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    Heraeus Silver Bars

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    Heraeus Silver Bullion Bars

    Heraeus is one of the most well-respected names in all of the precious metals industry, and with their high production quality and dedication to the satisfaction of their end customers, it is easy to see why. They have been located in the heart of Europe for over 150 years and throughout the duration of their existence have made the precious metals industry their absolute top priority.

    Our Heraeus silver bars come in a variety of different sizes with each bar having more or less the same design. Every Heraeus bar has both the Heraeus name and mintmark present on the front, coupled with the weight and .999 purity indication.

    About Heraeus

    Heraeus was founded in Hanau, Germany back in 1851 by Wilhelm Carl Heraeus. Heraeus originally took over his father's storied apothecary, but due to his background in chemistry realized his fame by formulating the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way of melting platinum in order for it to be turned into pure platinum. From then on, the Heraeus' company footprint has expanded to include the production of precious metals such as gold, silver, and palladium.

    Heraeus operates with the end goal of producing precious metals for investment purposes. What started out as a pharmacy that was first in business in the 17th century turned into one of the largest producers of precious metals in the world. They employ over 13,000 people and have locations and offices located all around the world, though their headquarters is still in the town of Hanau where the company was founded.

    Silver Bar Sizes

    Heraeus silver bars can be found ranging in size from small to fairly large with the 1 ounce variety likely being the most popular. As far as overall production is concerned, the 1 oz Heraeus silver bar is the smallest bar they produce. The largest silver bar weighs a whopping 15,000 grams, or just shy of 530 ounces.

    The design of Heraeus silver bars is fairly generic and in line with many other silver bars on the market today. The front side of the bar boasts the Heraeus company name and mintmark, 1 troy ounce indication, as well as the purity of .999.  Heraeus silver bars have a lustrous finish as opposed to many of the matte silver bars which have been surfacing more recently.