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    Chinese Silver Pandas

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    2015 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda Coin
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    The Chinese Silver Panda Coin Series

    One of the most popular coin programs in the world today is the Chinese Silver Panda. With a complex coining history and beautiful, rotating designs, the Silver Panda is now considered a must-have coin for investors turning to government-backed silver coinage. You can learn more about this exciting collection below!

    Brief History of the Silver Panda

    The Chinese Silver Panda coin is among the oldest silver bullion coins available right now. The Mexican Silver Libertad coin debuted in 1982 from the Mexican Mint, and that was followed one year later in 1983 by the Chinese Silver Panda. However, unlike the Silver Libertad coin, the Silver Panda was originally available only as a proof coin. From 1983 to 1985, the Chinese Silver panda was issued as a coin with less than one ounce of silver that had a purity of 90%. The Silver Panda was not struck in 1986 or 1988, but in between in 1987 the Chinese Mint did bring the coin up to standards of international investment.

    Beginning in 1987, the Chinese Silver Panda coin was set at 1 Troy oz with a purity of .999 silver content. Since 1989, the Chinese Silver Panda coin has been issued by the Chinese Mint as an investment-grade bullion coin.

    Changes to the Silver Panda

    As mentioned above, 1987 marked a turning point for the Chinese Silver Panda as the Chinese Mint set the coin’s weight and purity to meet expectations of the international market. From this point until 2015, the Chinese Mint issued the Chinese Silver Panda in the following popular weights:

    • 1/4 Troy ounce
    • 1/2 Troy ounce
    • 1 Troy ounce
    • 5 Troy ounces
    • 12 Troy ounces
    • 1 Kilogram

    In 2016, big changes came to the Chinese Silver Panda coins and the larger Chinese Panda program overall. The Chinese Mint opted to move away from the popular use of Troy ounces in the marked weights of the coins. Instead, Chinese Silver Panda coins now feature weights marked in Grams. The Chinese Mint stated the move was made to bring the coins in line with the nation’s use of the metric system.

    Designs of the Silver Panda

    The Chinese Silver Panda coins have a stable reverse design that has not changed since its 1983 introduction. Conversely, the obverse side of the coin is notable for its use of a new image of the Giant Panda species with each passing year. Only the 2001 and 2002 coins used the same obverse design, but this was met with disdain by many investors who had coveted the coins, in part, for the use of a new design on the obverse each year. As a result, the Chinese Mint returned to the practice of issuing new designs of the Giant Panda each year.

    On the obverse of all Chinese Silver Panda coins, you’ll find the image of a Giant Panda. The notable species is found throughout the highlands of central China, and designs often depict either a singular adult or an adult and cub. The face value of the coin, along with its weight, purity, and metal content are engraved on this side as well.

    The reverse of Chinese Silver Panda coins always features the outer façade of the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests. This is the primary building found within the Temple of Heaven complex in south-central Beijing. Included engravings on this face feature the name of “The People’s Republic of China” in Mandarin Chinese and the year of issue.

    Mintage of the Silver Panda

    The Chinese Mint has long issued the Silver Panda bullion coins to meet the demand of investors. Reliable mintage figures are not available for the Chinese Silver Panda, but it is annually available in the new 30 Gram weight, which replaced the 1 oz silver coin starting in 2016. The other weights are issued with some regularity. The 1/2 oz silver coin is, when offered, a bullion version of the coin. The 5 oz and 1 Kilogram coins are popularly issued with low mintage figures as a proof option.

    Packaging for Chinese Silver Panda Coins

    When buying silver in the Chinese Silver Panda coin in this series, the 30 Gram coins are available individually inside of protective capsules. For bulk purchases, the coins are available in plastic sheets of 15 coins or Monster Boxes of 450 coins.

    Buying Chinese Silver Pandas through JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about the Chinese Silver Pandas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. JM Bullion customer service is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.