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    Scottsdale Patriotic Silver Bars

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    Showcase Your Patriotism with Scottsdale Silver!

    Just in time for summer and the 4th of July, Scottsdale Mint has released a collection of impressive 1 oz silver bars with colorized designs celebrating the United States of America. From the iconic American bald eagle to the mighty George Washington, this collection offers stirring designs that will arouse your patriotism and put some red, white, and blue in your silver holdings.

    Collection Details

    Each silver bar in this series features a riveting, colorized design on the obverse side. Scottsdale strikes each bar with .999 pure silver content and offers a sealed capsule for each individual item you purchase. The bars have a shared reverse design that is set in portrait orientation. This design shows half the face of the Scottsdale Lion, the logo for the mint. The name of the mint is engraved on this side, as well as the identifying hallmarks.

    George Washington

    The new Scottsdale Patriotic Series features two designs honoring George Washington, the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and the first President of the United States of America. One design offers a modern portrait of the nation’s first leader, while the other captures his iconic crossing of the Delaware River during the American Revolution.

    One could argue that no figure in American history has proven more important to the nation than Washington. He holds a unique and revered position in American history as the nation’s first president and a key founding father. His leadership during the Revolutionary War and his role in shaping the early republic earned him the title “Father of His Country.” Washington’s decision to step down after two terms as president set a precedent for peaceful transitions of power and helped establish the democratic principles that would guide the nation. His commitment to unity, impartiality, and civic virtue continue to influence American political ideals.

    American Bald Eagle

    Several designs in this collection celebrate the importance of the American bald eagle. From realistic designs to more artistically creative visuals, the bald eagle is a central part of this collection.

    Few symbols are as recognized and revered in the United States as the bald eagle. The bald eagle serves as a powerful symbol of the United States, representing freedom, strength, and independence. Chosen as the national emblem in 1782, the majestic bird embodies the spirit and ideals of the nation. Its keen vision, fierce determination, and soaring flight are seen as metaphors for American aspirations and values. The eagle’s image appears on official seals, currency, and government buildings, reinforcing its status as an iconic representation of American identity.

    Revolutionary Spirit

    As America approaches its 250th birthday in 2026, the spirit of the American Revolution remains alive and strong in the United States. One particular design in this collection showcases the continued need for unity with the Join or Die design. Rooted in the French-Indian War of the 1750s, this design gained renewed interest during the American Revolution.

    The phrase “Join or Die” has its roots in the pre-Revolutionary period of American history. It was first used by Benjamin Franklin in a political cartoon published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754. The image depicted a snake cut into eight segments, each representing a colony or region, with the caption “Join, or Die” below. Initially created to rally the colonies to unite against French expansion during the French and Indian War, the slogan and image later became a powerful symbol of colonial unity during the American Revolution. The severed snake imagery implied that unless the colonies joined together, they would perish individually.

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