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    Certified Australian Silver Coins

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    NGC and PCGS Certified Australian Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    Many investors diversify their portfolio by adding precious metals to the mix. Silver has become one of the most popular valuable metal investments in part due to the fact that buyers can choose from a wide array of products, including silver bullion bars, rounds, and coins.

    Purchasing silver coins can offer an extra layer of value for investors since these products are often also in demand by collectors. Certified Australian silver coins are high-quality options for those interested in adding precious metals to their portfolio.

    History of Australia’s Silver Bullion Coins

    Prior to the opening of the Royal Australia Mint in 1965, silver coins were minted in Australia at one of three branches of The Royal Mint: The Sydney Mint, The Melbourne Mint, or the Perth Mint. The Royal Australian Mint is located in Canberra and is responsible for manufacturing all of the country’s new legal tender coins. The Perth Mint also produces legal tender coins consisting of base metals, as well as precious metals. This includes collectible and investment worthy coins.

    In addition to minting the coins in circulation, the Royal Australian Mint also casts several beautiful collections of silver coins. Perhaps the most widely recognized is the Australian Silver Kangaroo: a legal tender coin made of one troy ounce of silver. The Silver Kangaroo was first introduced in 1993, and unlike most silver bullion coins, the mint changes the coin’s design each year. This may add to the overall value of these silver coins, because they have added worth to various coin collectors due to their limited availability over time.

    Other popular coin series from the RAM include the Silver Crocodile coins, which were first minted in 2013. These limited run silver bullion coins are decorated with engraved names and likenesses of popular crocodiles at the Australia Zoo. The mint strikes about 10,000 of these one-ounce coins each year.

    Investors can also choose from the beautifully crafted Silver Lunar Series and the whimsical Silver Road Signs Series. These silver proof coins come in a variety of sizes, from the massive one-kilogram to the manageable one-ounce coin. Like the Silver Crocodiles, these are also minted in limited quantities, which may add to their overall value over time. The mint also manufactures color-printed coins and bi-metallic coins.

    About the Royal Australian Mint’s Certified Silver Coins

    The Royal Australian Mint only sells certified current-year coins; JM Bullion is pleased to offer both current and previous year certified silver coins graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, an internationally recognized body that assigns quality and condition ratings to the world’s currency coins. NGC is the largest third-party coin grading service in the world; it has evaluated and graded over 30 million coins since its inception in 1987. This Florida-based company has satellite offices in Switzerland, Germany, China, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

    Certified silver coins from Australia are typically available in two types of grades: proof coins and mint-state coins. These coins are blemish-free and have not seen heavy circulation. Investment grade coins should have a numerical grade of 69 or 70, indicating a nearly flawless coin that shows no post-production imperfections even at 5x magnification. Look for the alphabetical prefix of MS for “Mint State,” or PF/PR for “Proof.”

    Investors and collectors often choose coins from the Royal Australian Mint because of the annual design changes and limited mint runs that offer a level of rarity not found in other certified silver coins. Perth Mint silver coins are generally more readily available and carry lower premiums making them desirable to investors.

    Buying Certified Australian Silver Coins

    If you are interested in adding silver coins from the Royal Australian Mint or Perth Mint to your precious metals portfolio, expect to pay a premium over the current silver price. Because many of the coins are struck in very limited quantities and are of value to collectors, as well as investors, particular coins and series are not always available to purchase online.

    Most collectors and investors choose Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint certified silver coins with NGC grades of MS or PF 69-70 to ensure maximum value and appreciation over time. If you are interested in adding certified Australian silver coins to your investment portfolio, we invite you to browse JM Bullion’s wide selection of bullion coins and proof coins from Australia today!