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    NTR Silver Bars

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    NTR Silver Bullion Bars

    NTR is a well-known and trusted bullion mint and wholesaler with locations around the world. Besides making a market for all sorts of precious metal products, NTR also mints their own line of gold and silver bullion. We offer several of the NTR silver bars, including 10 oz, 10 oz Dragons, and 100 oz bars.

    All of our NTR Metals silver bars are .999 fine silver, measured in troy ounces, and ship brand new, sealed in plastic. NTR stands for North Texas Refining. They are known for their high quality silver products, though the mint also products gold products, as well. Ranging from basic designs to commemorative issues, NTR has become significantly more popular in recent years.

    With locations spread across the United States, NTR is one of a handful of mints that produces their bullion products here in the USA. A well respected provider of bullion products, we are proud to offer NTR silver bars.