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    GSM Silver Bars

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    GSM Silver Bullion Bars

    GSM, also know as Golden State Mint, was founded back in 1974 by Jim Pavlakos. They pride themselves in the production of some of the best, highest quality bullion in the entire precious metals industry and time and time again they meet and subsequently exceed their customers' expectations.

    Our GSM silver bars come in a variety of different sizes with each bar having more or less the same design. Every GSM bar has both the GSM name and mintmark present on the front, coupled with the weight and .999 purity indication.

    About GSM

    Golden State Mint was started back in 1974 by Jim Pavlakos who was later joined by his son, Andrew. Their main line of business revolves around the production of silver rounds for retail sale, as well as the supplying of silver rounds for other coin companies and mints.

    Like many other bullion companies, however, GSM also produces silver bars for investment purposes. At first, GSM merely dipped their toes in the production of silver bars, having only a 1 ounce variety on the market, but in more recent years they have expanded into larger bars as to suit the needs of a wider variety of investors. Their mint is able to create generic, as well as custom silver bullion products, part of the reason why they are able to successfully serve such a broad audience.

    Silver Bar Sizes

    GSM silver bars are available primarily in smaller to medium weights with their 1 ounce silver bar being arguably their most popular. Other available sizes of GSM silver bars are 5 and 10 ounces which has opened the GSM silver bar brand to a  broader range of investors.

    GSM silver bars are fairly generic in their design, but if you want to purchase from one of the most respected mints in North America, there are few other companies that can compete with the prestige GSM boasts.