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    50 Oz Silver Bullion

    When looking for silver products in the 50 ounce range, the only real option is 50 oz silver bars. Due to its larger size and weight, the 50 oz silver bar may be a good option for investors looking to acquire larger amounts of physical silver bullion. While these are not the most popular silver bars on the market today, the 50 oz silver bar does tend to see a steady stream of demand.

    Fifty ounce silver bars come in different varieties, with some bars being extruded and others being poured. Regardless of which type of silver bar you choose, the important thing is that the bar contains 50 troy ounces of .999 percent fine silver.

    Fifty ounce bars may be purchased in recent editions, or one can also look for older silver bars that have been around for some time.

    If and when it comes time to sell your 50 oz silver bars, their value will be primarily determined by the spot silver price. In addition to the current market price of silver, the bars will also have a premium attached to them that varies by bar and dealer.

    Investors that are looking to buy larger quantities of silver bullion may decide that the 50 oz weight makes sense. These bars have a lot of bang for the buck and can potentially offer a substantial per-ounce savings over smaller silver bars. Some of the secondary market silver bars may also potentially provide investors a means of diversifying their silver portfolios with aged bars that may even have a degree of collectable value.


    The 50 oz silver bar is likely purchased by more serious investors who are looking to get their hands on as many ounces of silver bullion as possible. One possible downside of a larger bar like this, however, is the fact that it may be more difficult to dollar cost average since you are buying more ounces of silver at a time. Of course, if you have a very large budget then you can continue to buy 50 oz silver bars regularly and still try to take advantage of any price dips.


    Like smaller silver bars, the 50 oz weight can be stored at home or even in safe deposit boxes. If storing at home, proper precautions should be taken. A safe may potentially provide added security and it may be wise to keep your silver bars hidden or in a secure location. With 50 oz silver bars, depository storage may also be a good option.


    The 50 oz silver bar can be a little more difficult to come by. These bars are carried by some online precious metals, however, their selections may be quite limited and only one or two types of bars may be available. Another way to potentially acquire 50 oz silver bars is to look for secondary market silver bars. In addition to metals dealers, these bars may be found for sale on places like eBay and in pawn or coin shops.

    While the 50 oz silver bar may be a little too much for some silver investors, for those with the means to acquire theses silver bars it can be a great way to save money over the long-run.