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    JM Bullion Launches JM-Branded Gold and Silver Bars with Geiger Edelmetalle

    Posted on July 15, 2022

    In 2021, JM Bullion celebrated its 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, JM Bullion’s growth has led to a growing corporate family, an ever-increasing base of loyal customers, and a variety of precious metals products branded with the JM Bullion logo. In 2022, we’re proud to release our biggest lineup of JM Bullion-branded bars, including our first-ever gold bullion products. Help us start the next decade at JM Bullion off right by adding one of the many new Geiger/JM Bullion Branded Bars to your precious metals inventory.

    The Design

    Whether you buy the smallest gold bar in this new series or the largest silver bar, you will find that all of the options within the Geiger/JM Bullion Branded range of bars have the same beautiful obverse and reverse designs. On the obverse of each bar in the series, you will find the JM Bullion company logo. This consists of the large JM initials dominating the field, with the word BULLION underneath the initials. Below the logo, there is a line of five stars and a clean line that separates the top portion of the design field from the details of each individual bar. For example, the 1 Kilo JM Bullion Square Silver Bar has inscriptions beneath this line that read 1 KILO FINE SILVER 999.

    The reverse side of each Geiger/JM Bullion Branded Bar comes with a simple design concept. On this field, you will find the alternative corporate logo for JM that consists of JM BULLION written out in linear text, rather than the stacked logo configuration. This version of the log repeats several times across the field of the bar. Each marking is set at a 45-degree angle and each repetition of the company name is separated from the next by a star. This field also has a rectangular space with the individual serial number of the bar. You’ll notice that each serial number starts with our company initials of JM.

    The Details

    One of the many benefits of JM Bullion’s partnership with Geiger Edelmetalle in the launch of these branded bars is the presence of some of Geiger’s greatest design features on our new series of bars. As you look at the obverse of each bar, you’ll notice that the larger surface area has a matte finish, while the design strikes on this side of the bar have a glossy, mirrored finish. On the reverse, these features are the opposite, with the larger background boasting the matte finish and the design elements boasting the glossy, mirrored finish. These bars have a raised design field on the center of the obverse with a reeded edge more commonly found on bullion coins. As mentioned earlier, each bar in the series comes with an individual serial number.

    Perhaps the most important detail is the packaging of the bars. From the smallest gold bars to the massive 1 Kilo silver bar, each Geiger/JM Bullion Branded Bar is available with a sealed assay card around the bar. The card design employs our blue-and-white corporate color scheme with a blue field and white text. Each assay card has the matching identifiers from the bar and the signature of the mint director.

    The Options

    In the Geiger/JM Bullion Branded Series, you will find a total of six bars available. The gold bullion bars include 1 Gram, 5 Gram, and 1 oz JM Bullion Square Bars, each one with .9999 pure gold content. Within the silver range, you will find 1 oz, 10 oz, and 1 Kilo silver bars, each one with .999 pure silver content.

    Showcase Your Preference with Geiger/JM Bullion Branded Bullion Bars

    Now’s the time to invest in bullion that showcases your favor for JM Bullion. If you have any questions about these JM Bullion Square Bars, please feel free to ask. Our customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. Remember that you can follow us on Facebook for updates on new and upcoming product releases, and read our weekly blog for in-depth looks at new products.

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