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    Keep Your Egyptian Gods Series Growing with the Thoth Release

    The diversity of the Egyptian Gods Series continues to deepen as the collection hits its eighth design release overall. The recent return of this series after a multi-year hiatus has been met with strong demand from collectors. Each design released since the restart of the series with the Osiris design has been met with higher interest than any previous release except the debut Cleopatra design. Riding this wave of high interest, the Thoth release joins the Egyptian Gods Series just in time for the gift-giving season.

    The God of Sacred Texts – Obverse and Reverse Designs

    On the obverse side of the 2 oz Thoth Silver Rounds, designer Heidi Wastweet offers a view of the God of Sacred Texts. For this side of the round, the tradition of capturing the human figure of the deity continues as we see a man cloaked in robes sitting on a pedestal. Here, Thoth is shown with the head of an ibis. In his hands, you will see two common symbols associated with his role as the God of Sacred Texts, patron of scribes, and the recorder of the deities. His hands appear to clutch a stylus and writing palette.

    The reverse face of 2 oz Antique Thoth Silver Rounds features some of the common design elements found in all issues within the series. The background field retains its wall of hieroglyphs with a large pyramid. In this design, another of the symbols of Thoth is featured with his animal form as a baboon. The baboon is shown in left-profile relief seated in a small boat.

    Details and Packaging

    Once again, the Egyptian Gods Series offers its latest design in two versions. Both silver rounds are 2 oz high-relief specimens, meaning the rounds were struck under high pressure to create deeper background fields and deliver greater 3D relief on the design element. The antique version of the round has a special patina that gives the piece the appearance of age, adding to the mystique of the Egyptian Gods Series. Both versions of the Thoth Silver Round ship individually in flips or by multiples of 10 in plastic tubes.

    History of Thoth

    The Thoth release is the eighth in the Egyptian Gods Series. Like many other Egyptian deities, Thoth had many roles and was associated with various elements of life. Though he is known as the God of the Moon, he is also associated with things such as writing, wisdom, science, magic, and art. One of his most important roles is that of the recorder of the deities. Known as the patron of scribes, Thoth plays a critical role in one’s passing from the mortal world to the afterlife. He records the results of the heart-weighing ceremony that takes place after death. If your heart doesn’t measure up, you will be denied passage to the afterlife.

    Add Thoth to Your Egyptian Gods Series

    Each design in the Egyptian Gods Series concludes production once the next image is ready for production. Since the Osiris release helped restart the series, each of the three designs (Osiris, Sekhmet, and Horus) has surpassed 24,000 rounds in mintage. Thoth is set to continue this trend and now is your chance to get one before the holidays. JM Bullion customer service is here to help if you have any questions. Please call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly.

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