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Buying Gold and Silver in Montana

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Montana is one of the largest yet least densely populated states. Known for its mountainous terrain, the state’s name comes from the Spanish word for mountain. Montana has many ranches and grain farms, and is also home to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park, which draw millions of tourists each year.

The state motto, “Oro y plata,” is “gold and silver” in Spanish. Historically, both gold and silver have been mined here; from 1862 to 1876, $144 million in gold deposits were discovered within Montana, attracting thousands of miners to the state. Today, both gold and silver remain popular among Montana investors.

Bullion Sales Tax in Montana

The state of Montana does not have a sales tax. As a result, there is no tax collected on purchases of coins, paper currency, precious metals, or any other numismatic collectible. Take advantage of the lack of a state sales tax to make your investment dollars go further when shopping at Montana coin shops.

However, note that there is a 3% Provisional Tax in a few select communities in Montana; be aware of whether the coin shop is located in one of these areas before shopping so that you can factor in this tax.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in MT

If you are looking for dealers located within a specific city in Montana, be sure to check out our other local directory pages:

Below is a list of local precious metals dealers in Montana, including directions to each local shop.

Wayne Miller Coins

This Helena coin dealer is renowned for its selection of gold and silver bullion and rare coins. Founded in 1966, Wayne Miller Coins will buy estate collections and single coins. Most of their coins can only be purchased in their shop, though a small selection is sold through eBay.

Owner Wayne Miller is an internationally renowned expert on Morgan and Peace silver dollars; his personal collection of such coins sold for a record price of $1.2 million. Wayne Miller Coins sells U.S. proof and mint sets, gold coins, 90% junk silver, high-grade Kennedy half dollars and Sacajawea dollars, and modern commemorative coins, among other U.S. coinage.

38 N. Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 442-0713

Grizzly Gold and Silver

Grizzly Gold and Silver specializes in gold, silver, and platinum coins. Their selection includes American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Gold American Buffalos, Austrian Philharmonics, Krugerrands, silver dollars, 90% junk silver coinage, and privately-minted bars and rounds.

Grizzly Gold and Silver also carries proof sets, mint sets, and other collectible coins. They purchase all types of gold, silver, and platinum bullion and scrap. Buy and sell prices for many common forms of bullion are published on their website.

1935 Brooks Street
Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 541-6690

Williams Gallery of Rare Coins

Williams Gallery considers rare coins to be tiny works of art, both beautiful and representative of U.S. history. They also see high-grade U.S. coins as an excellent investment option. Founded in 1976, Williams Gallery of Rare Coins buys and sells U.S. coins, currency, and gold and silver bullion.

Nearly every coin sold by Williams Gallery has been authenticated and graded by the PCGS or NGC, though they also occasionally sell raw or uncertified coins. They also purchase collections and individual coins, and sell coin collecting supplies. A selection of their coins can be purchased on eBay; others can only be bought at their shop.

29 South Tracy Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 586-4343

Ardie’s Coins

Founded in 1993, Ardie’s Coins is among the busiest Montana coin dealers. Ardie’s Coins specializes in Morgan and Peace silver dollars. They also buy and sell rare U.S. coins, bullion (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium), and jewelry.

Ardie’s Coins maintains a stock of popular bullion coins, such as the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and South African Kruggerand; for other bullion coins, call first to check availability. They also offer grading and appraisal services and sell a selection of their coins on eBay and through their website.

1944 Grand Ave,
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 656-8777

Montana Rarities

Montana Rarities is a Missoula-based mail order coin dealer offering gold and silver bullion, 90% silver coinage, collectible coins, U.S. and foreign coins, proof and mint sets, and coin collecting supplies. They offer a monthly gold and silver purchase plan for returning investors interested in placing automatic orders, and also sell on eBay.

Montana Rarities does offer bulk pricing for large purchases. Their website lists buy prices for the most popular gold and silver bullion coins and bars, with prices updated daily. Nearly all of their orders ship within 24 hours of purchase.

P.O. Box 1221
Missoula, MT 59806

Thank you for reading our guide to gold and silver buying in Montana. If you know of any other coin or bullion shops in MT, please contact us so we can update our directory.