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    Wild Canada Coins

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    Wild Canada Coin Series

    In 2011, the Royal Canadian Mint embarked on a six-coin series honoring the vast and amazing wildlife found across the Canadian wilderness. The coins were minted to exacting standards by the Royal Canadian Mint, with each one containing 1 oz of .9999 pure silver. Mintage for each of the six coins in the series was limited to 1 million in total, and the coins were released over a three-year period. Now, three years after the coins were released, the Royal Canadian Mint is providing fans of the series with another chance to capture the designs made famous in the Canadian Wildlife Series with a special Wild Canada Coin Series.

    Introducing the Wild Canada Coin Series

    The Royal Canadian Mint is ready to celebrate the popularity of the Canadian Wildlife Series silver coins by launching a new, limited-edition Wild Canada Coin series that combines two of the mint’s most popular designs. The planned six-coin program will launch over the course of three years and feature six different coins, just like the original Canadian Wildlife Series.

    However, instead of individual coins featuring the original images as the main design concept, the Royal Canadian Mint is combining its popular Canadian Silver Maple Leaf series by offering them up with privy marks honoring the Canadian Wildlife Series. The following are the important highlights for the upcoming Wild Canada Coin Series:

    • Mintage strictly limited to 50,000 coins per design.
    • Two coins released each year over three years. In order of release: the 2016 Wolf, the 2016 Grizzly Bear, the 2017 Cougar, the 2017 Moose, the 2018 Antelope, and the 2018 Wood Bison.
    • Reverse bears the famous Sugar Maple Leaf design from the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.
    • Unique privy marks honoring the original Canadian Wildlife Series designs.
    • Struck in Reverse Proof Finish.
    • Coins will ship in individual flips, sealed mint tubes of 25, or Monster Boxes of 500.

    Design of Wild Canada Series Coins

    On the reverse side of all Wild Canada Series coins you’ll find the sugar maple leaf design that has become so famous on the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. All of the engravings commonly found on that coin program will persist on the Wild Canada Series coins, with an additional privy mark for each of the Canadian Wildlife Series designs featured to the bottom left of the maple leaf. A total of six privy mark coins will be released, featuring the wolf, grizzly bear, cougar, moose, antelope, and wood bison.

    The obverse side will feature Queen Elizabeth II’s right-profile image as created by Susanna Blunt, and used on the obverse of all Royal Canadian Mint bullion products. These coins will all be struck in brilliant reverse proof. A reverse proof coin features a frosted background field, with a mirror-like finish on the design set.

    About the Canadian Wildlife Series Coins

    The Royal Canadian Mint’s Canadian Wildlife Series coins consisted of six individual designs on 1 oz., .9999 pure, silver coins. All of the coins in the series had a face value of $5 (CAD) that was backed by the Canadian government. The release schedule for the coins in the series consisted of two coins released each year over a three-year period. Each animal chosen to represent Canadian wildlife on the coins holds a special place in the heart of Canadians, and has deep roots in the vast frozen tundras and wooded forests of the country.

    Each of the six coins in the original Canadian Wildlife Series was limited to a mintage of 1 million bullion coins. The relatively limited mintage of these coins, their short, three-year production run, and the one-time designs made the original coins in the series immensely popular. By the time the final coins were released in 2013, demand for the products was off the charts.

    2011 Canadian Wildlife Series Silver Coins

    The Canadian Wildlife Series launched in 2011 with the introduction of the 2011 1 oz. Canadian Silver Wolf. The wolf is one of the most veracious predators found anywhere on the North American continent. Living throughout the forests of the United States and Canada, these predators are near the top of the food chain, and hunt in packs that increase the ferocity of the animals.

    On the reverse side of the 2011 1 oz Canadian Silver Wolf was the image of a lone wolf. Featured in an oversized depiction, the wolf dominates the design as it towers above the coniferous forest and snowy outcrop at its feet, as the moon sits high in the sky above. Royal Canadian Mint Assistant Engraver William Woodruff designed this image for the Wildlife Series.

    The second coin in the 2011 release was the 2011 1 oz Canadian Silver Grizzly coin. Grizzly bears might be the sole mammal on the North American continent feared more than the wolf. Larger and more fearsome than the wolf, grizzly bears are also found in the forests and mountain ranges of the United States and Canada.

    On the reverse side of the 2011 1 oz Canadian Silver Grizzly is the image of a grizzly bear as it lets out a fearsome roar. It is featured standing at the water’s edge, with a mountain peak rising toward the sky in the background. William Woodruff is again responsible for the design on this coin.

    2012 Canadian Wildlife Series Silver Coins

    The program continued in 2012 with two more releases, this time honoring some of the most well-known wild residents of Canada; the cougar and moose. On the reverse of the 2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Cougar coin is the image of a growling cougar as it climbs over a fallen tree branch. A rocky outcrop is featured in the background, and William Woodruff was again chosen to design the images used on this coin.

    On the reverse face of the 2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Moose coin is the image of a massive moose standing amidst tall grass. The mild-mannered, but powerful, beast is featured with a huge antler rack atop its head. This was the final coin in the series designed by William Woodruff, as a new artist took over in 2013.

    2013 Canadian Wildlife Series Silver Coins

    The fifth release in the Canadian Wildlife Silver Series was the 2013 1 oz Canadian Silver Antelope coin. Famed Canadian artist Emily S. Damstra took over design of the reverse side of Canadian Wildlife Series coins in 2013, and depicted the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere as it slowly grazed its way across the open plains of Canada’s Rocky Mountain foothills.

    Damstra was also tasked with the design of the reverse face of 2013 1 oz Canadian Silver Wood Bison coins. The wood bison is a cousin of the American Bison, and saw its numbers drop from nearly 200,000 in the early 19th century to just a few hundred by the dawn of the 20th century. Today, 10,000 wood bison call Canada home, and the creature is captured in all its glory as it wades through a river on the reverse face of the final coin in the Canadian Wildlife Series.

    Common Obverse

    All of the Canadian Wildlife Series silver coins featured the same obverse design that is shared across many Royal Canadian Mint coin programs. Susanna Blunt’s 2003 depiction of Queen Elizabeth II, the third-generation image to appear on Royal Canadian Mint coinage, was used on the obverse of all coins in the series.

    Purchasing Wild Canada Series Coins from JM Bullion

    With a strictly limited mintage for each of the designs in the Wild Canada Series, there’s no time to waste pondering the purchase of these coins. Act now to secure your limited-edition Wild Canada Series coins today, and relive the majesty of the original Canadian Wildlife Series coins on the reverse of a Silver Maple Leaf coin.

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