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    JM Bullion July 2012 Update

    To our customers and subscribers at JM Bullion, welcome to our July 2012 update.

    In this month’s update we are going to feature 10+ new products we added in June, discuss the successful launch of our Automatic Investment Program, and explain our company’s plans for the remainder of 2012.

    New Products

    As a result of improved product sourcing, we were able to add over a dozen new products to our gold and silver bullion catalogue, all of which are priced competitively and ready to ship out promptly. We added too many new products to cover them all here, but some of the more popular new offerings are listed below:

    Several other new products are interspersed throughout our website, including fractional Maple Leafs, 1kg gold bars, Proof American Eagles, and Austrian Silver Philharmonics. To learn more about these new products, give us a call at 800-276-6508 or start online by looking through our updated bullion catalogue.

    Automatic Investment Program Update

    The launch of our JM Bullion Automatic Investment Program went quite smoothly, as we have yet to run into any major bugs or issues with the Program. Several of our customers have already created Automatic Investments and taken advantage of our $20 coupon on their first $500+ investment, and we still have that promotion running for the time being.

    To learn more about the Program, or to create your first Automatic Investment now, give us a call at 800-276-6508 or visit our website at Remember to enter gift certificate NEWAIP during checkout to claim your $20 coupon on your first investment of $500 or more. All of the new products we’ve added to our website are also offered via the AIP, so you can use dollar cost averaging to effortlessly accumulate your favorite products at the best prices over time.

    Coming Soon at JM Bullion

    This is a very exciting time for our company, as we have been fortunate enough to experience significant growth through the first half of 2012. We have several plans to improve our website and company even more in 2012, including implementing a “Sell-To-Us” program which would allow customers to sell metal at competitive prices directly to us.

    Other features we plan to launch soon include optional text message updates covering gold and silver price movements, a new section of our website with live as well as historical gold and silver spot price charts, and a new promotion that will offer our customers the chance to win 10 free ounces of silver each and every month. We will make sure to update you via email as these new features go live, and we hope to see you back on our website soon.

    Thank you again for your continued business, and have a great July!

    JM Bullion

    Disclaimer: All Market Updates are provided as a third party analysis and do not necessarily reflect the explicit views of JM Bullion Inc. and should not be construed as financial advice.

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