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    Atlantis Mint Silver Bars

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    Atlantis Mint Silver Bullion Bars

    The number of private mints in the United States has jumped sharply in recent years, with many opening their doors in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Market volatility and rising prices for precious metals spurned growth in the precious metals industry, as well as intense competition among the private mints to produce silver rounds and bars that would attract the attention of investors and collectors.

    One of the more unique private mints operating in the United States at the moment is the Atlantis Mint. A number of hand-poured silver bars from the refiners at the Atlantis Mint are available right now from JM Bullion.

    Poured vs. Pressed/Minted Bars

    As the competition heats up between varying private mints looking to increase their profile in the precious metal industry, many refineries are turning to hand-poured production techniques to produce silver bars and rounds that are high in aesthetic appeal. The nature of production for hand-poured bars results in products that have unique and distinct characteristics, even within the same product lineup.

    Refineries, such as the Atlantis Mint, produce hand-poured silver bars by melting silver down into a molten material and pouring it into molds or casts. These casts are often left exposed to the air to cool over time, while some are poured into water for rapid cooling. Once the silver bar has cooled, it is weighed and graded to certify its weight and purity. Most mints issue individual serial numbers to their products.

    Atlantis Mint Hand-Poured Silver Bars

    The Atlantis Mint produces a wide variety of hand-poured silver bars, ranging in weight from 5 Grams to 10 oz. Every bar produced by Atlantis Mint is refined using hand-poured techniques, and includes a minimum fineness of .999 pure silver. The Atlantis Mint does not produce any silver bars using pressed/minted techniques. All of its products are struck with hand-poured, traditional techniques.

    The most common bar from the Atlantis Mint is the skull & crossbones design, which is available in a variety of weights. Among its most unique products is the Alien Skull silver bar, as well as a Pirate silver bar.

    Atlantis Mint Skull & Crossbones Silver Bar

    The Skull & Crossbones silver bars from the Atlantis Mint all share design features, but the exact appearance differs from the smaller bars to the larger bars based upon the total weight and available space to stamp markings onto the surface of the individual bars. The Atlantis Mint Skull & Crossbones Silver Bars are available in the following weights:

    • 5 Grams
    • 10 Grams
    • ½ oz
    • 1 oz
    • 2 oz
    • 5 oz
    • 10 oz

    On the obverse face of each bar are the common design features found on all Skull & Crossbones bars. The bar’s weight (stamped Two Troy Oz., for example) is featured first, with the metal content and purity included below. At the bottom of the bar is the signature Skull & Crossbones design found on the famous Jolly Roger pirate flag.

    Here is where the differences come in to play on the different sizes. The two largest sizes, the 5 oz and 10 oz bars, feature three skull & crossbones engraved along the bottom of the bar. In each grouping of three, the middle design is slightly larger than the outer two. The 1 oz and 2 oz bars have three of the skull & crossbones stamped into the surface, but they are all of uniform size. Meanwhile, the ½ oz and 10 Gram bars feature just two designs, with the 5 Gram bar displaying only one skull and crossbones, which is a more rustic depiction than the other bars.

    All of these stampings are featured on the obverse side of the bar, and all are arranged in a vertical order. The weight is always listed at the top, and the engravings are featured as mentioned above in descending order down the length of the bar.

    Atlantis Mint Alien Skull Silver Bar

    One of the most unique products from the Atlantis Mint is the Alien Skull Silver Bar. Struck only in a ½ troy oz weight, these bars are unique in that they take the actual shape of an alien skull. Rather than using a rectangular or square cast, the Atlantis Mint developed a cast in the shape of an alien skull.

    As a result, this is one of the few bars from the Atlantis Mint that lacks markings of any kind to identify the weight, purity, or metal content of the product. On the obverse face is the impression of an alien skull, with deep eye sockets and an eerie mouth visible on the 3D depiction of the skull. The reverse side of the bar features a deeply-mirrored finish.

    Atlantis Mint Pirate Silver Bar

    In keeping with the mint’s theme of pirate treasures, one of its more popular products is the 5 oz Atlantis Mint Pirate Hand Poured Silver Bar. This just happens to be one of the more intricately designed products from the Atlantis Mint as well, with the famous logo from the Jolly Roger clearly visible on the obverse face of the bar.

    In the center of the 5 oz Silver Bar is the image of a human skull, complete with an eerie smile on its face. A pair of pirate swords cross behind the skulls head, while a banner ribbon stretches up and around from left to right. On the left-hand side, the banner reads “5 Troy Oz,” while the “AM” mint mark of the Atlantis Mint is featured on either side of the skull as “A” and “M.” The right-hand side of the banner reads “.999 Silver.”

    About the Atlantis Mint

    The Atlantis Mint is a privately-owned facility operating in the United States. The refinery’s hand-poured approach to production allows it to produce and sell some of the highest quality bullion products at the lowest possible prices. Atlantis Mint specializes in the production of silver rounds and bars, and its full range of products are available in weights from as small as 1 Gram to as large as 100 troy ounces.

    Purchasing Atlantis Mint Silver Bars from JM Bullion

    JM Bullion is proud to accept a variety of payment methods for your purchase of Atlantis Mint Silver Bars. We accept major credit/debit cards, with the exception of American Express. All credit/debit card payments take an average of one business day to process. Paper checks are accepted, with a four to six business day processing time. PayPal and bank wire transfers clear immediately. Those paying with paper check or bank wire transfer enjoy a 4% discount on the total purchase price.

    We also offer free standard shipping and insurance on all products from JM Bullion. You can request expedited shipping on your purchase at an additional fee. The United States Postal Service and UPS deliver all JM Bullion products, each of which is packaged in discreet boxes to protect the identity of your investment. In the event any packages are lost or stolen, we’ll work to provide you with a replacement product or refund your full purchase price.

    JM Bullion is dedicated to a fluid shopping experience. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to reach out to us. Our associates are available on the phone at 800-276-6508, online using our live web chat feature, or via email.