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    500 Gram Silver Products

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    500 Gram Silver Bar (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

    Any quantity available for $4.49 per oz over spot!

    There are various ways to purchase silver when you are interested in investing or collecting precious metals. You can seek out particular products or buy through random listings that enable you to focus purely on the weight of the products you are purchasing. Now, 500 Gram Silver Bars are available to you for purchase online from JM Bullion in vari... Read More

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    1+ $511.98 $517.31 $533.31

    500 Gram Germania Mint Cast Silver Bar (New)

    As low as $5.09 per oz over spot!

    The Germania Mint is one of the latest private refiners in the world to introduce beautiful silver bars to investors. Refined in Poland, the cast silver bars from the Germania Mint offer a popular expansion on the silver for sale from the mint. Now, 500 Gram Germania Cast Silver Bars are available to you for purchase online from JM B... Read More

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    1-9 $537.71 $543.31 $560.11
    10-49 $529.67 $535.19 $551.74
    50+ $521.65 $527.08 $543.39

    500 Gram Holy Land Mint Cast Silver Bar (New)

    The most well-known collection from The Holy Land Mint is their Dove of Peace series. The Dove of Peace silver bullion created in 2014 was the first Israeli investment product to be produced. Now, this Dove image can be found on silver and gold bars and rounds. The latest product from this well-known mint brings their iconic Dove of Peace to life on a silver cast bar. JM Bullion is happy to offer you the 500 Gram Holy Land Mint Cast Silver Bar. O... Read More

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    1+ $524.80 $530.27 $546.67

    500 Gram Geiger Square Silver Bar (New)

    Any quantity available for $7.89 per oz over spot!

    From the Geiger Original Series, the 500 Gram bar is one of many options investors will find when searching for silver for sale online. These silver bars include .999 pure silver content and the most iconic of designs from Geiger Edelmetalle, which has been serving the silver industry of southeastern Germany for 800 years now. Today,... Read More

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    1+ $566.67 $572.57 $590.28

    2023 500 Gram Antique Gibraltar Silver Lunar Lucky Coin (Box + CoA)

    The Chinese zodiac consists of twelve animals that first appeared in the Zhan Guo period, around the 5th century B.C. They were officially identified during the Han Dynasty, over 2,000 years ago. According to myths the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac were selected through a race and these animals represent the 12 winners. Embrace the lore of the Chinese zodiac with th... Read More

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    1+ $1,564.90 $1,581.20 $1,630.10

    500 Gram Silver Bullion

    When people are thinking of investing, and investing big, the first precious metal that comes to mind is gold. Gold is a great investment, there is no doubt about that, but oftentimes it overshadows an equally wise investment in silver. Silver products come in all shapes and sizes, and can weigh as little as a few grams to as many as 500 and more. 500 gram silver products are incredibly popular among investors and continue to grow in popularity.

    Advantages of 500 Gram Silver Products

    Before ever making a purchase, you may wonder to yourself what exactly the advantage of buying a 500 gram silver product is over a product of different weight. First and foremost, the most basic advantage is that you often see a discount for buying a larger portion of the metal. For example, if a silver bar weighing 20 grams sells for $18, you may see the price of a 500 gram silver bar at $325 or less. If you do the arithmetic, there are very visible monetary advantages to purchasing the larger, 500 gram bar, than multiple 20 gram bars. In this hypothetical example, by purchasing a 500 gram bar you save yourself more than $100.

    As is the case with most any consumer product, buying precious metals in bulk, so to speak, means that the price per unit will be less expensive. In the above example, the price you are paying, per gram, for a larger bar is significantly less than the price you are paying for a smaller bar, or multiple smaller bars.

    Another obvious advantage to purchasing a single 500 gram bar of silver is the fact that it is incredibly easy to store. Being that precious metals are quite valuable, a worry that is unavoidable for investors is how they can safely secure their investment. If we continue the example above, it goes without saying that storing a single 500 gram bar is much easier than any number of smaller denominated bars.

    Though 500 grams may lead one to believe that the bar itself is quite large, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that a 500 gram silver bar can quite easily fit in a pants pocket. No large, heavy-duty safe is needed to secure an investment like this.

    Where They Are Produced

    With so many different companies producing precious metals nowadays, 500 gram silver products can originate from just about anywhere in the world. PAMP Suisse, one of the world’s oldest mints, is known for producing an iconic silver bar featuring the image of the Roman Goddess of Luck, Fortuna. It is true that most investors do not necessarily take aesthetics into consideration, but some make an exception for PAMP Suisse bars.

    In addition to PAMP, there are plenty of other mints who produced similarly-sized silver products. Geiger is a German-based company whose 500 gram silver bars are found almost as often as PAMP’s. Both of the aforementioned mints adhere to the highest quality standards, and that is why they have both existed for many, many decades.

    In today’s world, you will see that most silver bars are produced and weighed in ounces as opposed to grams. For this reason, 500 gram silver products are not as common as you might think. Yes, they are produced by a plethora of companies from all over the world, but we are more readily seeing organizations choosing to conform and produce their metals in terms of ounces.

    Where to Buy 500 Gram Silver Products

    When it comes to actually executing an investment in 500 grams of silver, this can be done in any number of different ways. The most traditional way of purchasing silver bars is to locate your nearest precious metals dealer or pawn shop and see what they have in stock. Depending on where you live, this is a very convenient way to acquire physical metals. For others, however, purchasing from a traditional brick and mortar dealer is something that simply isn’t in the cards. If you live in a rural area, chances are you will not have an abundance of metals dealers to choose from. With that being said, any chance you have of shopping around and comparison shopping goes out the window. What it boils down to is you being stuck paying whatever price your local dealer sets forth.

    In recent years, precious metals dealers online have become a standard. Now, hundreds of dealers exist, each competing for your business. Thanks to this rampant and intense competition, you the consumer have all the tools to secure the best price for any amount of gold or silver. By purchasing precious metals from a trusted dealer online, you will be able to have searched around and compared the price for a similar product across any number of dealers. Another reason behind why purchasing from an online dealer has become so popular in recent history is due to the fact that you do not need to leave your home in order to invest in metals. By executing a purchase online and waiting a few days, your investment will have arrived at your door.

    Poured v. Pressed

    Another distinction you may see made is whether the bar in question was made via poured silver or through a machine press. Poured silver, as its name implies, is made through a process where the molten metal is poured into a cast where it is then cooled.

    Pressed silver is made via precise cuts and allows a batch of silver bars to look identical to one another. Poured silver is something that has been around forever, whereas pressed silver bars are somewhat new. Whether an investor chooses one type of bar over the other is completely up to them as the value of the bar remains more or less consistent whether it is poured or pressed. Some folks like the classic look of a poured bar, while others prefer the uniformity offered by one that has been pressed. Though a 500 gram silver product is a 500 gram silver product no matter its means of production, there are quite a few small differences that affect who purchases them and why they do so.