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    Proof 2 oz Silver Coins

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    Proof 2 oz Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    For numismatists buying silver coins, 2 oz silver coins offer a growing number of options. You’ll find everything from antique specimens and high-relief strikes to shaped, silver coins with colorized visuals. In addition to unique issues such as these, you’ll find proof 2 oz silver coins available from popular collections such as the Australian Brumby and South African Krugerrand.

    Colorized 2 oz Silver

    A popular option among proof 2 oz silver is the use of colorization. The application of colorized lacquers on 2 oz silver coins can be as simple as adding colorization to select portions of a design or colorizing the entire reverse field of a coin.

    Shaped 2 oz Silver

    One of the most popular proof 2 oz silver options is the use of shaped blanks. These products offer the greatest flexibility for mints as new designs do more than change the obverse and reverse of a standard, circular coin blank. Instead, the shape of the intended design is used as the format for the silver blank itself.

    High-Relief 2 oz Silver

    A long-standing tradition in coining is the use of high-relief visuals. By striking proof 2 oz silver coins multiple times under intense pressure in the press, mints can create high-relief visuals that deliver greater visual depth to the field and enhanced 3D relief on the design strike.

    Gilded 2 oz Silver

    Similar to colorization, gilded 2 oz silver coins use selective applications of 24-karat gold to create visual contrast. In most cases, the gilded layer is applied only to select elements to help a primary design aspect stand out against the rest of the silver field.

    Buying Proof 2 oz Silver at JM Bullion

    When you shop proof 2 oz silver coins, JM Bullion customer service is here to help. Please call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly. Don’t forget to visit our Payment Methods page for help getting quick answers to common payment questions.