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    2019 Proof American Gold Eagles

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    2019 Proof American Gold Eagle Coins from the United States Mint

    No coin series from the United States Mint is more globally prominent than the American Eagles. Available in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, these coins are a hit each year with investors and collectors. Each of the coins has a unique design of Liberty on the obverse that is not featured on other American coinage, and the same goes for the American bald eagle design on the reverse. American Eagle coins represent the official bullion offering from the US each year and the American Gold Eagle, like its counterparts, is available in both investment-grade and collectible options. Here, you’ll find additional information on the 2019 Proof American Gold Eagle coins from the United States Mint, each available to purchase from JM Bullion.

    2019 Proof American Gold Eagles

    Available dating back to 1986, Proof American Gold Eagles boast the same four weights that the bullion version of the coin offers investors. You’ll find 2019 Proof American Gold Eagle coins available in 1 oz gold, 1/2 oz gold, 1/4 oz gold, and 1/10 oz gold. The coins feature the same designs used in all years for the obverse and reverse of the coin series. The United States Mint has, at times, used mintage caps and household ordering limits for its Proof American Gold Eagle coins. However, the 2019 Proof American Gold Eagles have no mintage cap or household order limit. This means the US Mint will continue to strike 2019 dated Proof Gold Eagles throughout the calendar year as collectors express demand for the products. Details on the individual coins include:

    • 1 Troy oz of actual gold content with a face value of $50 (USD)
    • 1/2 Troy oz of actual gold content with a face value of $25 (USD)
    • 1/4 Troy oz of actual gold content with a face value of $10 (USD)
    • 1/10 Troy oz of actual gold content with a face value of $5 (USD)

    Proof American Gold Eagle Designs

    On the obverse side of Proof American Gold Eagle Coins is the modernized vision of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Liberty image. First created in 1907 by Saint-Gaudens at the behest of President Theodore Roosevelt, this image of Liberty was intended to be struck in high-relief. However, the US Mint lacked the technological capacity for such a strike in high circulation figures. The modern design captures Liberty in front-facing relief as she walks in a free-flowing robe with her hair blowing in the breeze. Her right hand holds a large torch overhead to light the way for the nation as her left hand clutches an enormous olive branch symbolizing a desire for peace. There are 50 stars around her figure; one for each of the 50 US states. Look closely at her right foot (lower-left field) and you’ll notice the US Capitol Building in the design.

    The reverse field includes an exclusive design in the series created in 1986. Miley Busiek developed this artwork in 1986 and it depicts a family of bald eagles. In the design, a male eagle flies over the nest clutching an olive branch in its talons. In the nest below, a female eagle shelters a young hatchling.

    2019 Proof American Gold Eagle coins have beautifully mirrored background fields with slightly frosted design elements. If you look within the sun’s rays on the obverse side, near the lower-right field, you’ll find the “W” mint mark of the West Point Mint. All Proof Gold Eagles are produced at the West Point Mint and have been since their introduction in 1986, depending on the weight in question. Further, Proof American Gold Eagle coins have 22-karat gold content, which equates to 91.67% gold in the coin. The remainder is 3% silver and a balance of copper.

    Packaging for Proof American Gold Eagles

    All 2019 Proof American Gold Eagle coins are packaged in the same way. The individual coins are housed in a capsule that is set within a United States Mint presentation box. That box is a burgundy velvet with a satin-lined interior. Each coin comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity as well.

    Brief Background on the Proof American Gold Eagle

    The 2019 Proof American Gold Eagle release marks the 33rd release of the 1 oz version of the coin, 32nd release of the 1/2 oz coin, and the 31st issue of the 1/4 and 1/10 oz coins. When the United States Mint introduced the Proof Gold Eagles in 1986, only the 1 oz gold coin was offered. The mint debuted the 1/2 oz coin in 1987 followed by the smaller two weights in 1988. From 1987/1988 until 1993, the fractional-weight coins were issued by the Philadelphia Mint with a “P” mint mark. However, since 1994 all four coins have been struck by the West Point Mint.

    Get Your 2019 Proof Gold Eagles from JM Bullion

    Now is your opportunity to add the 2019 Proof American Gold Eagle to your collection. JM Bullion has all four weights in this stunning series available for purchase today. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact us at 800-276-6508. You can also chat with us live online or email us directly with your inquiries.