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    2 oz Silver Bullet (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

    Any quantity available for $11.49 per oz over spot!

    Silver bullets offer a unique option to those individuals looking to buy silver online. Unlike silver coins and bars, silver bullets offer a distinctive shape and design. Products such as these are produced by private mints with no set caps on production figures and a variety of different sizes and shapes available. Today, 2 oz Silve... Read More

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    10 oz NTR Lunar Snake Silver Bar (New)

    The Chinese Lunar Calendar is one of the most popular inspirations for the precious metals industry. Stemming from bullion coin programs in the 1990s, lunar-themed designs have spread to mints around the globe and now feature on everything from gold, silver, and platinum coins to gold and silver bars. Right now, 10 oz NTR Lunar Snake Silver Bars are available to purchase online from JM Bullion. Bar Highlights: Arrives in protective plasti... Read More

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    NTR Metals from JM Bullion

    Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2004, North Texas Refinery, or NTR Metals, is a global precious metal company based in the United States. NTR produces all types of precious metal bullion in addition to providing a variety of refining, minting, and recycling services. In fact, NTR refines more than 30 million pounds of metal per year. The company maintains 75 locations worldwide, serving over 30,000 companies all over the world.

    What Makes NTR Metals Different Other Mints?

    NTR comprises four operating divisions. First, the commercial refining division caters to the refining needs of pawnbrokers, jewelers, and others in the precious metals market. This division prides itself on rapid turnaround times and accessible local processing centers. Second, the industrial recycling and refining division salvages precious metals from various waste streams. Third, NTR is a precious metals market maker for palladium, silver, gold, and platinum precious metal bullion. This division serves the needs of the jewelry, coin, and financial industries at the wholesale level. Fourth, the bullion minting division uses fine precious metals to produce pure bullion products.

    NTR stands out from other refineries because it offers some of the lowest prices per bullion ounce in the industry. This is partly due to economies of scale, as NTR has a massive global presence. The company also runs its own minting facilities, which means it can better control quality across the production process. NTR oversees everything from melting to stamping bars and rounds.

    Considering it is only ten years old, NTR's meteoric rise in the precious metals industry is truly remarkable. The company began with owner Steve Loftus as a small operation in Dallas. NTR rapidly developed an international presence, expanding beyond minting to recycling and refining enterprises. Its recycling efforts turn hazardous and non-hazardous waste into items of value, thereby earning the company distinction for its social responsibility and environmental friendliness. Today, NTR also manages precious stones, including gemstones and diamonds.

    Metal Refining and Minting

    NTR refines and mints a variety of precious metals, but it is best-known for its gold and silver bullion products. The company offers 1-oz, 10-oz, and 100-oz silver bars, as well as 1-oz and kilogram gold bars. Investors can also purchase one-ounce silver rounds. One of NTR's most unique and sought-after products is the golden triangle, which is a triangular gold bar. Because the company oversees the metal life cycle, it achieves industry-leading quality control. As a result, NTR guarantees its bullion products for weight, purity, and quality.

    Security and Packaging

    Every NTR-minted silver bar is RF heat sealed in a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) case that safeguards its finish from oxidation and physical wear and tear. This special packaging enables dealers to sell the bars individually or in sealed sheets of ten. These sheets are easily folded and stacked for convenient storage in a safe. Most bars bear NTR's logo, which features the company's name divided by a horizontal line with two arcs across it. Each bar indicates its purity and weight in troy ounces. NTR bars do not bear serial numbers.

    In the case of silver rounds, investors who purchase multiples of 20 will receive them in their original sealed mint tubes. Those who purchase lesser quantities will receive their rounds in a tube with packing material or in an individual coin sleeve covered in heavy plastic bags.

    Reputation, Pricing, and Availability

    The level of quality control that NTR maintains is unsurpassed in the precious metals industry, with each minted bullion product inspected by hand for consistency and quality before it is packaged. Additionally, NTR offers some of the lowest prices in the business, with most bars offered at very close to silver spot value. For these reasons, investors find NTR products especially appealing. With NTR bullion, investors get more metal at lower premiums.

    Investors can purchase almost all NTR products brand new, with many of them still in their original sealed packaging. For the most part, NTR bullion is widely available, but some types of bars come from limited productions that make them harder to come by. For example, in 2014, NTR released the 10-ounce Horse Silver Bar to commemorate the Chinese lunar year of the horse. These intricately designed bars will only be minted in 2014, which means investors may only find them in used condition and at higher premiums once the year is up.

    For investors looking for the most bang for their buck in the world of bullion, the products of NTR Metals are the logical choice. High quality and competitively priced, NTR bullion is an affordable way to diversify your investment portfolio. Check out the selection of NTR products available at low premiums on today.