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    Birds of Prey Series

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    Birds of Prey Silver Coin Series

    Some of Canada’s most iconic birds are commemorated in the Royal Canadian Mint’s four-coin collection: the Birds of Prey series. This silver coin series was released by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2014 and 2015 to celebrate the nation’s native bird-life. According to Ian E. Bennett, then president and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, the collection was released “”not only to solidify our reputation for quality but also to capture the imagination of our customers with distinctly Canadian themes.””

    The Birds of Prey series has a staggered release, with the first launched in February 2014, the second in August 2014, the third in February 2015, and the final coin in August 2015.

    Each piece is a full one-ounce coin made of 99.99% pure silver and crafted in an attractive bullion finish. The Royal Canadian Mint guarantees the authenticity and silver content of every item from the Birds of Prey coin series.

    Silver Coins in the Canadian Birds of Prey Series

    The first coin in the Canadian Birds of Prey series, released in February 2014, features the peregrine falcon on its reverse side. Acclaimed local coin illustrator Emily Damstra designed the image of the falcon descending on its prey, with its talons outstretched. The weight and fineness of the coins, as well as the country name “”Canada,”” are also marked. The peregrine falcon coin is available in bullion and collectible proof versions.

    The second coin, launched in August 2014, depicts the Canadian bald eagle. Again, the Royal Canadian Mint commissioned Emily Damstra for the design. She has created an intricate illustration of the bald eagle in full flight, clutching a hapless fish in its claws. The coin also features the country of manufacture along with the coin’s weight and fineness. It has a theme “”whose appeal and relevance transcends borders,”” according to the mint’s interim president and CEO Marc Brûlé. The Canadian bald eagle coin is available in bullion and numismatic versions.

    As with all Canadian legal tender, the obverse sides of both 2014 coins feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt, their mint year, and their face value of five Canadian dollars.

    At the time of writing, no details of the 2015 coin designs have been released, although they will almost certainly feature the same image of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse side.

    About The Royal Canadian Mint

    The Royal Canadian Mint produces all of Canada’s circulation coins, as well as currencies for several other countries. It also makes precious- and base-metal collector coins, wafers, and bars. The mint has its own gold and silver refinery and assay facilities. The mint was opened in 1908 to relieve the British Royal Mint in London from producing Canadian currency.

    The Royal Canadian Mint is entirely owned by the Government of Canada and does not rely on the support of taxpayers. With headquarters in Ottawa and an additional facility in Winnipeg, it has been named one of Canada’s top 100 employers.

    Popularity of the Canadian Birds of Prey Silver Coins

    The Royal Canadian Mint’s reputation as one of the best producers of bullion coins in North America has made its Birds of Prey series one of 2014’s most popular bullion coin series.

    The mint has a long history of producing limited edition coins commemorating its nation’s history, flora, and fauna. Many of these, including the Canadian Wildlife series and the Silver Maple Leaf coin, have been best-seller, and the new Birds of Prey silver coins continue the tradition.

    One ounce coins, such as the Birds of Prey coins, are relatively accessible for collectors. The value of silver contained in each coin, combined with the coins’ limited edition nature, helps entice collectors. By the release of the second coin in the series, the original peregrine falcon design was almost a sell-out. This is a testament to the popularity of the Birds of Prey collection.

    Buying Canadian Birds of Prey Silver Coins

    The Birds of Prey coins are a limited edition line with restricted numbers. A maximum of 1,000,000 standard bullion coins are released for each design. The special editions (i.e. proofs and high relief coins) are further restricted. There are just 20,000 of the collectible proof peregrine falcon coins and only 7,500 of the numismatic Canadian bald eagle coins. The final two coins are expected to be released in similar numbers.

    As with other national mints, the Royal Canadian Mint does not offer its bullion coins, including those in the Birds of Prey series, directly to the public. Instead, it sells the coins through a network of trusted bullion distributors, including

    While the Birds of Prey coins will be readily available during their years of manufacture (2014 and 2015), it’s expected that, like most limited edition products, they will become more difficult to get in the future. To avoid disappointment, visit today to browse its range of Royal Canadian Mint Birds of Prey silver coins.