1991.

    In 1992, the Mexican Mint introduced the same four fractional-ounce coins already available in the BU series as of 1991 with the debut of 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz proof silver coins. In 1996, the proof series concluded its expansion with the issue of 2 oz and 5 oz silver coins. Each of these coins is available to purchase with frosted visuals and mirrored fields. In 2015, the Mexican Mint began to expand its collectible options again. This time it was new versions of collectible coins, rather than the introduction of further weights.

    Reverse Proof Mexican Silver Libertads

    In 2015, the Mexican Mint offered up a second collectible version of the Mexican Silver Libertad in the release of a Reverse Proof Mexican Silver Libertad. The new coins have very low mintage figures under 2,000 coins annually. In 2015 and 2016, the 1 oz coin was the only one available with a reverse proof option. In 2017, the reverse proof option was added for the 2 oz and 5 oz silver coins. A reverse proof coin has mirrored design elements and frosted background fields.

    Antique Mexican Silver Libertads

    In 2018, the Mexican Mint expanded its collectible Mexican Silver Libertads one more time. This year saw the introduction of an Antique Mexican Silver Libertad coin in the 1 oz, 2 oz, and 5 oz silver coins. Each one has an antique polish applied that delivers matte visuals for the coin’s design and surface areas, creating a modern silver bullion coin with old-world charm.

    Designs of the Mexican Silver Libertads

    The silver coins for sale in the Mexican Libertad Series have gone through just one design alteration in the history of the collection. The change in designs was less of an overhaul of the imagery and more of a modernization effort to show the same designs in greater details, with more distinctive visuals.

    From 1982 to 1999, the obverse field of the Mexican Silver Libertad coins featured the modern coat of arms of Mexico. Inspired by the Codex Mendoza from 1541, the image depicts a golden eagle struggling to devour an eagle as it is perched on a prickly pear cactus. The words “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” are inscribed above the image of the eagle, with an oak-and-laurel wreath featured below. These coins had a notched edge design element.

    In 2000, the Mexican Mint slightly altered the obverse field of the Mexican Silver Libertads. The coin’s main design of the modern coat of arms remained, but was now surrounded by 10 historic versions of the Mexican coat of arms. Most notable among these was the addition of the design from the Codex Mendoza, which is located at the 12-o’clock position around the design rim. This new inclusion of a rim of 10 historic versions of the national seal features on the 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, and 1 Kilo silver coins, but is not used on the fractional-ounce silver coins.

    When it comes to the reverse, change also occurred in the series, but on a different timeline. In 1982 when the Mexican Mint introduced the series, it used the exact design of Winged Victory from the 1921 Centenario gold coin. This coin featured Winged Victory in front-facing relief from the top of the Mexican Independence Victory Column and the design element included the same notched design element from the obverse. In 1996, the mint adjusted the design to capture Winged Victory from a more zoomed-out perspective and also showcased her in a three-quarter profile relief rather than a straight-on front-facing design.

    Get Your Mexican Silver Libertad Coins at JM Bullion

    All versions of the Mexican Silver Libertads are available to you annually from JM Bullion. If you have any questions about the Mexican Silver Libertads available in our online catalog, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. You can reach us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live on the web, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.