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    Queen’s Beast Black Bull Coins

    The Queen’s Beast Collection rumbled into a fifth design issue in 2018 when the Royal Mint of England issued the Black Bull of Clarence in the collection. The Queen’s Beast Collection totals 10 coin designs in all issued between 2016 and 2021, with two new designs released in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, along with one design each in 2016 and 2021. The second coin issued in the Queen’s Beast Collection in 2018 features the Black Bull. Learn all about the options awaiting you in the Black Bull design issue.

    Queen’s Beast Designs – Black Bull of Clarence

    On the reverse of all the 2018 Queen’s Beast Black Bull Coins, you’ll find the image of a heraldic beast known as the Black Bull of Clarence. This beast is the first to come from a monarch in the House of York. Edward IV was the first King of England from the House of York and ascended to the throne to end the rule of King Henry VI whose Lancastrian rule was immensely troubled.

    The Black Bull was a popular symbol with Edward IV, as well as his brother King Richard III, who was the last king from the House of York. On this design, the Bull stands powerfully above the royal arms used by the House of Lancaster, House of York, and House of Tudor rulers. The bull stands above this quartered shield which includes the gold lions of England in two quarters as adopted by Richard I, and two quarters with the golden lilies of France added by Edward III to support his claim to France’s throne.

    On the obverse of all Queen’s Beast Collection coins is the fifth-generation image of Queen Elizabeth II. This design captures the Queen at the age of 89 and brings a return of the royal diadem crown to the design.

    Black Bull Silver Bullion Coins

    The primary issues in the Queen’s Beast Collection comprise gold and silver bullion coins. When it comes to the 2018 Black Bull Coin, this means the introduction of a 2 oz silver bullion coins. All of the 2018 2 oz Silver British Queen’s Beast Black Bull coins are part of the Royal Mint’s first-ever issue of 2 oz silver bullion coins. Each one contains 2 Troy ounces of .9999 pure silver in BU condition with a face value of £5 (GBP). The coins are available in individual protective plastic, mint tubes of 10, or mint boxes of 200.

    Black Bull Proof Silver Coins

    The Royal Mint also offers the Black Bull design, and other Queen’s Beast Collection coins, with proof options in silver as well. The proof silver coinage from the Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beast designs come with more variety. The 2018 Proof Black Bull Silver Coins are available from the mint in 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, and 1 Kilogram silver options. Each coin has a face value in Pound Sterling based upon weight, contains .999 pure silver content (compared to .9999 in the bullion issue), and arrives in a Royal Mint display box with Certificate of Authenticity. Curiously enough, the Royal Mint followed a different release schedule for its designs in the proof series, with the 2018 Black Bull arriving fourth in proof as opposed to fifth in bullion.

    The Black Bull Proof Silver Coins have limited mintage figures, which include the following numbers:

    • 1 oz: 6,000 coins
    • 5 oz: 700 coins
    • 10 oz: 600 coins

    Black Bull Gold Bullion Coins

    With the gold bullion option in the Queen’s Beast Series, you’ll find each design available in 1/4 oz and 1 oz gold. These coins both feature .9999 pure gold content and a denomination in Pound Sterling based upon the £100 (GBP) face value of the 1 oz coin, meaning the 1/4 oz coin has a value of £25 (GBP). The 1 oz coin is available individually, in tubes of 10, or boxes of 100 coins. The 1/4 oz coin is offered individually in a protective flip, as well as tubes of 25 coins or boxes of 500 coins.

    Black Bull Proof Gold Coins

    The Black Bull proof gold coins are available in a total of three different weights. Unlike the silver proof coins, the gold proof coins maintain the .9999 pure gold content of their gold bullion counterparts. The 2018 Proof Black Bull Gold Coins are available in 1 oz, 5 oz, and 1 Kilogram weights with face values again based upon weight compared to the £100 (GBP) face value of the 1 oz gold coin. Each one comes in a wooden Royal Mint display box with a Certificate of Authenticity and feature limited mintage figures. Those figures include:

    • 1 oz: 500 coins
    • 5 oz: 85 coins

    About the Queen’s Beast Collection

    Each of the 10 designs in the Queen’s Beast Collection from the Royal Mint comes from Jody Clark. Clark is the youngest Royal Mint Engraver to design an effigy of the ruling monarch. In this case, that is the right-profile fifth-generation depiction of Queen Elizabeth II released in 2016 for British coinage. Clark also designed all 10 heraldic beasts in the Queen’s Beast Series. The beasts featured are all important in the heraldry of the British crown, and each of the 10 was depicted in a carved sculpture at the coronation ceremony of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II back in 1953 at Westminster Abbey.

    Get Queen’s Beast Black Bull Coins from JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about the Queen’s Beast Collection and the Black Bull design, please feel free to reach out to JM Bullion. Our customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.