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    Buying Gold and Silver in Irvine, California

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    Irvine is a suburban city in Southern California’s Orange County. This planned city was developed by the Irvine Company beginning in the 1960s. It was designed to be a safe, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing community.

    Irvine is known for its high quality schools and large number of skilled jobs, regularly topping lists of the best places to live in the U.S. Irvine is home to the University of California – Irvine campus, as well as many technology and semiconductor corporations. Irvine is also home to several renowned coin dealers.

    Bullion Sales Tax in Irvine, CA

    For sales tax information related to precious metals sales in California, please refer to our analysis located here.

    Local Gold & Silver Coin Shops in Irvine, CA

    Here are some of Irvine’s top coin shops:

    Irvine Gold Mine

    Established in 1976, Irvine Gold Mine has served collectors and investors by offering a wide array of precious metal coins and bullion options at competitive prices. They have since opened locations in Anaheim Hills and Orange, California. Irvine Gold Mine maintains an extensive inventory including 90% silver U.S. coins, American Eagles in gold and silver, fractional gold coins, Morgan silver dollars, 1 oz platinum bars, 100 ounce silver bars, and much more. They also carry certified U.S. rare coins hand-picked for investment purposes.

    (949) 857-1033
    14370 Culver Dr
    Ste E
    Irvine, CA 92604

    The Penny Lady

    The Penny Lady specializes in specific U.S. coinage including Flying Eagle, Indian Head, Lincoln, and Early American Copper cents. Lifelong coin collector Charmy Harker is “The Penny Lady.” She strives to offer the highest-grade, key date cents. The Penny Lady’s inventory includes circulated, uncirculated, proof, certified, and raw coins at reasonable prices. The Penny Lady offers want-list fulfillment assistance and layaway programs. The Penny Lady is a PCGS and NGC authorized dealer. This is a mail order dealer; current inventory is listed on the Penny Lady’s website.

    (949) 632-0414
    P.O. Box 61987
    Irvine, CA 92602

    Laguna Coins

    Laguna Coins is a collector shop carrying both rare coins and precious metal bullion. They stock an extensive range including American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins, historic U.S. coins both graded and raw, paper currency, sports collectibles, and much more. Their bullion options include American Eagle gold and silver coins in all sizes, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, Austrian Philharmonics, generic silver bars, and pre-1964 U.S. silver coins. Laguna Coins serves both collectors and investors with their range of numismatic collectibles and bullion. This full service coin shop also hosts a very active buy/bid board enabling customers to sell their own coins through the shop.

    (949) 716-6034
    23582 Moulton Parkway
    Laguna Woods, CA 92637

    Thank you for reading our guide to gold and silver buying in Irvine, CA. If you know of any other coin or bullion shops in Irvine, please contact us so we can update our directory.