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    Osborne Precious Metals Bullion

    The variety and diversity of silver precious metal products available on the market today is growing exponentially. Mints and refineries that previously kept low profiles in the industry are ramping up production to answer the increasing demand for silver precious metal products. Among the many mints answering the call from investors and collectors for high quality, .999 purity or greater silver products is Osborne Precious Metals.

    Located in the state of Ohio, Osborne Precious Metals has one of the richest histories in the United States. In 2016, the mint sent a number of impressive silver rounds to the market with brilliant designs, limited mintages, and .999 pure silver; all the factors necessary to drive both investors and collectors crazy in the pursuit of silver precious metals. Below you’ll find more information on the two popular product lineups from Osborne Precious Metals that JM Bullion currently offers.

    The Antique Norse God Silver Rounds

    Available in both 1 oz and 5 oz weights, the Antique Norse God Series of silver rounds from Osborne Precious Metals is a collaborative effort between the mint and Anonymous Mint. The series features five designs in total, each used twice on a 1 oz antique round and a separate 5 oz antique round. The program was developed by Coin Creator Julie Lindquist, with 3D sculptures from Italian Master Sculptor Luigi Badia. All of the designs are based upon the artwork of Howard David Johnson.

    Each of the rounds in this Norse God Silver Series features one of the five main gods or goddesses of Norse mythology. All of the rounds have a distinct antique finish that adds subtle depth to the design and enhances the overall appearance with a warm visual appeal. The designs included in this series include the following:

    • Odin: On the obverse side of each 1 oz Antique Norse God Series Odin Silver Round you’ll find the image of Odin as he sits upon his throne flanked by many of his common animal companions from Norse mythology. These creatures include his wolves Geri and Freki. Engravings identify Odin and his status as “The All-Father.”
    • Thor: On the obverse of the 1 oz Antique Norse Gods Series Thor Silver Round is the imposing image of the God of Thunder. Thor presides over the wind, rain, fair weather, thunder, lightning, and agricultural crops, and he is the son of Odin and the giantess Fjorgyn. Critical to the design is his powerful hammer held out, which is known as Mjolnir.
    • Hel: On the obverse of the 1 oz Antique Norse God Series Hel Silver Round is the image of Hel, hauntingly surrounded by the dead of the underworld. She is depicted on the round sitting upon her thrown with a sullen, hollow look on her face.
    • Freya: On the obverse is the image of Freya created by renowned artist Howard David Johnson. His depiction of the Goddess of Love shows Freya riding in her chariot pulled by two cats. Freya, though holding the position as Goddess of Love, oversees love, beauty, sexuality, fertility, gold, war and death. Half of those who die in war are received by Freya, with the other half going to Odin.
    • Loki: On the obverse of these rounds you’ll find the image of Loki, the shape-shifting Norse god. Depending upon the sources you read, Loki would occasionally assist the other Norse gods, or he would use his shape shifting ability to maliciously disrupt the endeavors of the other gods. He is the father of Hel, Goddess of Death, as well as many other Norse characters.

    On the reverse of each of the Antique Norse God Silver Rounds you’ll find the same image, that of a Valkyrie. The Valkyrie were warrior maidens hand-chosen by Odin, Father of the Gods, and were tasked with riding their steeds in the skies above the battlefields of mankind. The Valkyrie would choose who lived and died, bringing the dead to either the hall of Valhalla and Odin’s company, Freya’s hall, or sending them to the underworld to suffer for eternity in Hel’s realm.

    Each round in this series had a maximum mintage of just 2,000 rounds and ships in a display box that includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    Silver Hobo Nickel Rounds

    One of the most unique product offerings from Osborne Precious Metals is the Silver Hobo Nickel Round Series from Spanish master artisan Paolo Curcio, better known among carvers around the world as Mr. The. His designs revive the folk art of hobos traveling the rails and backroads of America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    The planned 5-round series features a variety of versions with each new release. For every round released in the series, Osborne Precious Metals struck a 1 oz Proof Hobo Nickel, 1 oz Antique Hobo Nickel, and a 5 oz Antique Hobo Nickel. Many of his designs are based upon historic US coin designs. All of the silver rounds are shipped in individual plastic capsules and include a Certificate of Authenticity. Edge lettering is included to identify the individual serial number of each round, with mintage figures as follows for each version:

    • 1 oz Proof: 10,000 maximum mintage.
    • 1 oz Antique: 1,000 maximum mintage.
    • 5 oz Antique: 1,000 maximum mintage.

    For the first release in the 2016 Hobo Nickel Silver Round Series, Osborne Precious Metals struck Mr. The’s rendition of the Buffalo Nickel from James Earle Fraser. Below is information on all three rounds available currently:

    • Fisherman Hobo Nickel: On the obverse face of the round you’ll find the image of a Hobo fisherman, captured in a similar right-profile relief as Fraser’s original Native American. The word “Liberty” is engraved in the same position as the original nickel, and a random year of issue of “1937” is engraved in the same position as Fraser’s nickel. The reverse features an equally unique take on Fraser’s design, with the back humps of a buffalo forming a distant mountain range on the opposite shore of a lake. In the foreground, a hobo fisherman is visible fishing from a rickety dock. Engravings include “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “Five Cents,” even though these rounds have no face value.
    • Train Hobo Nickel: The reverse face of these popular new silver rounds features the image of a lone hobo walking along with his knapsack in tow. In an intriguing twist on the Buffalo Nickel design, when the Hobo and his walking stick are viewed horizontally rather than vertically, you’ll see an image vaguely reminiscent of the Buffalo’s hump from the original Buffalo Nickel. Engravings include “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and the original coin’s face value of “Five Cents.” On the obverse of these 1 oz. Proof Train Hobo Nickel Silver Rounds you’ll find the image of a powerful steam locomotive as it rumbles down the tracks, its smoke stack bellowing out steam and smoke. The image is encircled by wooden railway ties, the word “Liberty,” and a year of issue as “1913.”
    • Skulls and Scrolls Hobo Nickel: The obverse face of the coin is the right-profile of a skeletal figure, which imitates the Indian Head design from James Earle Fraser’s popular Buffalo Nickel. It includes engravings of the word “Liberty” and a year of issue as 1936, one of the last years the Buffalo Nickel was in circulation. On the reverse side of the 1 oz Proof Skull and Scrolls Hobo Nickel Silver Round is the image of Mr. The’s walking hobo from the second design in the series. In this case however, the hobo has skeletal features only on his visible facial area and his hand gripping the walking stick. Engravings include “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “Five Cents.”

    Frank Frazetta Legacy Collection

    One of the United States’ most recognizable science fiction and fantasy artists, Frank Frazetta created a variety of artworks for mediums ranging from comic books to the cover of fantasy novels. In early 2016, Osborne Precious Metals struck and released two different designs across six product offerings. The two designs represented Frazetta’s most famous works. Each was recreated painstakingly by Italian sculptor Luigi Badia and authorized for creation by Frank Frazetta Jr.

    First up was the Silver Warrior design. The Silver Warrior was Frank’s first, and most popular, major design. It was used as the cover art for the paperback release of the “Conan the Barbarian” adventure tale. His design not only catapulted his career to new heights, it also changed the face of the sword and sorcery genre. The Silver Warrior was available in a 1 oz Antique Silver Proof, 1 oz Silver Proof, and 5 oz Silver Proof Round. Mintage for each was set at:

    • 1,000 rounds for the 1 oz Antique.
    • 2,000 rounds for the 5 oz Proof.
    • 10,000 rounds for the 1 oz Proof.

    The obverse side of each silver round features the imposing Silver Warrior. The massive, muscular warrior is shown riding his sled, holding a gigantic sword in one hand and the reins of the team of bears driving the sled in the other. On the reverse side of the Frank Frazetta Legacy Collection Silver Warrior Round is a depiction of Frazetta. The younger portrait of Frazetta is accompanied by engravings of his full name, birth year, and death year. His son Frank Jr.’s Seal of Authenticity is also included on this face.

    In the second release, Osborne Precious Metals celebrated another of Frazetta’s iconic designs. This particular design has experienced widespread use over the years. The Death Dealer design was created in 1973. It originally appeared on the album cover of Molly Hatchet’s first record release, and has since appeared on various posters, art works, and even the logo of the US Army’s III Corps.

    The round featured the same availability, with a 1 oz Antique Silver, 1 oz Silver Proof, and 5 oz Silver Proof round. Mintages across the three options were the same:

    • 1,000 rounds for the 1 oz Antique.
    • 2,000 rounds for the 5 oz Proof.
    • 10,000 rounds for the 1 oz Proof.

    On the obverse of these rounds you’ll find Luigi Badia’s recreation of Frazetta’s original Death Dealer. The fearsome iron-clad warrior is depicted on horseback, wearing a horned helmet that obscures his face, holding a long shield in his left hand, and wielding a blood-covered axe in his right hand.  The reverse of each Silver Proof Frank Frazetta Legacy Collection Death Dealer Round features a portrait of a younger Frank Frazetta, as well as engravings of his name, birth year, and death year.

    Rounds from each of the designs in the Frank Frazetta Legacy Collection arrived in plastic capsules and featured a Certificate of Authenticity. Each of the rounds also had unique edge lettering that featured an individual serial number to coincide with the number featured on the Certificate of Authenticity.

    Silverbug Silver Round Series

    The latest offering from Osborne Precious Metals features the newest entry in the Silverbug Silver Fairy Round Series. Originally produced by the North American Mint, the third release of a fairy design shifted to Osborne Precious Metals in 2016 with the release of the Alyx the Fairy Round. Available in 1 oz.Proof Silver, 1 oz Antique Silver, and 5 oz Proof Silver, the all-new Alyx design capitalizes on the popularity of silver and the Silverbug Reddit community.

    Silverbug Silver Fairy Rounds represent the original design concepts from the online community. The rounds launched in 2014 with the Ariana design, and expanded last year in 2015 with the Silver Archer. The imagery on the 1 oz Proof Silverbug Alyx the Fairy Silver Round was inspired by members of the Reddit Silverbug community, and brought to life by two famed artists. Legendary science-fiction and fantasy artist Steve Ferris created the Alyx design unsed on the obverse, with Italian sculptor Luigi Badia sculpting both the obverse and reverse designs for the round.

    Each of the silver rounds contains .999 pure silver, ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, and arrives sealed in a protective AirTite brand plastic capsule. The mintage for each version of the rounds differs, with the following numbers:

    • 1,000 rounds in 5 oz Proof.
    • 2,500 rounds in 1 oz Antique Silver.
    • 10,000 rounds in 1 oz Proof.

    On the obverse side of the Silverbug Alyx the Fairy Silver Round you’ll notice the Alyx design from Steve Ferris, an acclaimed science-fiction and fantasy artist. Of particular interest is the mischievous look on Alyx’s face, hinting that she may break free of the chains containing her at any time. The reverse design on the Alyx the Fairy Silver Round is the popular scarab bug from previous Silverbug Fairy Silver Rounds, with one twist. The design was hand-carved for this round, adding new relief and dimensions to the design. Each of these rounds has edge markings denoting a mintage number.

    About Osborne Precious Metals

    Osborne Precious Metals is the oldest private mint in the United States, and it can trace its roots back to 1835. At the time of the mint’s founding, Andrew Jackson was in the White House and there was not a singular legal tender banknote in circulation in the US. In fact, it would be another 30 years following the founding of Osborne Precious Metals until legal tender US banknotes were the only ones accepted in the country.

    Today, Osborne Precious Metals is still located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has gone through a number of name changes and iterations in its time. It produces a variety of silver, gold, and copper products for private entities.

    Purchasing Osborne Precious Metals Products from JM Bullion

    When you’re ready to purchase your Osborne Precious Metals products from the JM Bullion catalog, you’ll find numerous payment options available to you. JM Bullion proudly accepts Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards, paper checks, PayPal transfers, and bank wire transfers.

    Paper checks come with the benefit of a 4% discount compared to credit/debit cards and high maximum purchases, but take four to six business days to process. Credit/debit card purchases clear in one business day on average. Bank wire and PayPal transfers clear processing instantly, releasing your purchase to our fulfillment queue.

    All JM Bullion purchases over $199 come with free standard shipping and insurance. You do have the option to select expedited shipping for an additional fee. Each product is shipped in discreet packaging via the US Postal Service or UPS. If your shipment is lost or stolen, JM Bullion will work to replace your products, or if supplies are exhausted provide you with a full refund of your purchase price.

    Please contact JM Bullion associates with questions about Osborne Precious Metals products. You can reach us at 800-276-6508, connect with us online using our live chat, or email us.