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    Explore All African Silver Coins Available from JM Bullion

    The African continent is a burgeoning source of silver bullion coins. Outside of South Africa and the South African Mint, no other national mint exists that produces sovereign bullion or commemorative coins for other African nations. However, through partnerships with other global mints such as the Scottsdale Mint in the United States and the Bavarian State Mint in Germany, central banks across the continent have authorized the production of a growing number of beautiful silver coin collections. Now, you can learn all about the various African silver coins sold through JM Bullion.

    Somali Silver

    Aside from the South African Gold Krugerrand, the African Wildlife Series Elephant coin is the longest-running collection of African silver. The series launched in 1999 as the Zambia Elephant collection with only a 1 oz silver coin available. Beginning in 2004, the coin was rebranded as the Somalia Elephant and offered 1 oz silver and 1 oz gold options to investors. The collection has taken various steps forward over the years to increase the mintage of the series to match demand and provide more options for investors.

    The most significant change to this series in its history perhaps came in 2016. After years of offering a 1 oz gold, 1 oz silver, and 1 Kilo silver option only, the Bavarian State Mint added 2 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz silver coins to the series, as well as the first-ever fractional-ounce silver coins in the form of 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz silver. The gold series also gained new weights, most notably the unique 1/50 oz gold coin. 2016 also saw the increase in silver purity for the coins from .999 to .9999 pure silver, putting the Somalia Elephant on the same level as the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and the newly introduced Australian Silver Kangaroo.

    Rwandan Silver

    Rwanda is a nation that has a growing profile on the international stage when it comes to silver bullion coins. There are currently three different collections of Rwandan Silver available to investors and collectors. Each one offers its own brilliant designs and while some are long-running, others are planned only as short-term issues for commemorative purposes. The primary silver coin collections available from Rwanda include the following:

    • Rwandan Wildlife: Similar in concept to the African Wildlife Series of Somalia Silver Elephants, the Rwandan Wildlife Series focuses on animal species native to the African continent. Unlike the Somalia Series, however, these coins offer a new animal species design with each release. Launched in 2008, the Rwandan Wildlife Series uses common elements of the Rwandan coat of arms on the obverse each year and an outline of the African continent on the reverse. The reverse field features a new animal species, typically in a family unit, in the lower-left field on the reverse with each new release.
    • Rwandan Lunar Ounce: The 1 oz coins of the Rwandan Lunar Ounce Series started with the Year of the Rooster in 2017. Like other programs of its kind, the designs change each year on the reverse to reflect the animal sign featured on the Zodiac for that date mark. A common theme across this series is the use of a “shattered glass” effect on the background of the reverse field.
    • Rwandan Nautical Ounce: Also offered as a 1 oz silver coin, the Rwandan Nautical Ounce Series celebrates some of the more monumental nautical voyages in human history. For better or worse, these voyages and the ships that carried the individuals on them changed the course of human history around the globe. The reverse of each coin depicts a different ship that carried explorers to newfound corners of the globe, while the obverse bears the Rwandan coat of arms.

    The Rwandan Wildlife Series focuses on the production of silver bullion coins for investors. However, for each design in the Rwandan Lunar Ounce and Rwandan Nautical Ounce Series, you will also find low mintage proof issues available that have more impressive visuals and are packaged individually inside of presentation boxes.

    Republic of Congo Silver

    One of the newer nations to be represented in the silver bullion market on the African continent is the Republic of Congo. Its popular silver bullion series is produced courtesy of the Scottsdale Mint, a private facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. The most prominent series for the Republic of Congo is the Silverback Gorilla collection.

    This series of 1 oz silver coins debuted in 2015 and offers a new image of the Silverback Gorilla each year, while the opposite side of the coin boasts the national coat of arms for the Republic of Congo. The hallmark of this series is the use of new designs for the silverback each year. Notably, the Scottsdale Mint alternates each year in its depiction of the gorilla between the docile, peaceful creature portrayed in documentaries and the aggressive, protective beast it can be when its family troop is threatened.

    Each release year includes a proof-like coin, with most mintages capped at 50,000 coins per date. The specimens are typically housed in individual plastic capsules or inside of sealed skinboards of five coins each. The BU, proof-like coin is not the only option though. This series also comes with colorized proofs each year that boast lower mintages and capture the silverback gorilla in its natural hues. Occasionally, the Scottsdale Mint also produces a 1 Kilo version of the coin.

    Republic of Ghana

    Ghana has issued several series of silver bullion coins, notably the Ghanaian Leopard series. These coins typically feature the image of a leopard, a revered animal in Ghanaian culture and folklore, on the reverse side. The obverse side often bears the national emblem or other national symbols. These coins are usually minted in various weights of silver, such as 1 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz.

    Republic of Chad

    The Republic of Chad Goddess Europa Series features stunning depictions of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology. According to myth, Zeus, the king of the gods, transformed into a white bull to seduce Europa, a Phoenician princess. In this series, Europa is often depicted riding the bull or alongside it, surrounded by intricate designs and symbolism. These coins are typically minted in 1 oz of .999 fine silver and have limited mintages, adding to their appeal among collectors and investors. The series combines classical mythology with modern numismatic artistry, making it a unique addition to any collection.


    The Cameroon Silver Mandrill Series showcases the mandrill, a colorful and charismatic primate found in the rainforests of Central Africa. Mandrills are known for their striking appearance, with vibrant hues of blue, red, and yellow on their faces and rumps. In this series, the mandrill is depicted in various poses and settings, often surrounded by lush vegetation or other elements of its natural habitat. The intricate details and vibrant colors make these coins stand out.

    Like other silver bullion coins from Cameroon, the Mandrill Series typically consists of 1 oz coins struck in .999 fine silver. The limited mintages of these coins contribute to their collectibility and investment potential.

    Certified African Silver

    For many of the popular African Silver Coin Series mentioned above, you will also find Certified African Silver Coins. These are specimens that have been submitted to either the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or the Professional Coin Grading Service for certification. The coins are judged by the condition of the mint luster and strike of the design, as well as the presence or lack of detracting flaws in the designs and background fields.

    Buying African Silver Coins from JM Bullion

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