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      As a subsidiary of A-Mark Precious Metals (NASDAQ: AMRK), a distinguished member of the Fortune 500, we have a direct link to the wholesaler, which enables us to lower our costs and prices.


      Seamless rollovers, cost-effective retirement investing without hidden fees - we bypass expensive TV commercials and pass the savings directly to you.

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      JM Bullion is proud to offer our clients precious metal IRAs. We focus on providing a cost-efficient service that puts your financial security first. Our experienced IRA Specialists are ready to walk you through every step of the process. You don't have to worry about high markups as with other companies - we prioritize affordable and straightforward pricing.

      Start Investing in a Precious Metals IRA in 3 Simple Steps

      1Open a Self-Directed IRA Account with JM BullionWe make the process quick and easy, managing it for you.

      2Fund Your Self-Directed IRA Account.Our team is ready to guide you through the process of funding, whether it is a new account or an IRA transfer.

      3Purchase Precious Metals from JM Bullion.Once your account is funded, you can select your IRA-eligible products and lock in pricing.

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        IRA Approved Precious Metals

        Choose from a wide variety of IRA-approved gold, silver, and platinum products.

        Our Depository Vaulting Services

        Our customers metals are securely vaulted in our high-security vaults located in Las Vegas, Nevada and Dallas, Texas, insured by Lloyd's of London. Customers vaulting their metals in Dallas enjoy additional savings on shipping due to the proximity of our warehouse.

        Why Choose a Precious Metals IRA?

        Disclaimer - Please note that while we provide valuable information, we always recommend consulting with a financial advisor or accountant. Our content is not intended as investment advice.

        Choose a Precious Metals IRA for its tax benefits, flexibility, and potential to guard against market volatility. Whether you choose a traditional or a Roth IRA, you are on a path to a more secure future.

        Traditional IRAs

        • Traditional IRAs allow pre-tax investments, potentially lowering the current tax bracket due to tax-deductible contributions.
        • Funds grow tax-free over time and can be withdrawn without penalty after the age of 59.5, taxes paid upon withdrawal.
        • The original investment capital is more due to absence of initial tax deductions, enabling larger investments.
        • High-tax bracket individuals ineligible for a Roth IRA can opt for a traditional IRA.
        • Exceptions like first home purchase or medical bills allow early withdrawals without penalties.
        • Ideal for those expecting lower tax rates at retirement compared to their current rates.

        ROTH IRA

        • Roth IRAs allow post-tax investments, providing tax-free growth over time.
        • Withdrawals after the age of 59.5 are penalty and tax-free, given the account is at least 5 years old.
        • As taxes are paid upfront on contributions, future qualified withdrawals are tax-free.
        • Investors aged over 70.5 can still contribute to Roth IRAs.
        • Roth IRAs do not mandate Required Minimum Distributions (RMD).
        • Suitable for those expecting higher tax rates at retirement compared to their current rates.

        We Are Here to Help

        • Our self-directed IRA custodian partners assist in setting up new IRAs and managing 401(k) rollovers or transfer of existing assets.
        • We ensure careful handling of IRA transfers or rollovers to avoid triggering a major tax event on your savings.
        • IRA custodians provide seamless and correct guidance for transfers or rollovers.

        More Precious Metals IRA FAQs

        Below are more frequently asked questions pertaining to self-directed precious metals IRAs:

        What precious metals products are NOT approved for IRAs?

        To qualify as an IRA-approved product, precious metals must meet minimum fineness levels. The American Gold Eagle is the only exception to the following numbers.Minimum gold fineness: .995. Minimum silver fineness: .999. Minimum platinum fineness: .9995. Minimum palladium fineness: .9995. Any products falling outside of these ranges, excluding American Gold Eagles, are not approved for IRA contributions. Examples of non-approved precious metals products include pre-1933 gold, gold Krugerrands, and 90% US silver coins.

        Can I rollover or transfer an existing IRA to a self-directed precious metals IRA?

        Yes. Your self directed IRA custodian can help you arrange to rollover or transfer your existing IRA into a precious metals IRA. We are not able to help set up the actual IRA, but we can recommend custodians for you to speak with.

        How long does it take to rollover an existing IRA/401k?
        Once I receive my old 401k funds how long do I have to deposit them into my new precious metals IRA?

        In the case of a 401k rollover, your funds are generally paid directly to you. Once you have the funds in your possession you have 60 days to transfer them into your new self-directed IRA account. If you do not do so within this 60 day period you may be required to pay taxes. In order to fully understand these rules we recommend talking to a tax advisor before transferring any IRA funds.

        Am I allowed to have more than one IRA?

        Yes, an individual is allowed to have more than one IRA account. However, your total yearly contribution will remain at the same maximum no matter how many IRAs you have.

        How long after you ship my metals will they be in my account?

        Once your order is placed and your funds have cleared our bank account, the metals will usually ship out from our facility within 1-5 business days. Depending on the carrier and the mail service, it can take an additional 1-5 business days to arrive at the depository.

        Are my metals insured at the depository?

        Once your precious metals arrive at the depository they will be fully insured. As an added protection, we also insure each mailing we ship out in the very rare occurrence that a package becomes lost or damaged.

        How do I know my metals are actually there?

        Most all depositories, including First State Depository, provide full accounting and reporting services to insure your metals are safe and accounted for.

        What sorts of tax benefits will I see by investing in precious metals through an IRA?

        Investors can expect to see significant tax savings by investing in precious metals using an IRA vs. investing outside an IRA. Please see the section above to learn about the tax benefits of using a traditional or ROTH IRA to invest in physical precious metals.

        Are there any IRA contribution limits?

        Yes, you may be subject to IRA contribution limits depending on your type of IRA and income levels. Please consult with your IRA custodian to learn of any contribution limits you may be subject to.

        If I invest with an IRA, do I still receive the physical precious metals?

        No. As part of the IRS’ rules regarding precious metals IRAs, we, as the dealer, MUST ship the products to an approved IRA depository, who then holds the metal until the time you are ready to liquidate the position.

        Will I ever be able to take physical delivery of my metal?

        You can liquidate or take possession of your metals at any time, however this is considered a distribution and there may be tax implications involved. We recommend speaking with a tax professional before making this decision.

        Why would I invest in a self-directed precious metals IRA instead of investing in an ETF like GLD?

        We do not provide investment advice, but many of our clients prefer self-directed precious metals IRAs because they are backed by real, physical, metal, vs. an ETF like GLD which is only backed by a pool of gold holdings and positions.

        What are typical custodian and storage fees?

        Fees vary depending on the size of your account and the metal holdings in your depository. Please contact either your IRA custodian or your depository of choice to learn more about fee structures.

        Do you have a minimum IRA purchase?

        We do not have a specific minimum order size for IRA Purchases, however we do have a $100 minimum that applies to all orders. That being said, most IRA purchases will exceed this amount.