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    Australian Silver Lunar Collections at JM Bullion

    Since the Perth Mint introduced the Lunar Series I program in 1996, lunar-themed silver and gold coins have been among the most popular specimens in the world. These collections of Australian Silver Lunar Coins are available in a variety of versions with new designs for each collection. Below, you can find a brief overview of these collections.

    Lunar Series I

    Introduced in 1996 and available until 2007, the Lunar Series I collection marked the debut of this design concept at the Perth Mint. The silver coins featured distinctive designs compared to the gold coins and offered 1 oz silver as the primary option. The Lunar Series I collection was the only one to feature two Year of the Mouse designs as a 1996 coin was issued in the series with a 2008 coin offered as a conclusion to the Lunar Series I range and a separate one to launch Lunar Series II.

    Lunar Series II

    The release of the Lunar Series II brought about the availability of more options in the Perth Mint’s lunar collection. Colorized proofs, gilded coins, and a wider range of proof sets were now available in the Lunar Series II collection. Another major change came in the silver and gold designs. Each of the silver and gold coins still had unique images, but now the silver coins featured two animals from the species in a given design while the gold coins featured just one animal.

    Lunar Series III

    Launched in 2020 and scheduled for release through 2031, the Lunar Series III collection brings even more change to the series. The silver coins are available in a wide range of weights once again that range from 1/2 oz silver, 1 oz silver, 2 oz silver, and 5 oz silver to 10 oz silver, 1 Kilo silver, and 10 Kilo silver. The designs are all-new once again with the same approach to imagery that the Lunar Series II collection offered. A major change in the Lunar Series III collection was the introduction of an all-new platinum bullion coin.

    Design Options

    All of the available Lunar Series from the Perth Mint follow the exact 12-year cycle of the Zodiac. The Chinese lunar calendar always starts with the Year of the Rat and concludes with the Year of the Pig.

    Buying Australian Silver Lunar Coins at JM Bullion

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