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    Silver Minted in the United States

    Silver Bullion Minted in the United States

    When people think of silver-rich parts of the world, the first regions that typically come to mind are Central and South America. Throughout the storied histories of these parts of the world, silver has been a constant export that has made its way to all parts of the world. With all that being said, you may understand why it is so difficult for people to believe that the United States of America not only mines silver, but produces it into the bars, coins, and rounds we know so well.

    United States silver is, in fact, some of the most popular in the world as it is produced by some of the most storied and respected companies in the precious metals industry. Alaska and Nevada, two states that are known for not much other than cold weather and gambling respectively, are actually the most silver-rich areas of the United States. Idaho also plays host to a large amount of the metal. It may be news to you, but the US is silver-rich and has been for quite some time.

    Advantages of US Silver

    One of the biggest and most obvious advantages to buying silver mined and produced in the United States is the fact that it does not carry the premiums you often find on silver coming from foreign nations. If the silver is mined in Nevada and produced in the same state, it logically follows that it can be sold for a lesser price than a similarly-sized silver product produced overseas and imported into the United States. Mints like Sunshine and SilverTowne produce their products within the borders of the US and often offer competitive prices.

    Another advantage of buying silver from the United States is the fact that it can be trusted. The fact of the matter is that counterfeiting is only becoming a more and more prevalent practice. With so many counterfeiters from so many different regions of the world, it becomes tricky determining whether or not the bar you just purchased can be trusted as being 100% pure silver. Companies like Sunshine take the extra step when it comes to protecting against counterfeits by installing counterfeit protection on each and every one of their products. These small, seemingly unnoticeable aspects of the bars help the owner assure themselves that the silver they purchased is authentic. While US companies are not the only ones to employ anti-counterfeit technology, they are on the leading edge of said practice.

    Who Produces US Silver Products

    As was mentioned above, Sunshine is one of the most well-known producers of US silver. Making bars and rounds in any number of styles and sizes, they have a collection of products that is quite difficult to compare. Sunshine has been located in Idaho since they were founded and produces a wide array of products ranging from 5 oz silver bars, to 100 ounce silver bars, and a large quantity of different rounds.

    SilverTowne is another US producer of silver products that was founded prior to 1950. This company, in addition to producing silver bars, creates silver products of all shapes and sizes. From medallions, to coins, and even pendants, SilverTowne really does do it all. Something else people love about this particular mint is the fact that it is still, after all these years, a family operation. The United States was built on “mom and pop” operations, and Silvertowne is an exemplary testament to that.

    A-Mark is another producer and seller of precious metals that has now been around for more than 50 years. The company has had its foot in the precious metals industry for quite some time, and specializes in producing silver bars of all sizes. Some of A-Mark’s silver rounds are also popular thanks to their evocative imagery and fine production quality.

    There are other companies who produce silver products in the United States, but the three aforementioned organizations are some of the most top-notch and well-respected.

    Types of US Silver Products

    When you hear the term “silver products,” the first thing that typically comes to mind is silver bars. While there are plenty of those produced by US companies, plenty of other, lesser known silver products exists as well. Rounds, for example, are pieces of silver meant to replicate a coin, with the only difference being that a round is not sanctioned by any government and does not carry any sort of ‘face value.”

    A-Mark’s 1 oz Liberty Silver round is a beautiful piece of work that celebrates the storied Liberty Bell. It looks identical to most silver coins, but does not carry value as legal tender.
    Another interesting silver product comes from the Texas-based company NTR, or North Texas Refinery. This company has latched on to America’s love of hunting and outdoors sports by producing silver bullion bullets. Though the bullets are not intended to be fired from any gun, they intrigue any investor who might also fancy themselves a hunter or marksman.

    Finally, the US Mint is known for producing some of the finest silver coins in the world. This mint has been around since the earliest days of the United States and has been producing the coinage of the country ever since. Silver coins of all sizes roll off the presses of the US Mint annually and attract the attention of collectors and investors not only from the United States, but from around the world as well. The extreme attention to detail found in the design on most every US Mint silver coin is something that one cannot help but marvel at.

    The United States may not have made a name for itself throughout history as a supplier of silver, but it very much produces some of the world’s finest silver products today. Not only are there are a lot of products coming from the United States, but a lot of variety as well seeing as you can buy anything from silver bars, to coins, bullets, pendants, and just about anything else.