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    Certified Canadian Silver Coins

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    Royal Canadian Mint Certified Silver Coins

    In the course of its long and storied history, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced some of the most amazing and sought-after coins in the world. From signature branded bullion, which the mint began producing in 1979, to an array of specialty coins, circulating coins, and collectibles, the history of production is just as interesting as the mint itself. The Canadian Mint's certified silver coins are both graded and fully authenticated by a professional grading service. The major benefit here is that their authenticity is completely and properly certified, which lends significant value for both investors and coin collectors.

    The Most Popular Royal Canadian Mint Coins

    The Canadian Mint is well-known for a wide selection of enormously popular coins. The Silver Maple Leaf coins are among the most popular and have been since they were first issued back in 1988. In keeping with the iconography of the country, they feature the same maple leaf found on the original Gold Maple Leaf coins. Currently, the silver coins come in only the 1 troy ounce size and are .9999 pure.

    Beginning in 2004, the design of the RCM's coins changed to special sets featuring wildlife themes. In 2004, coins featured an Arctic fox while the Canadian lynx was featured on the 2005 release. Different values had different poses. Some included gold plating and others had hologram applications.

    The wildlife theme showed up again starting in 2011 with a series of 1 oz .9999 silver coins. The first coin depicted a wolf, the second design had a grizzly bear, the third coin in the lineup featured a cougar, the fourth had a moose, the fifth coin featured a pronghorn antelope, and the final coin had a wood bison. All the coins celebrated Canadian wildlife.

    Another popular silver coin is from the mint's numismatic line, the $50 Four Seasons 5 oz .9999 silver coin. It represents the first pure, 5 oz silver coin from the mint; it had a limited mintage of only 2,000 coins. Considered extremely valuable for investors and collectors, the demand for these coins is still quite high. However, the mint's 2009 “Surviving the Flood” coin, a 1 kilo coin of .9999 silver, is even more limited and more popular, as well.

    In 2007, also in the numismatic line, the mint launched 10 collectible coins. They largely represent royal figures, such as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and Victoria. Because some of them illustrate effigies of Canada's early monarchs, they're popular among history buffs, as well.

    Certified silver coins from the Canadian Royal Mint are typically graded on a scale ranging from 1 to 70, with 1 illustrating a poor condition and 70 illustrating the best possible, most flawless condition. Certified coins also come with a description in addition to the numerical grading. This allows collectors and investors to see what they're getting down to the letter. It also proves that their coins have been properly scrutinized for value, purity, and other features.

    About the Royal Canadian Mint

    The first coins that circulated in Canada were first minted in 1858. At that time, London's Royal Mint and Birmingham's Heaton Mint struck the coins for the Canadian province. After more than a decade of planning and building, a Canadian branch of the London Mint opened in Ottawa in 1908. During 1931, the Ottawa Mint negotiated with the Royal Mint and gained its independence, becoming the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). The site is now a designated National Historic Site of Canada.

    The Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for minting all the coins circulated in Canada. In addition to silver, it mints coins in gold, platinum, and palladium, as well as special tokens and medals, especially for the military. In addition to the mint in Ottawa, there is also a facility in Winnipeg. The RCM also produces circulating coins for other countries. Among others, it mints the Norwegian kroner, the Icelandic kroner, the Cuban centavos, the Colombian pesos, the fils for Yemen, the baht for Thailand, and coins and notes for Hong Kong, New Zealand, Uganda, and Barbados.

    The Popularity of RCM Coins

    Canada's certified silver coins are popular for several reasons. The mint has an excellent reputation for quality and purity, which is its most important asset. It's also well-known for producing stunning work with gorgeous engravings. As well, the coins are versatile, and the special editions minted for numismatists and investors are so limited that they immediately draw attention.

    Buying Canadian Certified Silver Coins

    Although it may take some searching to find some of the special edition sets, many of the Royal Canadian Mint's silver coins are readily available. The Silver Maple Leaf coins are particularly abundant, and they're available in certified, graded condition. Prices vary depending on the vendor and the current rate of silver, but in general, they're incredibly affordable for everyone. Check out today for these coins and more.