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    JM Bullion Lunar Series

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    1 oz Year of the Rabbit Silver Round (New)
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    JM Bullion Silver Lunar Series

    For those who enjoy collecting lunar-themed silver bullion, JM Bullion now has a unique series available to you with distinctive designs celebrating the 12 animals of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. These designs offer a fresh take on each animal that are not found on other programs at sovereign and private mints. This exciting collection offers you an opportunity to collect lunar silver in 1 oz and 10 oz options.

    2022 Year of the Tiger

    For 2022, the Year of the Tiger rolls around on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. In the JM Bullion Lunar Series, you will find a depiction of the tiger that showcases the raw power and physical stature of the beast. Available on two different silver bullion products, the design shows the full frame of the Panthera tigris, or tiger, in left-profile relief. The muscular frame of the tiger sticks close to the ground as it stalks its unseen prey. We may not see it, but you can tell by the focused look in its eye that the tiger has its target in its sights and is moving in for the kill.

    2023 Year of the Rabbit

    In 2023, the Year of the Rabbit is celebrated on the Chinese Lunar Calendar with a new design in the Lunar Series silver program. This new depiction shows a rabbit in full sprint as it runs toward you within the design field. 2023 marks the return of the Water Rabbit, its first appearance in the Chinese lunar calendar since 1963. This new design will feature on our 1 oz silver rounds, as well as a 10 oz silver bar.

    Common Reverse Visuals

    Across each design that appears in this lunar series, you will find a common design element on the reverse side of the products released. The series features 10 oz silver bars and 1 oz silver rounds. All silver bars will have the same reverse design. This side offers a repeating pattern of Chinese symbols. The silver rounds will also have a unique design shared across all 1 oz rounds, but it does vary slightly from the silver bar design. The reverse of the round features an ornamental border design with a Chinese symbol at the center of the field that includes the unique Chinese written character for each of the animals of the Zodiac. For example, the Year of the Tiger release features the written character for the tiger at the very center of the round.

    Release Options

    As mentioned above, this new Silver Lunar Series comes with two options for investors. Both products feature .999 pure silver content. The 10 oz silver bars are available individually in sealed plastic or in boxes of 50 silver bars. The 1 oz silver rounds come with plastic flips for individual rounds, tubes of 20, or boxes of 500 rounds.

    Background on the Chinese Lunar Calendar

    The Chinese Lunar Calendar follows a 12-year cycle that always starts with the Year of the Mouse and ends with the Year of the Pig. Once the cycle reaches the end of the Year of the Pig, it resets to the beginning with the Year of the Mouse. As such, each animal appears on the calendar every 12th year. The animals were assigned their positions in the Zodiac based on the results of the Great Race.

    After the Jade Emperor called a meeting of the animals of the world, the creatures that responded raced to be the first to meet the Emperor. In total, 12 animals arrived, with the mouse getting to the meeting just ahead of the ox. As a result, the mouse is first in the cycle, followed by the ox, tiger, and so on. Those born under the sign of each individual animal are said to inherit characteristics and traits associated with those animals in Chinese culture.

    Start Your JM Bullion Lunar Series Collection Now!

    If you have any questions about the silver bars and rounds in the JM Bullion Lunar Series, please feel free to ask. Our customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. For quick answers to common payment-related questions, please feel free to visit our Payment Methods page or simply reach out to our customer service team.