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    Meet the Texas Mint: One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Mints

    Posted on November 08, 2017

    If you had to guess which private mint in America sold the most precious metal coins on Amazon, what mint would top your list? What about the mint that sells a silver coin with greater silver purity than the American Silver Eagle? In both cases, your answer should be the Texas Mint. Rated by Inc. Magazine in 2015 as the No. 200 Fastest Growing Private Company in America, the Texas Mint is also the No. 1 Fastest Growing Aggie-owned or Aggie-led business in the world according to Texas A&M University. Texas through and through, this mint has an impressive offering of silver and gold precious metals that represent the Lone Star State with pride.

    JM Bullion is proud to carry a number of the most popular and prominent bullion products from the Texas Mint. Learn all about the Texas Mint, and JM Bullion’s lineup of gold and silver bullion offerings from the Lone Star State!

    The Texas Mint

    The Texas Mint is the refining operation arm of Texas Precious Metals. Most of its silver and gold precious metals are distributed to top dealers across the United States through Amark Precious Metals. The mint began an ambitious program in 2013 to provide numismatists with a brilliant silver round offering that matched the big dreams of the Lone Star State. The new Texas Silver Round collection has quickly become a staple of the industry, offering investors the chance to buy one ounce silver bullion purer than the American Silver Eagle, and less expensive by the ounce.

    At the same time, the Texas Mint introduced the first-ever mini-monster box with the Texas Silver Round collection. This offers 250 Texas Silver Rounds at an extremely affordable rate for bulk investments in silver bullion. Regardless of which side of these rounds you view, you’ll find iconic imagery from the state of Texas that represents its past and present in one stunning design. To date, more than 2 million ounces of Texas Silver Rounds are in circulation throughout all 50 states in the United States.

    Now, the Texas Mint operates as its own division within Texas Precious Metals in order to facilitate growth and expansion of its bullion offerings. The Texas State Capitol building, a state icon, is at the heart of all design themes. You’ll find it on the Texas Silver Round, a series of silver bars for sale that include 1 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz weights, and a Texas Gold Round as well!

    The Texas Silver Round

    Introduced in 2013, the Texas Silver Round is one of the only silver rounds for sale that is available from year to year with the same design on both sides. All of the iconography you associate with the Lone Star State is featured on this beautiful collection. The famous cowboy monument, the Texas State Capitol Building in Austin, the bluebonnet, and the Lone Star itself all feature in the design elements of this stunning round.

    Each 1 oz Texas Silver Round is available in BU condition from the Texas Mint. Rounds in BU condition exhibit no signs of wear and tear, though you may notice minor flaws as a result of the regular coining process. These flaws range from breaks in the luster and spotted surfaces to contact marks in most cases.

    The reverse of the 2018 1 oz Texas Silver Rounds, now in stock with JM Bullion, feature the towering Texas State Capitol Building in the background. Located in Austin, Texas, it is the third building to fulfill the role of capitol building for the state and one of only a handful in the United States to claim prominence in height over the United States Capitol Building in Washington DC. In the foreground, the bucking bronco and cowboy reflects a sculpture from Constance Whitney known as the Texas Cowboy Monument.

    This life-size statue was built as a tribute to the romanticism of the rough riders that expanded and tamed the wild lands of Texas in a bygone era. The monument was erected on capitol grounds in 1925. On the silver round, the Texas Cowboy Monument is flanked by a pair of bluebonnet flowers. The official state flower, during the springtime in Texas you’ll find fields across the state painted in the soft blue hues of the blossoming bluebonnets.

    On the obverse of the Texas Silver Round is the iconic Lone Star in the dead center of the design’s foreground. The star is engraved with a smooth, matte finish that is backed beautifully by the textured, topographical outline of the state of Texas. The trademarked outline of Texas appears both on the obverse and reverse.

    Each 1 oz Texas Silver Round features:

    • Protective plastic flips for individual rounds or protective tubes of 25 rounds.
    • Bulk purchases are available in mini-monster boxes of 250 rounds containing 10 tubes of 25 rounds, or monster boxes of 500 rounds featuring 20 tubes of 25 rounds.
    • Contains 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver in BU condition
    • IRA eligible

    The Texas Gold Round

    Although not in stock with JM Bullion at the moment, the Texas Mint also produces an equally stunning Texas Gold Round. On the obverse side of the 1 oz Texas Gold Round you’ll find the exact same design used on the silver round. However, it is the reverse side that offers a slight differentiation in the design of these two rounds.

    On the reverse of all Texas Gold Rounds the visuals are focused in solely on the Texas State Capitol Building. The splendor of the capitol building’s architecture is on full display in this piece which provides you with a view from the ground as you look up toward the dome above the main entrance to the rotunda.

    Look closely at the top of the dome, and you’ll find the statue of the Goddess of Liberty. The current Texas State Capitol took eight years to build. When it was finished in 1888, it was topped off with a 16-foot tall statue of the Goddess of Liberty, the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty imagery used throughout the United States.

    Each 1 oz Texas Gold Round features:

    • Air-tight capsules for individual gold rounds or glossy-orange chipboard boxes for sets of 10 rounds
    • Contains 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure gold in BU condition
    • IRA eligible

    The Texas Silver Bars

    Completing the lineup of Texas Mint silver for sale, the Texas Silver Bars continue the theme of the Texas State Capitol Building in the design of silver bullion from the mint. These bars are available with the same obverse and reverse designs in three different weights: 1 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz. JM Bullion currently has the 10 oz Texas Mint Silver Bar and 100 oz Texas Mint Silver Bar in stock for purchase.

    On the obverse side of all Texas Silver Bars is the exact replica of the interior dome of the Texas Capitol Building. As you gaze up into the interior of the dome from the floor of the rotunda you’ll notice a series of concentric panels that gradually get smaller and closer together leading into the center of the dome. Here, in real life, you’ll find an 8-foot Texas star with the letters spelling “TEXAS” in between the prongs of the star.

    Below this beautiful representation of the capitol dome, you’ll notice engravings of the bar’s weight, purity, and metal content. The trademarked outline of the state of Texas is also featured on this face in the lower-right field. Flip the bars over and you’ll find a neat, orderly procession of outlines of the state of Texas arranged horizontally across the bar. The Texas Silver Bars feature:

    • Individual plastic packaging for 1 oz bars. Heat-sealed polyvinyl for 10 oz bars, and custom boxes for 100 oz bars.
    • 1 oz bars are also available in tubes of 20 and boxes of 100, containing 5 tubes.
    • Contains .9999 pure silver.
    • IRA eligible.

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