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    Grab a Piece of Ancient Egypt with new Republic of Chad Queen Nefertiti Silver Coin

    Posted on October 13, 2017

    Among the many popular trends in the precious metals industry right now is the development of ancient-themed coinage. By this, we mean there are mints striking coins in the 21st century that have all the look and feel of ancient currency. The Scottsdale Mint has been leading the charge in this area in many respects, previously releasing a 2 oz silver coin with Ancient Egyptian designs featured on a blank that has ancient appeal.

    Now, the 2017 5 oz Republic of Chad Egyptian Relic Series Queen Nefertiti Silver Coin is available to investors and collectors alike. The coins feature brilliant designs, a stunning antique finish, and other features not found on your average coin. With a limited mintage and .999 pure silver content, the new Republic of Chad Queen Nefertiti Silver Coin is a must-have item for your collection! Learn all about this latest release from Scottsdale Mint in this post.

    Republic of Chad Queen Nefertiti Silver Coin

    The release of the Queen Nefertiti Silver Coin comes from the Egyptian Relic Series from Scottsdale Mint. Coins in this collection feature antique finishes, chiseled edges, and incuse engravings that give each coin in the series a truly unique appeal. Highlights of the Queen Nefertiti release include:

    • Coins arrive inside of individual gift boxes with Egyptian hieroglyphs on the outside setting the theme for the series.
    • Limited mintage of only 30,000 coins!
    • Contains 5 Troy oz of .999 pure silver in BU condition.
    • Face value of 3,000 Francs (CFA) is fully backed by Chad’s government.
    • Queen Nefertiti graces the obverse in right-profile relief.
    • National crest of the Republic of Chad on the reverse.

    Each coin in this series has an incuse design, which sets the coins apart from many other options available today. Incuse designs are sunk into the surface of the coin, rather than etched onto the surface with 3D relief like many other coin designs. Beyond the use of the incuse engraving, these coins have an old-school look courtesy of the hand-brushed antique finish. Generally speaking, an antique finish goes beyond visibly aging a coin to deliver warm, subtle hues to its visual appearance. More importantly, antique finishes can help accentuate the intricate details in any design.

    Yet another unique feature of these coins is the use of a chiseled edge to the blanks. Each of these 5 oz coins looks as though it was carved right out of the side of an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Of course, the coins are in BU condition so you know they weren’t actually roughly carved out of anything! A coin in BU condition has no signs of wear and tear, but minor flaws are a possibility. These include breaks in the luster, spotted surfaces, and contact marks as a result of the normal coining process.

    The Design of the Queen Nefertiti Silver Coin

    On the obverse side of the 2017 5 oz Republic of Chad Egyptian Relic Series Queen Nefertiti Silver coin is the right-profile portrait of Nefertiti. Her figure dominates the obverse design field, taking up most of the surface area. The background field has a collection of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    Nefertiti was known as the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. Given the thousands of years between her birth and the modern era, the best estimates on her lifespan range from a birth around 1370 BC and her death around 1330 BC. Her parents are unknown, with most of the previous guesses to her lineage proven wrong over time. Likewise, her death is shrouded in mystery. The most likely causes of death, according to scholars, include a sudden natural death or sudden death as the result of a plague sweeping through the political capital of Ancient Egypt during Akhenaten’s rule.

    What is known about Nefertiti is the splendor of Egypt during the 18th dynasty under her husband’s rule. Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti are said to have ruled over one of, if not them most, economically prosperous periods for Ancient Egypt. Further, the pair led a religious revolution unlike anything seen before in Egypt. Rather than worshipping a variety of gods, Akhenaten and Nefertiti worshipped just one god.

    The reverse of the Republic of Chad Egyptian Relic Series Queen Nefertiti coin features the design of the nation’s official crest. The crest is flanked on either side by a lion (right) and a goat (left). The engraving of the nation’s name is in French and reads “Republique du Tchad.” Other engravings on this face of the coin include the weight, year of issue, purity, metal content, and face value of the coin.

    About Republic of Chad

    The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country located in north-central Africa. It is bordered to the north by Libya, to the east by Sudan, to the south by the Central African Republic, and shares a western border with the nations of Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. In terms of size, the Republic of Chad is the fifth largest country in Africa. There is a history of human occupation in the Chadian basin of Africa that dates back to the 7th millennium BCE, with the region hosting a series of states/empires by the 1st millennium AD that rose and fell with control of the vital trans-Saharan trade routes in the area.

    Scottsdale Mint

    The private American minting operation in Scottsdale, Arizona has one of the most impressive lineups of silver bullion coins for foreign nations. Scottsdale Mint works with various African nations, including the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Recently, Scottsdale Mint has expanded its dealings with foreign reserve banks to include silver coins for nations such as Fiji, Barbados, and the Cayman Islands. All products at Scottsdale Mint are refined using environmentally responsible production processes, and even the silver and gold used in its products comes from recycled sources whenever possible.

    Get Your Queen Nefertiti Silver Coin from JM Bullion

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