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    2019 Perth Mint Lunar Pig Collection

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    The 2019 Australian Lunar Pig Coins – The End of an Era

    Arguably the most popular coin series right now from the Perth Mint, the Lunar Series II collection has captivated the attention of investors and collectors around the globe since 2008. The 12-year cycle of the Zodiac is tracked by the Lunar Series II collection, with new designs offered each year to match the animals found on the Chinese lunar calendar. The 2018 Australian Lunar Pig Coins mark a bittersweet release as the collection comes to an end with its 12th design honoring those born in the Year of the Pig.

    2019 Australian Gold Pig

    The Lunar Series II collection consists of both silver and gold coins for sale. While the coins are available in bullion and proof options, it is the proof collection of the coins often available first and which draws the most attention for precious metal buyers. Up first on this page, you’ll find the 2019 Australian Gold Pig Coins. As with other years in the Lunar Series II collection, Perth Mint artist Ing Ing Jon has created separate designs for both the Australian Gold Pig and Australian Silver Pig coins.

    On the reverse of all 2019 Australian Gold Pig Coins is the image of a singular pig captured in right-profile relief. The pig is accompanied in the design field by some rocks at its feet, a small bushel of grass growing from one rock outcrop, and a tree branch swooping down into the design from the upper left. The Chinese symbol for pig is included in the top-center of the design field, with “Year of the Pig” and a “P” mint mark from the Perth Mint also included.

    The total availability of 2019 Australian Gold Pig Series includes the following weights in gold bullion, with those carried at JM Bullion highlighted in bold:

    • 1/20 Troy oz
    • 1/10 Troy oz
    • 1/4 Troy oz
    • 1/2 Troy oz
    • 1 Troy oz
    • 2 Troy oz
    • 10 Troy oz
    • 1 Kilo

    Only the 2019 1 oz Australian Gold Pig Coin has a mintage cap from the Perth Mint. Just 30,000 1 oz gold coins are available in the 2019 release. All other coins have an unlimited mintage figure that results in the Perth Mint coining those weights to meet demand only through the end of the 2019 calendar year.

    2019 Australian Silver Pig

    The 2019 Australian Silver Pig follows Ing Ing Jong’s design theme for recent offerings in the Lunar Series II collection. The releases of the past several years have seen Jong depict a singular animal on the gold version of the coin and a family unit on the silver bullion coin in the series. For the 2019 Australian Silver Pig, that trend continues. The reverse side of the 2019 Australian Silver Pig Coins includes the left-profile view of a large, adult pig with four piglets running around in the foreground. Similar to the gold coin, there are patches of grass and rock, with a tree branch emerging in the design field from the upper-right side of the field. Engravings include the Chinese symbol for pig in the upper left, the phrase “Year of the Pig,” and the “P” mint mark of the Perth Mint.

    For the 2019 Australian Silver Pig release, the Perth Mint offers a total of seven weights for investors to choose from when buying. The following is a full list of the available weights for the 2019 Australian Silver Pig, with JM Bullion offerings highlighted:

    • 1/2 Troy oz
    • 1 Troy oz
    • 2 Troy oz
    • 5 Troy oz
    • 10 Troy oz
    • 1 Kilo
    • 10 Kilo

    Similar to the gold offering, the Perth Mint has some coins set in mintage figures while assigning an unlimited mintage to others. The 1 z silver coin has a limited mintage of just 300,000 coins in total. The 10 Kilo coin has a mintage cap of just 100 coins. All other weights will be struck through the end of the 2019 calendar year as demand persists.

    2019 Proof Australian Pig Coins

    The Perth Mint offers the popular Lunar Series II coins in both bullion and proof options. In both silver and gold, the proof coins have fewer options to choose from and much lower mintage figures. As the coins are designed for collectors though, this approach is preferred. The 2019 Proof Australian Silver Pig Coins include 1/2 oz, 1 oz, and 1 Kilo silver coins. Each one is available for individual purchase, as well as part of a three-coin set. However, the three-coin set drops the 1 Kilo coin for a 2 oz option instead. Mintage figures for the program include:

    • 1/2 oz – 9,000
    • 1 oz – 8,500
    • 1 Kilo – 500
    • 2 oz – 2,000 as part of 3-coin set only*

    The 2019 Proof Australian Gold Pig Coins similarly comes with three individual coins to choose from when buying gold. Unlike the silver proof set, the gold proof set includes all three coins by the weights available for individual purchase. The maximum mintage figure for each is:

    • 1 oz – 6,000
    • 1/4 oz – 8,000
    • 1/10 oz – 8,000

    Background on the Lunar Series II Collection

    The Lunar Series II collection debuted in 2008 with the Year of the Rat and was an immediate successor to the Lunar Series I collection that ran from 1996 to 2007. The Lunar Series II coins took the designs to a new level with greater detail and a wider variety of coin weights and finishes to choose from when shopping.

    All coins in the Lunar Series II collection are considered legal tender in Australia and have a face value assigned in Australian dollars (AUD) with the backing of the federal government of Australia. The 2019 Australian Gold Pig and Australian Silver Pig coins both feature .9999 purity. The individual bullion coins are offered inside of protective capsules, with sealed sheets or Monster Boxes available for certain bullion weights.

    2019 Proof Australian Pig Coins ship inside of individual Perth Mint clamshells, or within the three-coin clamshell for the collectible three-coin sets in the respective weights. All 2019 Proof Australian Pig Coins also come with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Perth Mint.

    A final notable point about the 2019 Australian Lunar Pig Coins involves the obverse design. The final Lunar Series II coin marks the end of another era at the Perth Mint. All other major bullion coins from the Perth Mint in 2019 feature the new, definitive fifth-generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Designed by Jody Clark for the Royal Mint of England in 2015, it replaced the fourth-generation design on British coinage beginning in 2016.

    Now, 2019 bullion coins from Perth Mint will feature that same design. However, to maintain continuity in the obverse design of all Lunar Series II coins in this bold and impressive collection, the Perth Mint issues the 2019 Australian Lunar Pig coins with the fourth-generation effigy of Her Majesty created in 1998 by Ian-Rank Broadley.

    Purchase 2019 Australian Lunar Pigs at JM Bullion

    Since the 2019 Australian Lunar Pigs mark the final release of an incredibly popular series, you can expect each one to sell out quickly. When you’re ready to buy gold or silver from this collection, don’t hesitate to contact JM Bullion for assistance. Our customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.